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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
30428 Feature New Should have MVC Cloning of request arguments Actions
31002 Bug New Should have Reflection Generated __sleep method handles static properties as members. Actions
33308 Task New Should have General date and time handling rules Actions
35420 Suggestion New Should have Review use of try / catch in the Security Framework Andreas Förthner Actions
38379 Feature New Should have Implement a Eel-ViewHelper Actions
38459 Bug New Must have Accessing a not present property/method should error verbosely Sebastian Kurfuerst Actions
38875 Suggestion New Should have Have a Translator object available in action controllers Actions
39432 Task New Should have Clarify introducing properties Actions
39790 Feature New Should have Allow forward slashes where backslashes need to be specified Actions
41508 Task Under Review Should have Replace Jasmine by Buster.js Actions
41843 Bug New Should have Composer and rename issues (umbrella issue) Actions
42240 Task New Should have Make Eel usable outside of TYPO3 Flow Actions
42407 Story New Should have Asset Management 2.1 Actions
42408 Story New Could have Locale Detection / Selection 2.1 Actions
43424 Feature Under Review Should have Support subpackage when kickstarting model & repository Karsten Dambekalns 2.0.1 Actions
44078 Task New Should have Probably false behavior in symlinked environment Actions
44684 Bug New Should have Authorization header redirect in .htaccess strips the Basic-prefix Actions
45100 Feature Under Review Should have RequestDispatchingAspect should check if entry point can handle current request Christopher Hlubek Actions
45164 Feature Accepted Should have Define syntax for validation rules in YAML Karsten Dambekalns Actions
45345 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Easy to use comments for fluid that won't show in output Actions
45413 Bug Under Review Should have Overriding boolean properties using Objects.yaml is broken Actions
46244 Bug Under Review Should have Remove call to PHP_BINDIR in CoreCommandController Actions
47052 Bug New Should have Clear doctrine caches after migration applied Actions
47419 Bug New Must have Composer issues 2.0.1 Actions
47423 Task Under Review Could have Decouple TYPO3.Party from Flow Christian Müller Actions
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