From 2007-11-20 to 2007-12-19


10:49 Feature #81 (Resolved): Improve component manager separation in Base Test Case
Currently all tests get a complete copy (including subobjects) of the component manager injected. This happens in sou... Robert Lemke


16:14 Feature #34 (Closed): Make dependency injection for unit tests possible
(In r398) From now on all unit tests get the component manager injected (see below). Make sure to use the new
base cl...
Robert Lemke


11:17 Feature #59: Implement MVC pattern for TestRunner
(In r397)
* Testing: Initial commit of the new (MVC-based) Test Runner. This is work in progress ... addresses #59
Robert Lemke


17:23 Bug #53 (Closed): TestRunner throws ReflectionException (PHP6)
Robert Lemke

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