From 2008-10-29 to 2008-11-27


12:08 Revision 39374328: * FLOW3: Refactored the bootstrap a bit
* FLOW3: (Object) Fixed the Object Builder tests Robert Lemke


12:16 Revision 7971a027: * FLOW3: (Component) Renamed "component" to "object" - everywhere. That means we now have an Object Manager instead of a Component Manager, an Object Factory etc. Resolves #2119
Globally adjusted all code for the above change. Robert Lemke


17:19 Revision bb70de84: Testing:
* the web test runner now uses the development context (again) Karsten Dambekalns


16:04 Revision 55a735f5: COMMIT PART 2
* FLOW3: Implemented a YAML configuration source, resolves #1852
* Globally refactored code and converted configurati...
Robert Lemke


19:23 Revision cc820c65: * FLOW3: (Component) Renamed the method Component::Factory->getComponent() to Component::Factory->create(). Resolves #1846
* FLOW3: (Component) Component::Factory->create() will now throw an exception on trying to create a component of scop... Robert Lemke

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