From 2008-12-10 to 2009-01-08


15:30 Revision ca00c4fe: FLOW3:
* (Property): Added F3\FLOW3\Property\Converter\IdentifierAwareInterface and implemented how it is used.
* (MVC): Adj...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:20 Revision 37a041fa: FLOW3:
* fixed behaviour of Utility\Arrays::getValueByPath() for paths with only one segment Karsten Dambekalns
12:12 Revision fae38a41: FLOW3:
* fixed some more license and style issues. Karsten Dambekalns
11:57 Revision 818dd6bf: FLOW3:
* style fixes to recent commits. Please, mind the CGL!
* fixed license in recently committed files.
Karsten Dambekalns


22:51 Revision cb01f396: FLOW3:
* (Property): Refactored PropertyEditor to PropertyConverter. Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:45 Task #1891 (Resolved): Adjust license to LGPL
Done in r1706 and r1707. Karsten Dambekalns
11:37 Revision 0052fbb7: FLOW3:
* changed license to LGPL v3 or later Karsten Dambekalns


18:54 Revision 13ed9d42: FLOW3:
_ (Property): Property Mapper should be reset if map() method is called directly. Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:08 Revision db6f7675: FLOW3:
* yet another fix to ObjectAccess vs. ArrayObject handling
* renamed getAllProperties to getAccessibleProperties()
Karsten Dambekalns
14:30 Revision 352ed5f0: FLOW3:
* reverted part of the changes to ObjectAccess, now setter access is preferred even for ArrayObject instances
* some ...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:52 Revision a78c069c: * FLOW3: (Object) Implemented a new feature which allows for indirect injection of objects. Instead of specifying the name of the object to be injected directly in the objects configuration, a reference to a setting can be made by using the setting path as the object name.
* FLOW3: (Documentation) Updated the documentation accordingly. Robert Lemke
12:47 Revision df224f05: FLOW3:
* variable and method name adjustments
* some code adjustments in ObjectAccess
* some style fixes removing colons, wh...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:20 Revision 50daeb2d: * FLOW3: (Documentation) Fixed a few typos and other glitches. Thanks to Peter Beernink for reporting them.
Robert Lemke
00:02 Revision 5a8077b1: FLOW3:
* (Reflection): Added ArrayAccess handling in ObjectAccess
* (Property): Extended Property Mapper so it can map arbit...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:03 Revision ff76bf35: FLOW3:
* (Reflection): Added generic ObjectAccessor Helper
* (Reflection): Extended DocCommentParser so you can get the DocC...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:01 Task #2123: Refactor (Object) Framework unit tests
I need a break from this one, feel free to assign it... Karsten Dambekalns
16:16 Feature #2408 (Resolved): Automatic flushing of object configuration cache
Similar to the automatic flushing of the Reflection Cache (or parts of it) the object configuration cache should be r... Robert Lemke
16:10 Feature #2297 (Resolved): automagic settings injection
Applied in changeset r1687. Robert Lemke
16:09 Revision f53a8787: * FLOW3: (Object) Implemented support for magic injectSettings() methods. Resolves #2297
* FLOW3: (Documentation) Added documentation for the injectSettings feature. Robert Lemke
14:24 Revision b17e4b28: * FLOW3: (Documentation) Completely reworked and updated the Object Framework section of the reference. Added documentation for the new custom factory and nested object configuration features.
Robert Lemke


19:07 Revision deae1743: FLOW3:
* Small update to the DomainObjectEditor Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:18 Revision 06010121: FLOW3:
* (Property): Refactored the DomainObjectEditor for easy overriding Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:20 Revision 22af452c: FLOW3:
* MVC: Wrote unit test for default PropertyEditor. Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:55 Revision 7f6f3486: FLOW3:
* (MVC): Fixed arguments, as it now needs another constructor argument. Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:13 Revision f04e2f41: FLOW3:
* (MVC, Property): Added basic DomainObjectEditor Sebastian Kurfuerst


19:11 Revision a795e0b0: FLOW3:
* (Property): Rewrote the PropertyEditor interface after talking to Andi Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:15 Bug #2375 (Resolved): Property Mapper: Does not call Property Editor in all cases
Applied in changeset r1676. Andreas Förthner
18:14 Revision ed24557d: FLOW3 (Property):
* Fixed #2375. Andreas Förthner


15:23 Revision 421f413d: * FLOW3: (Documentation) Revised and spell-checked (AmE) the following sections: Introduction, Bootstrap, Package Manager.
Robert Lemke


18:04 Revision 7bdd0da4: FLOW3:
* one more test cleaned up
* fixed usage example in property mapper
Karsten Dambekalns
17:49 Revision df87662c: * FLOW3: Fix for feature #2384 which only worked in theory ... The Configuration Manager needs to be injected manually into the Object Builder ...
Robert Lemke
17:46 Feature #2384 (Resolved): Support for injection of setting values
Applied in changeset r1671. Robert Lemke
15:37 Feature #2384 (Resolved): Support for injection of setting values
Make it possible that, additional to straight values and objects, (the values of) settings can be injected into an ob... Robert Lemke
17:42 Revision 06c2b549: * FLOW3: (Object) Implemented support for injection of Setting values. Resolves #2384
* FLOW3: (Documentation) Updated documentation (partly) and realized that it needs some cleanup ...
* FLOW3: (Utility...
Robert Lemke
17:34 Task #2386 (Resolved): AbstractView should be ViewInterface
To reduce concrete dependencies and enforce loose coupling
"F3\FLOW3\MVC\View\AbstractView" should be an interface ...
Bastian Waidelich
15:32 Feature #2297 (Accepted): automagic settings injection
Robert Lemke
14:35 Feature #2109 (Resolved): Support constructor / factory arguments in Objects injection configuration
Applied in changeset r1670. Robert Lemke
14:35 Feature #2110 (Resolved): Add support for custom factories
Applied in changeset r1670. Robert Lemke
14:32 Revision 6810cb20: * FLOW3: (Cache) Introduced two new interfaces - for Cache frontends and backends
* FLOW3: (Cache) Fixed an issue with the File Backend: initializeObject() overrode the cacheDirectory setting even if... Robert Lemke


16:39 Bug #2375 (Resolved): Property Mapper: Does not call Property Editor in all cases
When using property editors, I got:
Fatal error: Call to a member function setAs() on a non-object in /.../flow3/P...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:06 Bug #2373 (Resolved): PHP session issues fatal error if session_save_path is not writable
By default PHP uses /tmp as save-path for PHP Sessions, if this directory is not writable, PHP will die with a fatal ... Christian Jul Jensen


18:31 Revision 6cca8549: FLOW3 (AOP): Removed a line echoing debug output
Andreas Förthner
17:20 Feature #2365 (Resolved): Support simple comparisons in Setting Pointcutfilter expression
Applied in changeset r1667. Andreas Förthner
17:20 Revision fdc05073: FLOW3 (AOP):
* Renamed the ConfigurationFilter to SettingFilter
* Implemented conditions. Resolves #2365.
* Adjusted the documenta...
Andreas Förthner


17:31 Feature #2365 (Resolved): Support simple comparisons in Setting Pointcutfilter expression
The -Configuration- Setting Pointcutfilter currently matches if the specified setting evaluates to TRUE or FALSE. A n... Robert Lemke


18:40 Feature #46 (Resolved): Implement After Advice
Applied in changeset r1663. Andreas Förthner
18:36 Revision 1bf9dc20: FLOW3 (AOP):
* Implemented the after advice. Resolves #46. Andreas Förthner
14:45 Feature #1528 (Resolved): Add new pointcut designator for checks against configuration
Applied in changeset r1662. Andreas Förthner
14:42 Revision e41995ce: FLOW3 (AOP):
* Implemented new pointcut designator configuration(). Resolves #1528.
* Added missing suffix "Test" to a test class.
Andreas Förthner
12:11 Revision eea36690: * FLOW3: Fixed a few tests I broke in the last revision (sorry)
* Testing: Adjusted the TestRunner's internal bootstrap to reflect the new initialization order in the FLOW3 bootstrap Robert Lemke
11:47 Revision 3dd7a418: * FLOW3: Changed the initialization order in the bootstrap: SignalSlot is now intialized before Cache so that Cache can emit signals. However Cache classes cannot be proxied because AOP is not available then - therefore the Signal Dispatcher must be called manually.
* FLOW3: (Cache) Implemented a few signals for the File Backend.
* FLOW3: (Security) Had to remove the destructor whi...
Robert Lemke
11:09 Bug #1635: Routing: Routes should ignore query parameters if not configured
*NOTE Behavior of queries in Routes will change:*
Query strings won't be part of the URI patterns anymore to avoid c...
Bastian Waidelich
11:01 Task #2342 (Resolved): Routing: Replace square brackets by curly brackets in dynamic Route Parts
Currently we use square brackets to define a dynamic Route Part:... Bastian Waidelich
10:53 Task #2126: Implement sub routes support (routes should be configured globally in one place)
Additionally Routes should not be configured with a named index to avoid unintended overwriting of routes:... Bastian Waidelich


17:48 Task #2123: Refactor (Object) Framework unit tests
Also with r1658: some MVC tests refactored Karsten Dambekalns
17:41 Revision fb280ab9: FLOW3:
* some MVC tests refactored Karsten Dambekalns
12:19 Bug #2298 (Resolved): wrong debug exception handler
Has been fixed along the way... Karsten Dambekalns
12:05 Revision dee6ef71: FLOW3:
* refactored a bunch of unit tests so they no longer need a real FLOW3 to run, refs #2123 Karsten Dambekalns
12:02 Revision bdc64538: FLOW3:
* fixed a type hint in object builder
* fixed/optimized property/argument setting in object configuration
* moved an ...
Karsten Dambekalns


18:02 Revision 09789386: * FLOW3: Renamed the setting for the classAlterationMonitoring to the more generic fileAlterationMonitoring
* FLOW3: (SignalSlot) Finished the main implementation of the SignalSlot mechanism. Signals can now be wired with Slo... Robert Lemke
16:39 Revision 84dddaf9: * FLOW3: Renamed the subpackage "Event" to "SignalSlot" and fixed a few small issues.
Robert Lemke
16:38 Revision fdd21437: * FLOW3: Renamed the subpackage "Event" to "SignalSlot" and fixed a few small issues.
Robert Lemke
16:37 Revision 6e077c70: * FLOW3: Renamed the subpackage "Event" to "SignalSlot" and fixed a few small issues.
Robert Lemke
15:44 Revision bf86694f: * FLOW3: (Event) Major part of the new Signal-Slot implementation. Signals can now be connected with slot methods and are dispatched by the Signal Dispatcher. Currently configuration is only possible by calling the Dispatcher's connect() method.
* FLOW3: (Log) Fixed the File Backend Test Robert Lemke


20:08 Revision f3aa52d1: * FLOW3: (Log) (Wrote test and) fixed a bug in the Logger which didn't open a backend on adding it to the logger.
* FLOW3: (Log) Defined classes as prototype where needed
* FLOW3: (Log) File Backend now checks if the log file could...
Robert Lemke
18:10 Revision bff055d9: * FLOW3: (Log) Added a "Null" logger backend
* FLOW3: (Log) Some small changes Robert Lemke
17:52 Revision 9e4d15ca: * FLOW3: (AOP) Modified the AOP proxy class blacklist so that MVC classes can be proxied by aspects
* FLOW3: (Event) Initial commit of a (yet dummy) Signal Aspect. This is work in progress.
* FLOW3: (Log) Reimplemente...
Robert Lemke
13:25 Task #2118: Decouple MVC and Security
By now security can be switched off, but there are still dependencies in the code. Karsten Dambekalns


19:08 Revision aff06d49: FLOW3:
* removed some artifatcs left over from the recent namespaces migration
* removed an useless object check in the refl...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:26 Feature #2318 (Resolved): Implement point cut designator methodTaggedWith()
Resolved as of r1634 where the issue number was mistyped as 2138. Karsten Dambekalns
13:03 Feature #2318 (Resolved): Implement point cut designator methodTaggedWith()
Analog to classTaggedWith() we need a pointcut designator which matches methods tagged with a certain annotation. Robert Lemke
16:53 Revision f2603efd: * FLOW3: (AOP) Implemented new pointcut designator methodTaggedWith(). Resolves #2138
Robert Lemke
13:00 Task #2266 (Resolved): Update MVCFramework.xml [has patch]
Applied in changeset r1631. Karsten Dambekalns
11:17 Task #2266 (Accepted): Update MVCFramework.xml [has patch]
Karsten Dambekalns
12:58 Revision bb0dc737: FLOW3, TypoScript:
* adapted the MVC-documentation to the viewObjectNamePattern and added an example of the standard resolving of the UR... Karsten Dambekalns


16:24 Feature #2305 (Resolved): Automatic flushing of AOP Proxy Cache
Similar to the automatic flushing of the Reflection Cache (or parts of it) the AOP proxy classes should be rebuilt wh... Robert Lemke


22:55 Revision c8d5be09: FLOW3:
* fixed cache strategy constants to match the settings values used in the configuration files, strategy now used as e... Karsten Dambekalns
12:09 Revision d61b258a: FLOW3, Testing, TYPO3CR:
* a few more references to the global namespace fixed Karsten Dambekalns


20:50 Revision ed866474: FLOW3 (Security):
* Implemented the possibility to disable the security framework by configuration Andreas Förthner
18:24 Revision 08e2b28a: FLOW3:
* re-enabled mirroring of package resources accidentally switched off by Mr. Lemke... Karsten Dambekalns
15:57 Bug #2298 (Resolved): wrong debug exception handler
file: Configuration/Development/FLOW3.yaml
Line 14:
"F3::FLOW3::Error::DebugExceptionHandler" -> "F3\FLOW3\Error\...
Marcel Schlesinger
15:39 Revision 582b7c69: !!! 5.3.0alpha3 namespaces refactoring:
* changed namespace delimiter from :: to \
* all class references in namespaced code prepended by \
* adapt...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:08 Revision 3a211f56: * FLOW3: Optimized the Class Loader. Now it doesn't check anymore if the class file exists because if it doesn't, this would be a fatal error anyway. Speed gain for class loading: 60%.
* FLOW3: (Reflection) Added an option to enable Class Alteration Monitoring in the Reflection Service. In development... Robert Lemke
12:32 Task #2156 (Resolved): Optimize autowiring in the Object Builder
This was resolved in r1592 Robert Lemke
12:30 Feature #2297 (Resolved): automagic settings injection
The object builder (setter autowiring) should have special support for injecting settings.
If a method "injectSett...
Robert Lemke
11:35 Revision a2eb9d79: * FLOW3: Added a dedicated initialization method for Reflection in the FLOW3 bootstrap
* FLOW3: (Cache) Optimized the findCacheFilesByIdentifier() method. Speed gain: 300% for the Default View, even more ... Robert Lemke

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