From 2011-05-25 to 2011-06-23


14:12 Task #27665 (Resolved): Exception of thrown in TYPO3\ExtJS\ExtDirect\RequestHandler::buildJsonRequest() not caught
If i got an Exception from @TYPO3\ExtJS\ExtDirect\RequestHandler::buildJsonRequest()@ method there is no try catch ar... Michael Klapper
13:07 Bug #27663 (Resolved): Fatal error class "F3\ExtJS\ExtDirect\Exception\InvalidExtRequestException" not found
If an invalid request is send to the server like the following:
*Post data*...
Michael Klapper


08:44 Revision 405c3f98: [TASK] Remove encoding declaration from source
The encoding declaration did not do anything useful, but it (still)
breaks PHP when compiled with zend-multibyte supp...
Karsten Dambekalns

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