From 2012-06-17 to 2012-07-16


16:02 Bug #38998 (Closed): Fix of Phoenix Package code reviews
Alle Punkte von Tizians Code Review übernommen. Durch die Umstrukturierungen im Code wurden die geänderten Funktionen... Tizian Schmidlin
16:00 Task #38997 (Closed): Fix of extension code review
Tizian Schmidlin
15:38 Task #38994 (Rejected): Add routing for eID scripts to Phoenix and TYPO3
As eID scripts are mostly defined in Javascript files which cannot be parsed and rewritten easily, the eID calls on p... Tizian Schmidlin
14:51 Task #34586 (Closed): Projekt durchplanen (erster Teil)
Tizian Schmidlin
14:21 Task #34588: Phoenix Installer Script anpassen
Installerscript wird nicht mehr verwendet. Die Installation des Phoenix wird in der Projektdokumentation beschrieben.... Ivan no-lastname-given
14:08 Task #38852 (Closed): Clean up Phoenix Package
Ivan no-lastname-given
14:07 Task #38852: Clean up Phoenix Package
Code cleaned up (code for debug purposes removed etc.) and every method commented. I've also tested the package again... Ivan no-lastname-given
13:19 Task #38987 (Closed): Package Review
Phoenix Package reviewen:
- alles durchschauen
Bemerkungen im code und hier vermerken.
Tizian Schmidlin
13:18 Task #38986 (Closed): TYPO3 Extension Review
TYPO3 Extension review:
- class.tx_phoenixlogin_call.php
Bemerkungen im code und hier vermeken.
Tizian Schmidlin
13:17 Bug #38985 (Closed): Backend Module Review
Phoenix Backend Modul reviewen:
- Classes/Controller/Module/OldBackendController.php
Bemerkungen im code und hier...
Tizian Schmidlin
13:16 Task #38984 (Closed): Code Review
- Extension Code Review
- Package Code review
Tizian Schmidlin
12:56 Task #34576 (Closed): FLOW3 Package
Das Package bzw. das Plugin wurde erstellt und in die Testumgebung eingebunden. Ebenso wurde mit der Dokumentation de... Ivan no-lastname-given
12:06 Bug #38982 (Resolved): Encryption breaks
The error appeared as there was a "+" in the encrypted key (this came from base64_encode).
As the base64_encoded s...
Tizian Schmidlin
11:35 Bug #38982: Encryption breaks
... can simply craft such a parameter for himself and so login to the typo3. Tizian Schmidlin
11:33 Bug #38982 (Resolved): Encryption breaks
For some reason, when using mcrypt, base64_encode and gzcompress, the values get altered and cannot be decrypted prop... Tizian Schmidlin
11:22 Bug #38981 (Closed): Automatic Backend Login doesn't work anymore
For some reasons, the backend didn't log in properly anymore.
It appears that there has been a user thatn shouldn'...
Tizian Schmidlin


15:34 Task #38851 (Resolved): Clean up TYPO3 extension
Tizian Schmidlin
13:32 Task #38851 (Resolved): Clean up TYPO3 extension
Remove everything that isn't needed for the working of th extension and create a changelog and readme file. Tizian Schmidlin
15:07 Task #38855 (Closed): Package Dokumentieren
Extension und gemachte Arbeiten dokumentieren. Tizian Schmidlin
15:06 Task #38848 (Accepted): Phoenix TYPO3 Backend Modul Dokumentieren
Tizian Schmidlin
13:24 Task #38848 (Closed): Phoenix TYPO3 Backend Modul Dokumentieren
- Phoenix Package Dokumentieren
- TYPO3 extension dokumentieren
Tizian Schmidlin
13:34 Task #38852 (Closed): Clean up Phoenix Package
Remove everything that isn't needed, clean up the code and comment all methods that aren't already commented properly. Tizian Schmidlin
13:31 Task #38850 (Closed): Clean Up
Clean up everything so that the project is publishable. Tizian Schmidlin


16:22 Task #38377 (Resolved): Integrate TYPO3 Backend to Phoenix Backend
Setting the parameters for the backend was estonaschingly easy, once I found out how it works:
Tizian Schmidlin
13:49 Task #38377: Integrate TYPO3 Backend to Phoenix Backend
Created a class to automatically create and log in the user. Now the information has to be set from the plugin inform... Tizian Schmidlin
15:49 BE Modul Integration Abgeschlossen und Performance Analyse
Ich bin heute einen grossen Schritt vorwärts gekommen und ich konnte die Backend Modul Integration abschliessen. Das ... Tizian Schmidlin
14:12 Bug #38774 (Resolved): TYPO3 Backend user doesn't get the DB mounts
Done, had just to set the options field in the be_users table to 1... Tizian Schmidlin
13:48 Bug #38774 (Resolved): TYPO3 Backend user doesn't get the DB mounts
For some reason, the user doesn't get the db mounts from its group. Have to fix this in some way.
@Jonas: do you h...
Tizian Schmidlin


10:18 Task #38377 (Accepted): Integrate TYPO3 Backend to Phoenix Backend
Has someone an idea or a good hint how to integrate a SSO over the normal TYPO3 auth interface? I'd have and idea abo... Tizian Schmidlin


18:49 Task #38377: Integrate TYPO3 Backend to Phoenix Backend
Wie ich mir gedacht habe ist die Verbindung zwischen Phoenix und TYPO3 nicht so einfach.
Folgende Annäherungen hab...
Tizian Schmidlin
18:42 Task #38377 (Resolved): Integrate TYPO3 Backend to Phoenix Backend
Create a new backend module and integrate the TYPO3 Backend in it.
Also create a sort of SSO between phoenix and T...
Tizian Schmidlin


20:18 Task #38354 (Closed): Save the current page id of the plugin in the session
When using the application, the current value of the page_id has to be saved in the session so that the plugin keeps ... Tizian Schmidlin
20:16 Task #38353 (Closed): Find a way to differentiate
So this is how it works:
in the node params there are two key set:
1.) the extension key
2.) the extension p_id ke...
Tizian Schmidlin
20:13 Task #38352 (Closed): Find and integrate a way to differentiate diverse plugins in they're page id calls
The idea is that every plugin has it's own page ids so when calling when calling the "addToBasket", the news are stil... Tizian Schmidlin

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