We have a lot, Image of knowledge in our community which is not presented adequately if presented at all to the technical world.
Because we lack a place where people can easily publish articles which are nicely presented, we want to build one (with the intention to replace buzz.typo3.org).
We would like to build a platform meant to run on our infrastructure that is a central entry point to read high quality articles with topics related to web trends in general and TYPO3 products in particular.

The design will be clean with a focus on the (text) content, similar to http://medium.com
Content should be gathered from Blogs, TYPO3 installations, or could directly be created on the platform.

The realization will be done in several phases.

Phase 1:

  • Import Content from RSS
  • List/Single view of articles
  • Filter by tags and language
  • Simple Search

Phase 2:

  • Enable direct Editing of Articles on the Platform
  • Providing Tags, Images, ..

Phase 3:

  • Provide REST API for publishing

This project is closed and read-only.



Helmut Hummel (helhum)
Thomas Maroschik (tmaroschik)


Soren Malling (sorenmalling)