From 2012-05-27 to 2012-06-25


15:53 Revision 0e3cb904: [BUGFIX] Fix Fizzle grammar string offset access
The Fizzle grammar used a string for the result of a parsing expression
which caused a notice in the packrat implemen...
Christopher Hlubek
15:49 Revision 2ce28f38: [FEATURE] Implement conditions
Eel now supports the ternary operator for conditions (e.g.
"a < b ? 1 : 2"). Additionally fix the operator precedence...
Christopher Hlubek
15:47 Revision e2005910: [TASK] Fix nested operations, add string concatenation
The compiler / interpreter had some problems with expressions that
produced a Context object (e.g. variable, method c...
Christopher Hlubek

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