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This installer grabs the latest Sources of TYPO3v5 from GIT and installs it into the specified directory.

It optionally registers the neccessary hooks for committing to gerrit.

It checks the neccessary requirements.

It is a bash-script and should be functional on UNIX, Linux and partially with git-bash under Windows.

- An empty database (MySQL) (--dbname, --dbhost)
- A MySQL-user with write-permissions to the database (--dbuser, --dbpass)
- A not existing or empty directory, customizable with the --subfolder switch
- For executing the setpermissions.sh script sudo may be required

- An username for Gerrit with existing and registered public/private key pair (--gituser switch)

Attention: As this is a shell script please be aware of the risks of shell scripts.

I just recently migrated it from old phoenix with Phoenix.DemoTypo3Org Package to plain FLOW3, so there may be bugs that I would like you to post bugs and requests here in the issue tracker.

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Markus Bucher (mabuse)