From 2007-11-08 to 2007-12-07


17:03 Bug #73 (Closed): Fix MVC CLI Request Handler / -Builder
As soon as the Property Mapper and Validator are in place, the MVC CLI Request Handler and -Builder should be fixed.
Robert Lemke
16:39 Feature #72: Fix @package and @subpackage annotation in all Framework classes
(In r395)
* Framework: Forgot to fix annotations of some classe. Addresses #72.
Robert Lemke
16:12 Feature #72 (Closed): Fix @package and @subpackage annotation in all Framework classes
(In r394) Clean up of annotations and fix of the Default Controller.
* Framework: (MVC) The dispatcher now throws an...
Robert Lemke
14:11 Feature #72 (Closed): Fix @package and @subpackage annotation in all Framework classes
Some (well, most) of the @subpackage annotations are wrong ... Robert Lemke
14:08 Feature #40 (Closed): Check all classes for Array type hinting
Robert Lemke
12:39 Feature #71 (Resolved): Add Validators for generic base types
The framework should provide a few validators which can handle basic types such as:
* Text (ie. text without contr...
Robert Lemke
12:31 Feature #70 (Resolved): Implement a Validator Resolver
As a convenience function (eg. in the Property Mapper) we need a resolver which is able to find a validator for the g... Robert Lemke
12:27 Feature #69 (Resolved): Add validation to the PropertyMapper
Add validation functionality to the Property Mapper.
First we need a way to set the validator - a method like setV...
Robert Lemke
12:19 Feature #68 (Resolved): Add validateProperty() to the Validator interface
Add validateProperty($object, $propertyName) to the Validator interface.
And while you're there you could rename t...
Robert Lemke
12:15 Feature #66: Add the feature "Mapping Results" to the Property Mapper
You will have to solve #67 before you create the new Error classes. Robert Lemke
12:13 Feature #66 (Resolved): Add the feature "Mapping Results" to the Property Mapper
The Property Mapper doesn't only map properties from one object to another but also invokes the necessary validators ... Robert Lemke
12:14 Feature #67 (Resolved): Refine the generic "Error" class
The T3_Framework_Error_Error class needs at least these additional methods:
Robert Lemke
11:45 Feature #65 (Resolved): Move "Validation" to its own subpackage
Currently the "Validation" features reside in the "Security" subpackage of "Framework". As discussed, this should be ... Robert Lemke


17:13 Feature #19 (Accepted): Add a feature for replacing "new" with "getComponent" in php source files
Currently this feature does not work and is disabled. Don't forget to either fix or remove it ... Robert Lemke
17:04 Bug #17 (Closed): Optimize reflection usage by introducing a cache
We probably don't need caching on that level, but better try to cache the component configuration etc.
Close for now...
Robert Lemke

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