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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
47818 Bug New Must have Wrong link on Welcome screen Actions
29405 Bug New Must have Session When storing a new entity inside the session, it will be fully serialized instead of just the reference being stored Actions
25988 Bug New Should have Object Useless proxies are built for some classes Actions
52526 Bug New Should have Unfinished programming of DateTime converter 2.0.1 Actions
53790 Bug New Must have Translation handling in Flashmessages is inconsistent to Validation errors Actions
1856 Feature New Should have Package The Package Manager checks dependencies between packages on each activation / deactivation Christopher Hlubek Actions
47601 Bug New Should have Template Path of Submodules contains lowercase Namespace Actions
3588 Feature Accepted Should have Object Support value objects in the Object Factory Robert Lemke Actions
4146 Feature Accepted Should have Validation Support typed parameters for validation Karsten Dambekalns Actions
43424 Feature Under Review Should have Support subpackage when kickstarting model & repository Karsten Dambekalns 2.0.1 Actions
30258 Feature New Should have Support optional package dependencies Actions
3153 Feature New Should have MVC Support of action based filter rules defined by annotation. Actions
9514 Feature New Should have Support explicit Array Arguments for ViewHelpers Actions
3728 Feature New Should have MVC Support arrays of objects as controller arguments Actions
8981 Feature New Could have Security/Performance: Provide Webserver Configuration file for common webservers - do not use .htaccess Actions
62009 Bug New Should have Rewrite URI Filename could be empty Actions
35420 Suggestion New Should have Review use of try / catch in the Security Framework Andreas Förthner Actions
54403 Bug New Should have Resources remade when parent record updated Actions
64342 Bug New Should have ResourceManager->deleteResource() leaves database entry Actions
52938 Bug New Should have Resource stream wrapper doesn't work with foreign package Actions
45100 Feature Under Review Should have RequestDispatchingAspect should check if entry point can handle current request Christopher Hlubek Actions
41508 Task Under Review Should have Replace Jasmine by Buster.js Actions
54373 Task New Should have Rename Arrays::removeEmptyElementsRecursively to removeNullElementsRecursively Actions
46244 Bug Under Review Should have Remove call to PHP_BINDIR in CoreCommandController Actions
10678 Bug New Must have Reflection ReflectionService doesn't reflect methods of child classes correctly when they get reflected before their parent class in the initialization process Actions
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