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The Berlin Manifesto constitutes that there will be an easy way for migration from TYPO3 CMS to TYPO3 Neos. A big part of this problem is the content migration which this extension tries to solve. Therefore it uses SYSEXT:impexp on TYPO3 CMS side for XML-based content extraction, sequentially it uses a bunch of XSLT snippets to transform it for being Neos-compatible and lets the user ultimately export the generated data.

It is planned, that this extension provides support for content transition of widely-used extensions (e.g. News) or some other generic data export/transformation (think of e.g. rendering a PDF containing all the pages with their contents). Therefore, it is indispensable that many TYPO3 users will try this extension and send in their error reports and corrections.

Furthermore, there will be a fully configurable "Content Type Configuration", a GUI with which the user may compose the transformation in a very detailed way. Finally, the content export will be pimped such that a user may export its data as a Webservice or a pre-defined deployable Neos package.


This extension is in a really early state of development. However, the full workflow is implemented but a 'lil buggy thus the import may break in some certain cases. It is important for the progress of this extension that many people will try it, use it and send in their issues. I might introduce some "Send in your anonymized data" functionality for easier error reporting and fixing.


  1. Simply clone into your /typo3conf/ext using
    git clone t3tt
  2. Use the Extension Manager to install the `TYPO3 Transition Tool' Extension
  3. Have fun using it

Basic Usage

  • Step 1: Define your export data
    - initNode: The node which will be used as the root node of the exported pagetree. This can be used to limit the export to certain subtrees and is set to 0 by default (aka World Globe).
    - Filename of the Exportfile (default is Input.xml as the exportfile is the input for the data transformation)
    - Exported tables (currently only pages and tt_content)
    Currently, just use the standard values. This should work for most cases.
  • Step 2: Define your data transformation
    - Currently, just click on transform. It is planned that you may configure the transformation.
  • Step 3: Export your data
    - Currently, you can just download the `Sites.xml' to be put into the Sites/ folder of your Neos installation. In future, you may export your data as webservice as well as a fully predefined Neos Site-Package.

Advanced Usage


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