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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
49756 Feature Under Review Should have Select values by array key in checkbox viewhelper No Actions
46210 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Session securityContext->getParty() in the initializeObject() method of a session-Scope object throws exception on second request No Actions
37227 Bug On Hold Must have Session securityContext->getParty is not available in widget context No Actions
8981 Feature New Could have Security/Performance: Provide Webserver Configuration file for common webservers - do not use .htaccess Actions
39414 Bug New Should have - Documentation - Security Documentation No Actions
32869 Bug New Must have Security Security config tokenClass doesnt throw exception if not found the class No Actions
8989 Feature Needs Feedback Could have View Search path for fluid template files No Actions
31339 Task On Hold Could have - Documentation - Search No Actions
46073 Bug Under Review Should have Scripts::executeCommand must be usable outsite of TYPO3.Flow No Actions
39990 Bug New Should have Core Same form twice in one template: hidden fields for empty values are only rendered once No Actions
44891 Feature New Should have MVC - Routing Routes should be able to enforce http/https protocol No Actions
45917 Bug New Should have MVC - Routing RoutePartHandler transliteration must be improved No Actions
50395 Bug Accepted Should have MVC - Routing Route cache caches routes for non dispatchable requests Bastian Waidelich No Actions
49780 Bug New Should have Security Roles are not synchronized No Actions
54589 Bug New Should have Security Role parent is not removed from roles MM table No Actions
49423 Bug New Must have Role name and packageKey are not accessible No Actions
49039 Feature New Could have Log RFC: Use PSR-3 logger interface in Flow No Actions
55958 Task New Should have RFC: Use PHP 5.4 closure features for direct ObjectAccess No Actions
39788 Feature New Could have Validation RFC: Repository based NotExistsValidator No Actions
55957 Task New Should have AOP RFC: Optimize AOP proxies No Actions
34133 Feature New Could have Property RFC: Handle Semicolons in Path part of URIs as Scoped Path Parameters No Actions
33215 Feature New Should have RFC: Dynamic values in ObjectAccess paths No Actions
62009 Bug New Should have Rewrite URI Filename could be empty Actions
35420 Suggestion New Should have Review use of try / catch in the Security Framework Andreas Förthner Actions
54403 Bug New Should have Resources remade when parent record updated Actions
64342 Bug New Should have ResourceManager->deleteResource() leaves database entry Actions
42888 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Resource ResourceManager chokes on non existing files No Actions
58996 Bug New Should have ResourceManager adding to persistence No Actions
38369 Bug New Must have View Resource ViewHelpers should not fall back to request package No Actions
52938 Bug New Should have Resource stream wrapper doesn't work with foreign package Actions
45100 Feature Under Review Should have RequestDispatchingAspect should check if entry point can handle current request Christopher Hlubek Actions
37279 Feature New Should have Property Request PropertyMapping No Actions
44186 Bug New Should have MVC Request does not accept custom Content-Type 2.0.1 No Actions
44184 Bug New Should have MVC Request arguments are not merged correctly for single object actions 2.0.1 No Actions
41508 Task Under Review Should have Replace Jasmine by Buster.js Actions
55953 Task New Could have Persistence Repair and streamline ValueObject support No Actions
30423 Feature New Should have MVC Rendering template of other action without forward No Actions
61043 Task New Should have Reflection Rename ClassSchema to ModelSchema No Actions
54373 Task New Should have Rename Arrays::removeEmptyElementsRecursively to removeNullElementsRecursively Actions
54195 Task New Should have ViewHelpers Rename and move FormViewHelper's errorClass value, currently 'f3-form-error' Adrian Föder No Actions
48429 Bug New Should have Remove- and update-actions on repository are not persisted No Actions
43072 Task New Should have View Remove TOKENS for adding templates fallback in Backporter No Actions
43071 Task New Should have Remove TOKENS for adding fallback teplates in B No Actions
39253 Feature Accepted Should have Resource Remove mirroring mode option and code Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
42743 Task New Should have Remove inline style for hidden form fields No Actions
43930 Task Needs Feedback Should have Remove canRender() completely?! Sebastian Kurfuerst No Actions
46244 Bug Under Review Should have Remove call to PHP_BINDIR in CoreCommandController Actions
47858 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Package Remove .htaccess from Composer Installer Essentials Christopher Hlubek 2.0.1 No Actions
54046 Bug New Must have Persistence Removal of ValueObjects from a ManyToMany relationship is not possible 2.1 No Actions
45272 Bug New Should have Related Value Objects get deleted by default cascading No Actions
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