From 2012-04-23 to 2012-05-22


11:10 Bug #37388: RequestHandler uses uninitialized variable "$settings"
@$this->settings@ does exist, it seems… Karsten Dambekalns
11:09 Bug #37388 (Resolved): RequestHandler uses uninitialized variable "$settings"
With 7dcc31680e450aa0df47a2f81a65158c223c41ce the lines... Bastian Waidelich


16:58 Revision 7dcc3168: [TASK] Clean up RequestHandler dependency handling
Change-Id: I001bfead4b2d34bd2465665f140218e86dbe6fd1 Christian Müller
16:57 Revision 628c5b27: [BUGFIX] RequestHandler should provide request property
As the HttpRequest is used in the framework in some places the ExtDirect
RequestHandler should provide an HttpRequest...
Christian Müller


06:20 Revision f22e3798: [TASK] adjustments to refactored FLOW3 Context
As the Context is now an object and not a string anymore, we adjust
our context checks appropriately.
Related: #3358...
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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