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Tobias Liebig, 2011-06-15 15:32


  • before May 23
    o if possible meet the mentor in person
    o planning conceptual and technical details with the mentor
    o maybe a proof-of-concept for some ideas
    o analyze FLOW3‘s internals and TYPO3 Pheonix
    o experiment with ExtJS
  • June 5 (milestone 1)
    o simple listing of a package’s data (model, relations)
    o unit tests for all service-classes
  • June 19 (milestone 2)
    o Basic ExtJS interface
  • July 04 (milestone 2B) (in prior to the t3dd11)
    o basic CRUD, dynamic forms
  • July 11 (milestone 3)
    o generic CRUD interfaces for any model
    o unit tests for CRUD
  • July 24 (milestone 4)
    o more complex editing
    o managing relations
    o inline-editing
  • August 7 (milestone 5)
    o authentication/login
    o an interface for settings
    o public API (to use some browser-features in other projects)
    o export; at least as CVS
    o maybe a simple import based on serialized models (tbd)
    o if possible a read only REST-API
    o if possible a r/w REST-AP
  • August 15 (milestone 6, final)
    o UI polishing
    o documentation
    o speed optimization
  • August 22
    o testing
    o demo-site

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