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- This is a university study project so it won't be public for the moment -

The primary goal is to have a proof of concept about the possibility of creating a T3 Phoenix package that can provide a TYPO3 V4 Extension integrated in a Phoenix Page (of course with a running TYPO3 V4 behind it).

The idea behind this is to be able to maintain extensions and solutions that have a long life span without having to port them to a high cost or rebuild them entirely.

Possible Approaches:
- including V4 like a bootstrap into a Phoenix Package and only returning the rendered content
---> possibly with a threaded PHP process to have a separated memory space (so there are no namespace conflicts etc.)
- use a PHP Proxy to get the content from the V4 and display it
- run V4 (similar to crawler) with PHP-CLI using exec()

Further approaches will be documented in the wiki and will be announced over the news.

Also will there be a weekly update about the projects ongoing so that all stakeholders can update themselves regularly.

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Tizian Schmidlin (masterofd)


Jonas Felix (kuckuck)


Jonas Felix (kuckuck)
Tizian Schmidlin (masterofd)


Bastian Waidelich (bwaidelich)
Ben van 't Ende (argument)
Jonas Felix (kuckuck)
Mattias Nilsson (mattias.nilsson)
Nico de Haen (nicodh)
Oliver Hader (ohader)
Robert Lemke (robert)
Stefan Vetter (stefanvetter)
Xavier Perseguers (xperseguers)


Mattias Nilsson (mattias.nilsson)
Tizian Schmidlin (masterofd)

Latest news

Demo Video! (24 comments)
Added by Jonas Felix over 8 years ago

BE Modul Integration Abgeschlossen und Performance Analyse (2 comments)
Das Backend Modul ist so gut wie abgeschlossen und die erste Performance Analyse zeigt ein erstaunliches Resultat.
Added by Tizian Schmidlin about 9 years ago

Spezifikation abgeschlossen (9 comments)
Added by Ivan no-lastname-given over 9 years ago

Projekt-Meeting 06.03.2012 (6 comments)
Da die Lektionen vom Dienstag Nachmittag nach 15h auf Grund eines Dozenten Ausfalls gecancelt wurden, haben wir ein meeting zum Launch organisiert.
Added by Anonymous over 9 years ago

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