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A Flow package driving the rendering of the documentation. Its basically works in two steps:

1. Grab a source of documentation from a TYPO3 extension or a Flow package and create a rendering job which is queued in a tube within Beanstalkd.

2. Once the job is executed, it properly fetches the source from the TER or from a Git repository and then renders it.

This package has dependencies to

  • Package RestTools which contains utility scripts to transform documentation.
  • Pacakge Pheanstalk PHP client for beanstalkd queue, a simple, fast work queue.
  • Package TYPO3.Queue.Beanstalkd implementing the Queue interface
  • Package TYPO3.Queue programming interface for a queue system in a Flow application
  • Package TYPO3.SwiftMailer flexible and elegant object-oriented approach to sending emails



Jacob Floyd (cognifloyd)
Marc Neuhaus (mneuhaus)
Martin Bless (marble)


Francois Suter (francois)



Jan-Hendrik Heuing (janhendrik)