This is the new PackageBuilder project. It is the successor of the ExtensionBuilder.
Due to various requirements (mainly the bad extendability of the GUI) we decided to create a new PackageBuilder from scratch.

The new PackageBuilder (as the name indicates) can also create Flow/Neos packages from the same GUI.


We have a distribution package for convenient installing a flow instance containing all required packages and a default routes setting:

If you want to have a sneak preview or for developing purposes you can install it following these steps (but remember: this is a pre alpha, still missing a lot of functionality):

Install composer (if not available already)

curl -s | php
sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer (to install globally)

git clone

cd BaseDistribution_TYPO3.PackageBuilder

composer install --dev

sudo ./flow  flow:core:setfilepermissions <commandlineuser> <webuser> <webgroup>

cp Configuration/Development/Settings.yaml.example Configuration/Development/Settings.yaml

Enter your database credentials to Configuration/Development/Settings.yaml
Then run:
./flow doctrine:migrate

Configure a VirtualHost pointing to BaseDistribution_TYPO3.PackageBuilder/Web

If you open the configured VirtualHist domain in your browser you should see some links. To try the interface click on the "New package" link