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52526 Bug Should have Unfinished programming of DateTime converter 2.0.1 Actions
52419 Bug Should have Wrong PHPDocs notation for default value inline f:translate viewhelper 2.0 Actions
51312 Bug Should have Default php error handler generates warning (when loading TYPO3\Flow\Error\Exception class) Core 2.0 Actions
47950 Bug Should have import of remote resources Resource 2.0.1 Actions
47487 Bug Should have Functional test classes in package without classes are not compiled Core 2.0.1 Actions
44361 Bug Should have TYPO3\Flow\I18n\Formatter\DatetimeFormatter - caching DATETIME type I18n 2.0.1 Actions
44186 Bug Should have Request does not accept custom Content-Type MVC 2.0.1 Actions
44185 Bug Should have XML body always need a root node MVC 2.0.1 Actions
44184 Bug Should have Request arguments are not merged correctly for single object actions MVC 2.0.1 Actions
44148 Bug Should have Documentation for executeCommand() needs clarification 2.0.1 Actions
43541 Bug Should have Incomplete classes path detection for PSR-0 Core 2.0.1 Actions
42465 Task Should have Document i18n settings - Documentation - 2.0.1 Actions
39096 Bug Should have Unnecessary compile invoked in non production context? Core 2.0.1 Actions
48898 Bug Must have configuration for roles fails if one of Policy.yaml files contain empty "roles array" Christian Müller Security 2.0.1 Actions
48093 Bug Must have AbstractCompositeValidators memory consumption continuously grow Validation 2.0.1 Actions
47419 Bug Must have Composer issues 2.0.1 Actions
46716 Bug Must have Empty class names in DependencyInjection proxy code when using Caches / Factory-created dependencies Object 2.0.1 Actions
45384 Bug Must have Persisted entity object in widget-configuration cannot be deserialized (after reload) Widgets 2.0.1 Actions
45041 Bug Must have Set file permissions doesnt work Command 2.0.1 Actions
42101 Bug Must have Proxyclasses are not rebuild in Development context unless cache is empty Object 2.0.1 Actions
40854 Task Must have Update security documentation (authentication in 1.2) - Documentation - 2.0.1 Actions
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43190 Bug Should have Misleading exception message for incompatible database structure Karsten Dambekalns Persistence 2.0.1 Actions
47331 Bug Must have ObjectManager shutdown with Dependency Injection Proxy causes fatal errors Object 2.0.1 Actions
32707 Bug Must have Bad Bad FileBackend Karsten Dambekalns Cache 2.0.1 Actions
27798 Bug Must have CSRF protection not working for forms in a plugin Security 2.0.1 Actions
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47858 Bug Should have Remove .htaccess from Composer Installer Essentials Christopher Hlubek Package 2.0.1 Actions
46289 Bug Should have Enable Escaping Interceptor in XML request format View 2.0.1 Actions
44203 Bug Should have Session implementation is still racy Robert Lemke Session 2.0.1 Actions
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47325 Bug Should have ReflectionData and classSchema caches need not be freezable Reflection 2.0.1 Actions
46425 Task Should have DI proxy classes use raw reflection instead of RelfectionService Christian Müller Core 2.0.1 Actions
43424 Feature Should have Support subpackage when kickstarting model & repository Karsten Dambekalns 2.0.1 Actions
51809 Bug Must have Commit "[BUGFIX] Published resources don't support symlinks" produces an fatal error on Windows Adrian Föder Core 2.0.1 Actions
42601 Bug Must have Content Security: QOM rewriting is omitted if used in certain cases in an Action Controller Robert Lemke Security 2.0.1 Actions
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