From 2012-10-03 to 2012-11-01


00:39 Revision 2008f696: Renamed FLOW3 constants and fixed composer repo
Change-Id: I7e2ee27481e9d6ad5c3ae869e528727c1bd2025e Nico de Haen


07:55 Revision 144e3c76: Set dependency to correct branch
Change-Id: I25d77cb7715ad32a7bb654d2e66bcec20c02e0f9 Nico de Haen


09:09 Revision 66ceccf1: [TASK] include ember and jquery from Ice
Change-Id: Ib65e682a70e14e3eb04ca6340102fdf0df5b364d Nico de Haen
08:30 Revision bb387491: [TASK] Adaptions to new class structure and composer
we still need a version system for the composer files
Change-Id: Ia740f3209b9764070ef0dafde49f629898390075
Nico de Haen


17:12 Revision 48a2d6ec: Squashed commit: Add work from Sept. 25th to 27th
commit 6aaa16aec48e28004808606192967a60d7aa5a8c
Author: Hans Christian Reinl <>
Date: Fri Sep 28...
Hans Christian Reinl
17:12 Revision 61589df9: Squashed commit: Minor changes to make project future proof
commit 18147fb2354af20eaec55d0f3c265f518ade44cd
Author: Hans Christian Reinl <>
Date: Sat Aug 25...
Hans Christian Reinl
17:11 Revision 410bcd0e: Squashed commit from Code Sprint FR July
commit b163a854d18123ca126a07fb7935ed6ba7d525c2
Author: Hans Christian Reinl <>
Date: Sun Jul 15...
Hans Christian Reinl
17:11 Revision 2991f7ed: Squashed commit: Initial changes
commit 856808534e1286e03c895333862c5d4e52f96068
Author: Hans Christian Reinl <>
Date: Sat Jul 7 ...
Hans Christian Reinl


12:35 Revision 03c745f6: Removed base tag from HTML template
Change-Id: I4abbae3af33a08ad8fc0a887f31e524a86251a67 Nico de Haen
12:34 Revision 1c188425: Removed old BackendViewHelper
Change-Id: I3dcf67cc6c285dbe6ba2b4f2c5fe31d46df34fbf Nico de Haen
12:33 Revision e7f299cb: Removed all old ViewHelper references
Change-Id: Ic243cd7db08ab388c41dcdb8d3a7ff89266de20f Nico de Haen
12:31 Revision dc742b6a: Added some namespace aliases
Change-Id: I333238857339f03e07b00d41f7e060614beac86e Nico de Haen
12:31 Revision fbde599b: Refactoring, renaming
Change-Id: Ifa6a9e474fbd1d8f150dcfa558aeff78b257d2c3 Nico de Haen
12:30 Revision d7a8429b: Renamed all PHP templates
Change-Id: Ibf957910d76faf93a891667a35f6008b6c8572bb Nico de Haen
12:29 Revision 2e89a6fa: Started wiring Class generation classes
Change-Id: Ia626c4b53dd55a22315965172e253165aa65a181 Nico de Haen
12:27 Revision 139f62ae: Generate all extension files except classes
Change-Id: Ida730e2679447bd804ca4ff23526a40ed28eaeef Nico de Haen
12:26 Revision 4db575e0: Added some Logging stuff
Change-Id: I77e165f1106342b4482b15144970dde4682ca2d9 Nico de Haen
12:23 Revision edb0140d: Renamed classes, added CodTemplates
Change-Id: Ic870d9e77ad92c11c36ed6bf2be4a85894af312c Nico de Haen
12:19 Revision e245eaad: [TASK] Started adding classes from ExtensionBuilder
Change-Id: I8ec67299645ac93c811f50bbb58ea8ac0788d203 Nico de Haen

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