From 2009-03-19 to 2009-04-17


15:00 Task #3110 (Resolved): Don't hide "code coverage" checkbox
Applied in changeset r2166. Bastian Waidelich
09:56 Task #3110 (Resolved): Don't hide "code coverage" checkbox
The checkbox is hidden when xdebug is not installed. It should rather be disabled in this case, and have a meaningful... Bastian Waidelich
15:00 Bug #2757 (Resolved): ClassFilter is not working on windows
Applied in changeset r2166. Bastian Waidelich
14:41 Revision 81a6a511: Testing: Replace backslashes by forward slashes in paths returned by directory iterator in order to make the test class filter work on windows. Resolves #2757
Testing: The checkbox "run Code Coverage Analysis" in web-based testrunner is shown even if Xdebug is not available b... Bastian Waidelich
14:24 Task #3118 (Resolved): Don't run all tests in indexAction
When I open "http://flow3/testing", testrunner immediately starts running all tests of all packages.
IMO it would be...
Bastian Waidelich


17:40 Revision bd1129eb: This commit mostly consists of speed optimizations.
* FLOW3: (AOP) Fixed a few pointcut filters which crashed while trying to match against an automatically created cons... Robert Lemke


17:36 Revision 03193731: FLOW3(Security):
* Refactored almost all unit tests. Now the TestPackage is not needed anymore for the security tests.
* Cleaned up th...
Andreas Förthner

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