From 2008-06-03 to 2008-07-02


13:33 Revision 2585b59e: FLOW3:
* Replaced two wrong (outdated) exception names with the right ones
* Fixed use of no longer existing method
Karsten Dambekalns


22:37 Revision d7bc9037: * FLOW3 (Security): Added the classes and method stubs for the rest of the ACL subpackage
* FLOW3 (Security): Some smaller changes in the rest of the security subpackage Andreas Förthner


19:59 Revision d8f3e7e8: FLOW3: (MVC) Fixed two bugs in the CLI request builder _tests_ which only occurred while testing from the command line.
Robert Lemke
19:36 Revision d2cea47e: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Started implementing the Persistence Session (Unit of Work)
* FLOW3: (Persistence) Refactored the class schemata builder Robert Lemke


18:21 Revision e6fd906c: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Speed up of the persistence manager / class schema builder: It now uses the new reflection service instead of ReflectionClass
* FLOW3: (Reflection) Added two new methods to the Reflection Service Robert Lemke
17:16 Revision 80082c14: FLOW3: Added a new method to Utility_Arrays to check if an array contains multiple types
Karsten Dambekalns
17:02 Revision c6cf7fa4: FLOW3: Optimized and improved the structure of the FLOW3 bootstrap.
Robert Lemke
15:49 Revision 6a94aab0: Test commit, please ignore.
Robert Lemke
15:48 Revision e09ba9cf: Deleted the revision file again.
Robert Lemke
15:43 Revision 8c1e02ac: Moved the revision file.
Robert Lemke
15:39 Revision 93fffc33: FLOW3: Added the Revision file.
Robert Lemke
12:17 Revision cc4790b0: * FLOW3: (MVC) Added support of __toString() for the controller argument object
* FLOW3: (Utility) Cleaned up a bit the arrays utility
* FLOW3: (Validation) Fixed a fatal error in the arguments val...
Robert Lemke
00:57 Revision e5e949b1: * FLOW3 (Security): Added method stubs for authentication, authorization and the first part of the acl service.
* FLOW3 (Session): Added a very basic session interface. Andreas Förthner


21:46 Revision de4e58b2: * FLOW3: (Configuration) Fixed a fatal bug which ocurred in the configuration cascade when the container tried to override an existing array with a container. See test mergeDoesNotTryToMergeAContainerWithAnArray()
* FLOW3: (Cache) Added a check into the Memcached backend constructor which asserts that the Memcached PHP extension ... Robert Lemke
16:32 Revision 610c87ed: Further implementaion of the new Reflection Service and integration into the AOP proxy building process and the component manager. Note that reflection information is now cached even in development mode (you can disable it through the FLOW3.php configuration file). In practice that means that annotations and new classes (or removed classes) will only be recognized by FLOW3 if you flush the cache (currently manually by delteing the FLOW3 directories in /tmp).
Speed gain for the default view: 350%. Robert Lemke


14:12 Revision 850cd67b: * FLOW3: (Reflection) Added tests for the Reflection Service.
Robert Lemke
13:42 Revision 098b9ba5: * FLOW3: (AOP) Optimized the proxy class builder - replaced method calls by static calls.
* FLOW3: (AOP) Removed the IntroductionInterface
* FLOW3: (Component) Removed unused arguments in some methods of the...
Robert Lemke


13:42 Revision a520a15d: fixed failing tests.
Andreas Förthner
09:46 Revision ef7c8095: * FLOW3: (MVC) Revert of commit r944 due to failing tests.
Robert Lemke
09:39 Revision 677180f1: FLOW3: (Security) Fixed Andi's fatal errors in the recently committed interfaces.
Robert Lemke


17:34 Revision a9a5139e: This is the first commit of the new security framework. BEWARE: This is all work in progress, the classes only reflect the structure and have at most empty method stubs with some documentation! More to follow up soon.
Andreas Förthner
16:11 Revision 9db185a5: FLOW3:
* added an interface for persistence backend implementations
* if a backend is configured and available it will be in...
Karsten Dambekalns


22:02 Revision 37205cd1: FLOW3: Removed an unused line in Resource_Publisher
Karsten Dambekalns
13:23 Revision 2d585587: * FLOW3: (Cache) Fixed the tests and port of the implementation of the Memcached backend. The setServer() method is protected and therefore couldn't be called in the tests anymore. And tests were not properly skipped if the mecache daemon wasn't running.
Robert Lemke
11:29 Revision f9741108: FLOW3:
* Cache's AbstractBackend now accepts options in form of an array
* Made the backend used for metadata caching config...
Karsten Dambekalns


16:52 Revision c6fa811c: * FLOW3: (Cache) Allowed the underscore "_" for cache entry tags.
* FLOW3: Made it possible to actually use the memcached cache backend for the AOP proxy and component configuration (... Robert Lemke


17:56 Revision 59819d85: FLOW3 (Cache):
* The memcache backend now supports flush()
* The memcache backend tests now skip (instead of fail) if no memcached i...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:35 Revision fc87affb: FLOW3: Implemented tag support for the memcached cache backend. fixes #764
Karsten Dambekalns
19:56 Revision 5c22942e: * FLOW3: (Cache) Added flushCaches() and flushCachesByTag() to the cache manager.
Robert Lemke
19:40 Revision f05386a6: * FLOW3: (Cache) Implemented flush() and flushByTag() for the file backend. The Memcache Backend only contains empty methods yet to satisfy the abstract backend's contract.
Robert Lemke
17:39 Revision 6d43bfaf: * FLOW3: (Cache) Added tagging support (save and find) for the caching framework. For now only the file backend supports tagging, for the memcache backend tagging has not yet been implemented (see #764).
Robert Lemke


18:33 Revision 3b501111: FLOW3:
* declared some more Utility functions as static, adjusted calls to generateUUID() accordingly
* added NodeTy...
Karsten Dambekalns


14:28 Revision 9e4edcc1: * FLOW3: (Reflection) Added more tests for FLOW3's reflection subpackage which now covers the whole functionality. Added reflection support for Parameter.
See also r913. Robert Lemke
13:49 Revision 287c5e1d: FLOW3: The DebugExceptionHandler does no longer hide the last two bytes of string arguments in backtrace output.
Karsten Dambekalns
13:15 Revision b357b48d: * FLOW3: (AOP) Fix for the currently failing test F3_FLOW3_AOP_FrameworkTest->mandatoryArgumentInNonAdvisedConstructorStaysIntact(). The type hinting detection for method arguments during the proxy class building process was broken starting with r903. More tests for the Reflection subpackage - which is the root for this bug - will follow.
Robert Lemke


20:48 Revision d4f9dbe6: * Blog: Added a sample post so we have more opportunities to experiment.
* Blog: Made sure that a Post has a default date - otherwise the __toString() method throws an exception.
* FLOW3: (A...
Robert Lemke
13:47 Revision fca1af85: * FLOW3: (AOP) Added support for a new pointcut designator which allows to filter for matching annotations. This designator is called "classTaggedWith()". Resolves #47.
* FLOW3: (Documentation) Added documentation for the above pointcut designator.
* FLOW3: (Reflection) FLOW3's Reflect...
Robert Lemke
11:40 Revision a1c8a896: * FLOW3: (Documentation) Updated manual to reflect the removal of the Aspect Interface in r899.
Robert Lemke
11:30 Revision f2d04660: * FLOW3: Added the Persistence Manager to FLOW3's initialization sequence (makes the whole thing slower ... sorry).
* FLOW3: (AOP) Removed the AOP Aspect Interface - now it's sufficient to tag a class as @aspect, no need to implement... Robert Lemke


20:57 Revision 474aafc2: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Initial version of the class schema builder and the class schema along with the related tests.
Robert Lemke
17:22 Revision 14c29d32: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Some update: new tests for the persistence framework.
Robert Lemke
12:30 Revision fa9a831b: * FLOW3: (Persistence) Initial commit of the base repository, including its tests.
Robert Lemke

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