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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
33069 Task New Should have Command Make command output sparse, implement generic verbose switch No Actions
33078 Bug New Should have Security No Redirect to Login No Actions
33215 Feature New Should have RFC: Dynamic values in ObjectAccess paths No Actions
33293 Bug New Should have Injection to private variable results in injection of the the wrong class No Actions
33308 Task New Should have General date and time handling rules Actions
33465 Bug New Should have Command Some vital commands to recover the system fail when recovery is needed No Actions
33587 Feature New Should have Resource Automatically remove unused Resources No Actions
33710 Feature New Should have Configuration based on Domain No Actions
34404 Bug New Should have JsonView transformObject does not respect _descendAll configuration No Actions
34816 Feature New Should have Security Long text encryption No Actions
35083 Bug New Should have Object involving SecurityContext in Widget's __wakeup situation leads to an exception No Actions
35420 Suggestion New Should have Review use of try / catch in the Security Framework Andreas Förthner Actions
35709 Task New Should have Cli Implement global Command aliases No Actions
35781 Feature New Should have Validation Model validation No Actions
35783 Feature New Should have Object Lifecycle method after property mapping No Actions
35970 Task New Should have Improve performance of Utility/Arrays::integerExplode by using array_map No Actions
36410 Feature New Should have ViewHelpers Allow templates to send arguments back to layout No Actions
36495 Bug New Should have Persistence HTTP Response is sent before persistence preventing Exceptions to be displayed on redirect No Actions
36508 Bug New Should have Security AuthenticationProvider Request Patterns No Actions
36509 Feature New Should have redirectToUri to an uri with acl forces a 403 because of missing csrf token. No Actions
36510 Feature New Should have Firewall Redirect? No Actions
36633 Bug New Should have Reconstituted entities should not have the FLOW3_Persistence_clone property set No Actions
36634 Bug New Should have Reconstituted entities do not have their properties set when initializeObject() is called No Actions
36655 Bug New Should have Widgets Pagination Links No Actions
36804 Bug New Should have Persistence Orphaned entities within aggregates are not removed No Actions
36955 Feature New Should have Error Add type filter to var_dump() No Actions
37095 Feature New Should have It should be possible to set a different template on a Fluid TemplateView inside an action Christopher Hlubek No Actions
37279 Feature New Should have Property Request PropertyMapping No Actions
37316 Bug New Should have Validation Use findBestMatchingLocale instead of getDefaultLocale? No Actions
37564 Bug New Should have Validation Validation of Parent Object containing properties of type ManyToOne and ManyToMany to same Target No Actions
37619 Bug New Should have ViewHelpers Fatal Error when using variable in name attribute of Section ViewHelper No Actions
37846 Feature New Should have Security Should be able to declare more than one controllerObjectName per requestPatterns No Actions
38130 Feature New Should have Checkboxes and multiple select fields should have an assignable default value No Actions
38379 Feature New Should have Implement a Eel-ViewHelper Actions
38875 Suggestion New Should have Have a Translator object available in action controllers Actions
39088 Feature New Should have Core Add a sgnalslot before compilation No Actions
39096 Bug New Should have Core Unnecessary compile invoked in non production context? 2.0.1 No Actions
39414 Bug New Should have - Documentation - Security Documentation No Actions
39432 Task New Should have Clarify introducing properties Actions
39674 Bug New Should have MVC \TYPO3\FLOW3\var_dump behaves weird in controller actions doing return No Actions
39790 Feature New Should have Allow forward slashes where backslashes need to be specified Actions
39936 Feature New Should have ViewHelpers registerTagAttribute should handle default values No Actions
39990 Bug New Should have Core Same form twice in one template: hidden fields for empty values are only rendered once No Actions
40081 Feature New Should have Allow assigned variables as keys in arrays No Actions
40283 Bug New Should have Object New constructor in grandparent class not called No Actions
41420 Feature New Should have Persistence Support entity versioning No Actions
41832 Task New Should have Package Improve error handling for incompatible packages Christian Jul Jensen No Actions
41843 Bug New Should have Composer and rename issues (umbrella issue) Actions
42240 Task New Should have Make Eel usable outside of TYPO3 Flow Actions
42397 Feature New Should have Missing viewhelper for general links No Actions
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