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Mission Statement

To quickly get a Project off the Ground you almost always need some CRUD Interfaces for your Models.
Creating these from scratch all the time is cubersome.
Im most cases something automatically created based on the informationen in the Models will suffice.
For special needs there should be a way to use alternative Layout of processing for specific Properties, Models or Packages.

Anyone is welcome to join my effort to create a awesome automatic admin Interace for FLOW3

Website: http://flow3admin.mneuhaus.com/
Repository: https://github.com/mneuhaus/FLOW3-Admin



Marc Neuhaus (mneuhaus)

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FLOW3 Admin Alpha2 (12 comments)
I've just released the Alpha 2 for #FLOW3 #Admin New features: InlineEditing, Variants, List Filters and new Widgets. http://flow3admin.mneuhaus.com/blog/posts/2011/12/01/release-alpha-2
Added by Marc Neuhaus about 10 years ago

FLOW3 Admin Alpha1 released (11 comments)
Added by Marc Neuhaus about 10 years ago

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