From 2011-02-09 to 2011-03-10


12:24 Revision df0a16c3: [~TASK] Conference:
- restructuring of models
- lots of tweaks and fixes
- simple account management
Change-Id: Ia9809e4d12d0aca0e14b388...
Bastian Waidelich
11:23 Story #13741 (Resolved): HTML Markup Pack for Conference Pages
HTML Markup for the designed Layouts
HTML can be based on the initial Markup work for the relaunch (will...
Daniel Poetzinger
11:15 Story #13740 (Resolved): Conference App Layouts
Based on Wireframes and General Conference Layout... Daniel Poetzinger
11:14 Story #13739 (Resolved): General Layout for Conference Page
Please use the PSD as a basis (see attached screenshot)
The idea was to:
- use another color scheme (e...
Daniel Poetzinger


22:40 Revision adbadc9a: [~TASK] Conference: ...
Change-Id: Ia9809e4d12d0aca0e14b388992204f26462fc6fe Bastian Waidelich
19:14 Revision 1e9013b2: [+BUGFIX] Conference: Add singleton scope annotations to repositories
Change-Id: I0b90fb0346fdcb300d7c6bdab27a62a1fe1cc93e Bastian Waidelich


20:59 Revision f3d08546: [~TASK] Conference:
- restructured models for better overview
- added DateSelector Form ViewHelper
- smaller tweaks
Change-Id: I6658e35e...
Bastian Waidelich


15:46 Revision 23452036: [~TASK] Conference:
- moved remaining forms into partials
- added partials for re-occuring form fields (TextField, TextArea, Select)
- im...
Bastian Waidelich


17:40 Revision ad359c01: [~TASK] Conference:
- Paper commenting
- Conference administration
- SessionTypes, IntermissionTypes, location, room manangement
- moved ...
Bastian Waidelich


21:01 Revision e696490c: [~TASK] Conference:
- Paper commenting
- Conference administration
- SessionTypes / IntermissionTypes
Change-Id: I973988efe6c4d760322694...
Bastian Waidelich
19:49 Revision c72309b6: [~TASK] Conference:
- Paper commenting
Change-Id: I973988efe6c4d760322694ff649ba71fc850413e
Bastian Waidelich


17:02 Revision 92ae20f6: [~TASK] Conference: Tweaks & cleanups
Change-Id: I3143be429ec3b4ad5857e77954040e88f4081c44 Bastian Waidelich


18:55 Revision 7113e517: [~TASK] Conference: Cosmetic cleanup
removed obsolete and superfluous annotations and doc comments
Change-Id: Ice8e12e68dc26c99712c53753bd8b248e8baafe7
Bastian Waidelich
14:08 Revision c29ff1f2: [~TASK] Conference (Documentation): Adjust Mockups
Change-Id: I2fd914e1f6477eebe3d8f0b5002e1349b6cf1883 Bastian Waidelich


21:45 Revision 6cb2719c: Merge "[+BUGFIX] Conference: Update Conference package to latest FLOW3 changes"
Bastian Waidelich

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