From 2012-05-26 to 2012-06-24


20:18 Task #38354 (Closed): Save the current page id of the plugin in the session
When using the application, the current value of the page_id has to be saved in the session so that the plugin keeps ... Tizian Schmidlin
20:16 Task #38353 (Closed): Find a way to differentiate
So this is how it works:
in the node params there are two key set:
1.) the extension key
2.) the extension p_id ke...
Tizian Schmidlin
20:13 Task #38352 (Closed): Find and integrate a way to differentiate diverse plugins in they're page id calls
The idea is that every plugin has it's own page ids so when calling when calling the "addToBasket", the news are stil... Tizian Schmidlin


17:30 Task #34572 (Closed): TYPO3 Abspecken / Reduzieren
Tizian Schmidlin
17:29 Task #34590 (Closed): Projekt Launch
Tizian Schmidlin


10:13 Task #34679 (Resolved): Anonymize Issues and information
Tizian Schmidlin
10:12 Suggestion #36861 (Rejected): TYPO3 Summer of Code // t3con
Tizian Schmidlin

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