From 2008-06-10 to 2008-07-09


15:09 Story #947 (Accepted): Block new releases
A [[Role-STMember|security team member]] can block the creation of new releases for a package. Robert Lemke
15:07 Story #946 (Accepted): Remove package release from listing
A [[Role-STMember|security team member]] can remove a package release from the public package listing. Robert Lemke
15:06 Story #945 (Accepted): Register package key
A prospective [[Role-PackageMaintainer|package maintainer]] can register a package key at the package repository. Robert Lemke
15:04 Story #944 (Accepted): Tag released packages
When a package is released the code is tagged with the version number in the SVN repository. Robert Lemke
15:01 Story #943 (Accepted): Test before a release
A package can only be released if the current code is passing automated QA tests.
Robert Lemke
14:59 Story #942 (Accepted): Release package
A [[Role-PackageMaintainer|package maintainer]] can release a package from a the respective project at Forge.
Robert Lemke
14:56 Story #941 (Accepted): Search for packages
A [[Role-PackageUser|package user]] can search for packages by key, name and description. Robert Lemke
14:55 Story #940 (Accepted): Activate package
A [[Role-SystemAdministrator|system administrator]] can activate an installed package from the command line. Robert Lemke
14:47 Story #939 (Accepted): Switch between package versions
A [[Role-SystemAdministrator|system administrator]] can switch between different versions of installed packages.
Robert Lemke
14:44 Story #938 (Accepted): Install package from repository
A [[Role-SystemAdministrator|system administrator]] can install any package from the package repository by running on... Robert Lemke
14:42 Story #937 (Accepted): Create default action controller
A [[Role-PackageDeveloper|package developer]] can create a default action controller in a package from the command li... Robert Lemke
14:38 Story #936 (Accepted): Create package meta data
A [[Role-PackageDeveloper|package developer]] can specify a title on creating a new package. The title is stored in t... Robert Lemke
14:27 Story #935 (Accepted): Create new package
A [[Role-PackageDeveloper|package developer]] can create a new package from the command line. Robert Lemke
12:03 Kickoff of the F3PR project
Last monday, the F3PR (speak ffthreeprr ;-)) team met in Lübeck to kickoff the development of the next generation pac... Robert Lemke

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