From 2008-11-18 to 2008-12-17


13:25 Task #2118: Decouple MVC and Security
By now security can be switched off, but there are still dependencies in the code. Karsten Dambekalns


17:26 Feature #2318 (Resolved): Implement point cut designator methodTaggedWith()
Resolved as of r1634 where the issue number was mistyped as 2138. Karsten Dambekalns
13:03 Feature #2318 (Resolved): Implement point cut designator methodTaggedWith()
Analog to classTaggedWith() we need a pointcut designator which matches methods tagged with a certain annotation. Robert Lemke
13:00 Task #2266 (Resolved): Update MVCFramework.xml [has patch]
Applied in changeset r1631. Karsten Dambekalns
11:17 Task #2266 (Accepted): Update MVCFramework.xml [has patch]
Karsten Dambekalns


16:24 Feature #2305 (Resolved): Automatic flushing of AOP Proxy Cache
Similar to the automatic flushing of the Reflection Cache (or parts of it) the AOP proxy classes should be rebuilt wh... Robert Lemke


15:57 Bug #2298 (Resolved): wrong debug exception handler
file: Configuration/Development/FLOW3.yaml
Line 14:
"F3::FLOW3::Error::DebugExceptionHandler" -> "F3\FLOW3\Error\...
Marcel Schlesinger
12:32 Task #2156 (Resolved): Optimize autowiring in the Object Builder
This was resolved in r1592 Robert Lemke
12:30 Feature #2297 (Resolved): automagic settings injection
The object builder (setter autowiring) should have special support for injecting settings.
If a method "injectSett...
Robert Lemke


10:10 Feature #2284 (Resolved): Make Reflection caching more intelligent
Applied in changeset r1582. Robert Lemke
09:15 Feature #2284 (Resolved): Make Reflection caching more intelligent
The Reflection Service caches all the reflection information. If a class is altered, the cache is not automatically c... Robert Lemke


21:30 Feature #1882 (Resolved): Objects can be deleted
Applied in changeset r1565. Karsten Dambekalns


22:49 Task #2266 (Resolved): Update MVCFramework.xml [has patch]
* Adapted the MVC-documentation to the viewObjectNamePattern and added an example of the standard resolving o...
Irene Höppner


09:28 Bug #2244 (Closed): Exception is not catchable. Exception is still shown after throwStatus
If I excecute the following code in FLOW3 a F3::PHPCR::NodeType::NoSuchNodeTypeException is thrown:
Christoph Blömer


20:23 Feature #2237 (Resolved): URLs can only be lowercase
I cannot use upper-cased URLs in case I want to.
I just had a route configuration like:
Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:42 Feature #1882: Objects can be deleted
I spent quite a few hours on this the last days. In the end I threw away about half of the code again, as it just did... Karsten Dambekalns

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