From 2008-05-10 to 2008-06-08


14:28 Revision 9e4edcc1: * FLOW3: (Reflection) Added more tests for FLOW3's reflection subpackage which now covers the whole functionality. Added reflection support for Parameter.
See also r913. Robert Lemke
14:08 Feature #718 (Closed): make docCommentParser static
Currently the F3_FLOW3_Reflection_DocCommentParser is instantiated for each reflection - that's nonsense. Robert Lemke
13:49 Revision 287c5e1d: FLOW3: The DebugExceptionHandler does no longer hide the last two bytes of string arguments in backtrace output.
Karsten Dambekalns
13:15 Revision b357b48d: * FLOW3: (AOP) Fix for the currently failing test F3_FLOW3_AOP_FrameworkTest->mandatoryArgumentInNonAdvisedConstructorStaysIntact(). The type hinting detection for method arguments during the proxy class building process was broken starting with r903. More tests for the Reflection subpackage - which is the root for this bug - will follow.
Robert Lemke


20:48 Revision d4f9dbe6: * Blog: Added a sample post so we have more opportunities to experiment.
* Blog: Made sure that a Post has a default date - otherwise the __toString() method throws an exception.
* FLOW3: (A...
Robert Lemke
13:48 Feature #47 (Resolved): Implement pointcut designator for annotations
Applied in changeset r903. Robert Lemke
13:47 Revision fca1af85: * FLOW3: (AOP) Added support for a new pointcut designator which allows to filter for matching annotations. This designator is called "classTaggedWith()". Resolves #47.
* FLOW3: (Documentation) Added documentation for the above pointcut designator.
* FLOW3: (Reflection) FLOW3's Reflect...
Robert Lemke
11:40 Revision a1c8a896: * FLOW3: (Documentation) Updated manual to reflect the removal of the Aspect Interface in r899.
Robert Lemke
11:30 Revision f2d04660: * FLOW3: Added the Persistence Manager to FLOW3's initialization sequence (makes the whole thing slower ... sorry).
* FLOW3: (AOP) Removed the AOP Aspect Interface - now it's sufficient to tag a class as @aspect, no need to implement... Robert Lemke


20:57 Revision 474aafc2: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Initial version of the class schema builder and the class schema along with the related tests.
Robert Lemke
17:22 Revision 14c29d32: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Some update: new tests for the persistence framework.
Robert Lemke
12:30 Revision fa9a831b: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Initial commit of the base repository, including its tests.
Robert Lemke
12:03 Task #702: RNG schema for Package.xml files is too strict
I changed @oneOrMore@ to @zeroOrMore@ and attached the file. Could someone with more knowledge about RelaxNG check if... Karsten Dambekalns
11:59 Task #702 (Resolved): RNG schema for Package.xml files is too strict
A few issues:
* When defining such a file, the schema requires an @upload@ element to be present, which makes it imp...
Karsten Dambekalns


22:52 Revision 43df7342: FLOW3, PHPCR:
* Heavy updates to the inline documentation, eliminating all phpDocumentor warnings for the FLOW3 package Karsten Dambekalns
21:55 Revision 136773e8: DocBook documentation consolidation and update:
* moved TypoScript documentation from the old SVN to the TypoScript package documentation
* moved the Coding Guidelin...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:40 Task #670 (Resolved): Change @type annotation in configuration files to @var
Applied in changeset r878. Karsten Dambekalns
12:34 Task #670 (Accepted): Change @type annotation in configuration files to @var
Karsten Dambekalns
12:06 Task #670 (Resolved): Change @type annotation in configuration files to @var
As discussed on the list, we should switch to using @var. The configuration parser and documentation have to be adjus... Karsten Dambekalns
12:39 Revision add8a12b: Changed the @type annotation to @var, fixes #670
Karsten Dambekalns
12:33 Task #672 (Resolved): Finish documentation about configuration in FLOW3
The documentation about FLOW3 configuration needs to be updated and completed (do we still support PHP based configur... Karsten Dambekalns


12:19 Bug #363 (Rejected): Order of includes (not possible to implement a interface in subfolder?)
I checked the package you attached to this ticket, the file structure looks like in the screenshot:
Robert Lemke
12:08 Feature #478 (Resolved): More speed for object creation
Applied in changeset r866. Robert Lemke
12:08 Revision 4d9ddfe8: * FLOW3: (Component) Improved the performance of the component object builder, resolves #478. Thanks to Axel for the suggestion.
* Removed the index*.php files from the main directory - the ones in the Public/ dir should be used. Robert Lemke


15:24 Revision 8694b80c: Further work to make FLOW3 run green in CGL checks:
* Renamed some abstract classes to conform to rules
* Adjusted code using those classes
Karsten Dambekalns


22:00 Revision 49e5dcd6: * FLOW3: (AOP) Renamed the global variable which is used for passing the AOP Framework instance to the unserialized PointcutFilter on wakeup.
* FLOW3: Cosmetic improvements Robert Lemke


18:04 Revision 34df6ccc: Making FLOW3 run green(er) in FLOW3CGL, part 2. Down to 40 errors and 0 warnings from hundreds each...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:32 Revision 50dfe1e7: Making FLOW3 run green(er) in FLOW3CGL, part 1.
Karsten Dambekalns


12:49 Revision 132c3ace: Made sure createDirectoryRecursively() never tries to create a directory ending with /. as this makes PHP's mkdir choke with the recursive flag switched on. Fixes errors when publishing resources after a clearing of the "Resources" cache.
Karsten Dambekalns
12:45 Revision edf0e7f3: Made sure $cacheDirectory always has a trailing slash, avoiding a potential bug with findCacheFiles().
Karsten Dambekalns
12:04 Revision dc18f3c4: * FLOW3: (Documentation) Fixed a typo and a hard-to-understand sentence.
Robert Lemke


13:00 Revision 35878b58: Some small improvements to F3_FLOW3_Utility_Environment.
Karsten Dambekalns
12:10 Bug #507 (Needs Feedback): DebugExceptionHandler prints arguments at wrong place
Now the question is whether we need to provide a workaround. For this we'd need to know if this happens only on your ... Karsten Dambekalns


13:33 Bug #507: DebugExceptionHandler prints arguments at wrong place
Hm, i watched at the dumps i added more deeply (i have to add that i accidently swapped the filenames) and saw that a... Tim Eilers
01:31 Bug #507: DebugExceptionHandler prints arguments at wrong place
Hi Karsten,
i provided a screenshot (to ensure that i am not crazy at all *G*) and to var_dumps, one of the getTra...
Tim Eilers
13:01 Feature #66 (Resolved): Add the feature "Mapping Results" to the Property Mapper
Applied in changeset r837. Andreas Förthner
13:01 Feature #69 (Resolved): Add validation to the PropertyMapper
Applied in changeset r837. Andreas Förthner
13:00 Revision 4cfded2e: PropertyMapper and Validation is now implemented. This fixes #66, #69 Additionally the Controller Arguments are passed through the validation framework.
Andreas Förthner
09:23 Feature #43 (Closed): make extensibility of Components.conf possible
We don't need this anymore: In the meantime we have switched to PHP configuration format. Robert Lemke


22:39 Feature #91: Check how eAccelerator can be supported
I'd suggest to just remove the try to disable caching and just die with an error message. Karsten Dambekalns
21:39 Feature #502 (Resolved): Make error message from exception handler in production mode more user-friendly
Applied in changeset r836. Karsten Dambekalns
21:39 Revision bebe1e19: The ProductionExceptionHandler now looks nicer and tells the error is coming from FLOW3. Fixes #502.
Note that for MSIE < 8 the error screen doesn't have any graphics, as we cannot use inline graphics (data URL) in tha... Karsten Dambekalns
18:08 Task #477 (Resolved): Globally adjust copyright notice
Applied in changeset r831. Karsten Dambekalns
17:31 Task #477: Globally adjust copyright notice
All annotations have been removed, commit is pending. Karsten Dambekalns
16:31 Task #477: Globally adjust copyright notice
After a little discussion and research we decided to completely remove the copyright notice as it has no legal releva... Karsten Dambekalns
17:43 Revision e1532d25: Pending commit, fixes #477.
Karsten Dambekalns
16:20 Bug #507: DebugExceptionHandler prints arguments at wrong place
I caused some exceptions and the arguments match their methods, so it seems this is a problem specific to your machin... Karsten Dambekalns
15:45 Bug #513 (Accepted): Resource manager does not handle links in public files correct
The problem only occurs if you append a trailing slash. Karsten Dambekalns
10:45 Bug #513: Resource manager does not handle links in public files correct
This Bug only occurs, if you call index.php or index_dev.php in the url.
Following URLs do not work correctly:
Malte Jansen
09:58 Bug #513 (Resolved): Resource manager does not handle links in public files correct
See the screenshot with firebug.
_Further details:_
The response for all files is the same file (the html-output)...
Malte Jansen
15:07 Bug #491 (Resolved): FLOW3 not working under Windows
Applied in changeset r829. Karsten Dambekalns
11:27 Bug #491: FLOW3 not working under Windows
good idea. but i looked at the patch and wondered, why you aren't using the function in F3_FLOW3_Utility_File...
Tim Eilers
10:41 Bug #491: FLOW3 not working under Windows
Just one a spelling mistake... Malte Jansen
10:36 Bug #491: FLOW3 not working under Windows
Not just the backslashes must be replaced, but also the double slashes (to be comparable).
I have created a functi...
Malte Jansen
00:32 Bug #491: FLOW3 not working under Windows
i created an alternative patch, which cares for the "forward slash everywhere" (see attachment).
but the "File exist...
Tim Eilers
15:07 Revision 18450f59: Added a new method to F3_FLOW3_Utility_Files to convert a path to unix style and using that in some places. This fixes #491, we hope. Thanks to Tim and Malte for helping with this.
Karsten Dambekalns
11:09 Revision 019c6bf4: fixed a bug in the property mapper
Andreas Förthner
10:43 Revision 3b5118a6: many changes in the validation mvc part... some further work to follow up soon
Andreas Förthner

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