This is the parent project for FLOW3 related projects.

PHP namespace experience

See here for notes on using PHP namespaces...

Installation Hints

Check out the installation hints other users collected while installing FLOW3.

Upgrade to FLOW3 1.1 hints

Check out the upgrade hints other users collected while upgrading a FLOW3 1.x to FLOW3 1.1.

Troubleshooting on first steps with FLOW3

If anything doesn't work as expected, check if you have trouble with one of these points:

  • If possible point your DocRoot of your webserver (or one vhost of it) to the "Web" subfolder under FLOW3. It is no problem if it is not possible, but it makes URLs more beautiful and later the whole framework more secure.
  • Make sure your ran
  • Make sure your database is accessible, configured in Configuration/Settings.yaml and you called ./flow3 doctrine:migrate
  • Before going crazy delete "Web/_Resources/*" and "Data/Temporary/*" in your root folder and call your URL again.
  • Check the error log of your web server and FLOW3's log in Data/Logs/*
  • FLOW3 is mostly developed under unix-like environments (macos, linux). If everything else is correct, check if it is a <yourOS> or a <yourwebserver> only problem.
  • If you are using PHP with restricted include paths (open_basedir), make sure you allow access to /dev/urandom
If the problem is still not explainable


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