From 2011-05-23 to 2011-06-21


23:33 Feature #27618: Implement Paging
Patch set 2 of change I15d0326e6cd67ff9252257816db6dfcb397ddcd7 has been pushed to the review server.
It is available...
Mr. Hudson
14:51 Feature #27618 (Accepted): Implement Paging
Enable paging in the data-grid so that only a subset of all records are loaded. Pascal Jungblut
14:55 Feature #27619 (New): Basic CRUD
Implement a basic CRUD interface for atomic types as strings, boolean, ...
If possible this should be done using i...
Pascal Jungblut


20:58 Revision 8c9be731: Initializing project Browser (4/4)
git-svn-id: 54391d9a-7e4f-4783-837b-884f03fbcd44 Administrator Admin

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