From 2008-08-10 to 2008-09-08


13:28 F3PR Team met for first Code-Sprint
Last weekend (05-07/08/2008) the F3PR team met in Raisdorf near Kiel for a first code-sprint. In this sprint, the tea... Thomas Hempel


23:15 Story #939: Switch between package versions
This has to be discussed as stated in
For storing multiple version...
Christopher Hlubek
23:12 Story #936: Create package meta data
The package metadata model is implemented (as specified in the schema).
The package manager can create a package w...
Christopher Hlubek
22:57 Story #935: Create new package
Package creation in the PackageManager is done.
Tobias created a @FLOW3@ script and a package CLI controller which...
Christopher Hlubek


20:07 Story #940: Activate package
Works but constraints have to be implemented Thomas Hempel

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