From 2008-03-23 to 2008-04-21


18:09 Task #474 (Rejected): Refactor the MVC controller class names
For consistency, the following classes should be renamed:
F3_FLOW3_MVC_Controller_ActionController -> F3_FLOW3_MVC...
Robert Lemke


17:37 Revision 6799fe46: FLOW3 tests (memcached cache backend):
* Change getMockCache() to avoid a fatal error about remove() from F3_FLOW3_Cache_AbstractCache having to be implemen... Karsten Dambekalns


17:36 Revision cf097610: This is all work in progress, but a big part of the Validation/Property Package is already finished:
* Implemented the basic Validation Framework. This fixes #65, #67, #68, #70
* Implemented some base validators. This ...
Andreas Förthner
12:10 Revision 72880e19: FLOW3: Updated parts of the documentation, especially the Component section (no Components.ini anymore). Renamed the manual directory from "en_EN" to "en".
Robert Lemke
11:01 Feature #11 (Closed): Add wildcard support for components in Components.ini
Configuration format has switched to .php - so an optimization is not necessary anymore. Robert Lemke
11:01 Feature #339 (Closed): Improve the Components.ini format
Configuration format has switched to .php - so an optimization is not necessary anymore. Robert Lemke
10:59 Feature #459 (Closed): Implement dependency injection via abstract factory methods
Dependency injection works fine so far as long as components in a singleton scope are requested. Protoype components ... Robert Lemke


15:08 Revision 878f4bde: * Added remove method to F3_FLOW3_Cache_VariableCache and F3_FLOW3_Cache_AbstractCache, and updated the testcases accordingly
Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:57 Bug #444 (Resolved): "func_get_args()" is not allowed to be an argument
Karsten Dambekalns
21:56 Bug #444 (Accepted): "func_get_args()" is not allowed to be an argument
Fixed in SVN as of now. Thanks to Jochen Rau for finding this. And thanks to the crazy bidders at T3BOARD08. :) Karsten Dambekalns
18:07 Bug #444 (Resolved): "func_get_args()" is not allowed to be an argument
The method "getComponent()" in the class "F3_FLOW3_Component_Manager" has the following call:
Jochen Rau
21:55 Revision 27d6cbcd: Fixed bug #444. Thanks to the auction winner!
Karsten Dambekalns
13:06 Revision 5f4d3b01: * FLOW3: (AOP) Quick fix for the PoincutFilter wakeup problem.
Robert Lemke
12:57 Revision 31c2d75e: * The fallback index_dev.php was pointing to the production public/index.php - fixed that.
* Added some meaningful default configuration to the global Configuration directory. Enabled the caches in production... Robert Lemke
11:35 Revision efb651a4: fixed failing validator tests
Andreas Förthner
10:41 Feature #442 (Resolved): Cache Backend for Memcached
Christian Jul Jensen
09:44 Feature #442 (Resolved): Cache Backend for Memcached
It would be nice™ if we had a cache backend for Memcached (see
Robert Lemke
10:39 Revision fc6419fd: Renamed the F3_FLOW3_Resource_AssetTools to F3_FLOW3_Resource_Publisher.
Karsten Dambekalns
10:28 Revision f244df7b: Added Memcached cache backend, did a bit of refactoring on the AbstractBackend and the File-based backend
solved #442 Christian Jul Jensen


22:12 Revision 8b764bf9: Further work on the Resource subpackage
* Uses F3_FLOW3_Property_DataType_URI internally instead of a simple string
* Allows the public assets mirror path to...
Karsten Dambekalns
21:35 Feature #441 (Resolved): Extract component configuration modifications from AOP Framework initialize method
The initialize() method of the AOP Framework builds proxy classes and then sets the modified component configuration ... Robert Lemke
21:19 Feature #14 (Resolved): Define the packageInfo.xml format
The format proposed by David is well enough for our current needs. Robert Lemke
17:17 Revision 6169f701: Removed context parameter in getConfiguration() call.
Karsten Dambekalns
17:13 Revision 3e896104: * FLOW3: Added an environment check for the "mbstring" or "iconv" extension which is required for PHP versions below version 6. This is a requirement of the t3lib_cs library.
Robert Lemke
16:00 Revision 0762c391: fixed some CGL errors.
Andreas Förthner
14:57 Revision 2086bc4b: Worked on the ResourceManager:
* Implemented a first version of fetching resources from packages through the ResourceManager
* Changed the initiali...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:53 Revision f9da7d0c: * FLOW3: (MVC) Added support for calling FLOW3 like "http://localhost/index_dev.php/package/controller".
Robert Lemke
14:51 Revision 2a23883c: * FLOW3: Disabled the configuration cache in the FLOW3 default configuration because it currently produces some errors if the test runner is executed in production mode.
* FLOW3: (Cache) Implemented checks for valid cache and entry identifiers for cache frontend and backend. Resolves #437. Robert Lemke
14:44 Revision 0ca3ebf3: Removed file committed by Andi that should not be here...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:07 Revision 322e8517: Added svn:keywords Id to all PHP files in the repository.
Karsten Dambekalns
12:04 Feature #87 (Accepted): Add fallback for servers without mod_rewrite / .htaccess support
Half of this is resolved by revision r654 (introduced the public/index.php and index.php). Robert Lemke
12:00 Task #400 (Closed): Security Report of CeBit '08
Robert Lemke
12:00 Feature #424 (Resolved): Refactoring: Rename Components.ini to Components.php and transfer responsibility to configuration manager
Resolved in r664. Robert Lemke
11:37 Bug #437 (Resolved): Identifiers are used as is in the filenames used by the file cache backend
Things like
Warning: file_put_contents(/tmp//FLOW3/143f698bcb42f2a69b18d164896d265d//Production/Cache/FLOW3_Resour...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:13 Revision fd7611f7: added missing classes
Andreas Förthner
21:10 Revision 92af8063: hopefully fixed a non-working unit test
Andreas Förthner
17:31 Revision 9f2477c7: ... forgot to commit the tests
Andreas Förthner
17:27 Revision f2ddf1f4: First commit of the validation interfaces... more to follow up soon.
Andreas Förthner
17:18 Revision e28d129a: * FLOW3: (Configuration) Added the merge feature to the Configuration Container.
* FLOW3: Implemented the configuration cascade - configurations in the global /Configuration folder will now be loade... Robert Lemke


19:07 Revision 8fddbc06: Global change: Component configurations file format is now .php and not .ini anymore!
* FLOW3: Refactored the component configuration parsing and moved it to a dedicated configuration builder.
* Adapted ...
Robert Lemke


15:36 Revision ce4b015d: Globally renamed the PackageInfo.xml files to Package.xml and updated the FLOW3 code accordingly. Resolves #409.
Robert Lemke
15:28 Feature #424 (Resolved): Refactoring: Rename Components.ini to Components.php and transfer responsibility to configuration manager
Currently each package may provide components configuration by means of a Components.ini file placed in the package's... Robert Lemke
15:07 Revision a6d2a08e: This file has not been renamed in the previous commit. Addresses #423.
Robert Lemke
15:03 Revision bddcba6d: Big global change: Renamed the class prefix "T3_" to "F3_". Resolves #423.
Robert Lemke
14:55 Task #423 (Resolved): Rename top-level namespace prefix "T3" to "F3"
As discussed in the mailing list, the class prefix "T3_" should be renamed to "F3_".
Robert Lemke
14:50 Feature #369: Replace path constants by resource manager calls
Some step into this direction has been taken in revisions r654 and r656. Robert Lemke
13:22 Revision 2844091b: * FLOW3: Added basic support for Configuration/Packages.php configuration. Still needs proper implementation but it works for now.
* PHPUnit / Smarty: Adapted the Configuration/Package.php to the new Packages.php format.
* PHPUnit: A few tweaks for...
Robert Lemke

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