From 2009-04-16 to 2009-05-15


22:15 Revision 27e159ab: Bug fixes during the TYPO3 Bugday on T3DD09
* FLOW3: (MVC) Added typehint to AbstractView / ViewInterface setControllerContext()
* FLOW3: (MVC) Removed the resol...
Robert Lemke
21:59 Task #3322 (Closed): Use mocked objects instead of real ones in the RouteTest
The testcase for F3\FLOW3\MVC\Web\Routing\Route currently uses the real Object Manager and Object Factory for testing... Robert Lemke
21:33 Feature #1789: Routing: Implement automatic UUID to object conversion
Some code snippets from T3DD09:... Robert Lemke
20:15 Revision 08736ab9: Fixed standard controller to use controller context
Christopher Hlubek
19:00 Feature #3302 (Resolved): Implement a "Controller Context"
Applied in changeset r2225. Christopher Hlubek
18:53 Revision 990a2168: * FLOW3: (Locale) comment fix
* FLOW3: (MVC) Fixed the RoutePartHandler configuration parsing thing Robert Lemke
18:53 Revision c3377e03: Fixes #3302: implementing a Controller Context except for adding the URIhelper
Christopher Hlubek
18:00 Feature #2825 (Resolved): Routing: Route Part options
Applied in changeset r2218. Bastian Waidelich
17:58 Revision 8d68f5c2: Routing:
* Added Rout Part Options to be able to add arbitrary configurations to rout parts. This resolves #2825.
* Spare matc...
Bastian Waidelich
15:28 Feature #3312: Allow for easy logging by annotations
Maybe method arguments and return values could be passed as $additionalData to the logger by default. Than the logger... Bastian Waidelich
15:17 Feature #3312: Allow for easy logging by annotations
In what way (if any) will arguments and/or return values be logged? The example with the custom message includes a va... Karsten Dambekalns
11:36 Feature #3312 (Needs Feedback): Allow for easy logging by annotations
For debugging but also other purposes, it would be nice to be able to log a method call by just adding an annotation ... Robert Lemke


18:45 Feature #3276 (Resolved): Support Conjunction and Disjunction Composite validators
Christopher Hlubek
18:43 Revision ae766099: Renamed AbstractJunctionValidator to AbstractCompositeValidator
Christopher Hlubek
18:42 Feature #3306 (Accepted): Flush routes cache automatically on class file modifications
If a class containing a route part handler is changed, we also need to flush the routes cache because other routes mi... Robert Lemke
18:04 Revision 07221707: * Added testcase for the DisjunctionValidator
Christopher Hlubek
18:03 Revision ed300ed5: * Added DisjunctionValidator for a disjunction of validators
* Introduced a new AbstractJunctionValidator as a base class for the conjunction and disjunction validators Christopher Hlubek
17:45 Feature #3305 (Accepted): Unmodified objects retrieved from a repository should not be validated in the controller
Unmodified objects retrieved from a repository should not be validated in the controller Robert Lemke
16:53 Task #3303 (Resolved): Rename URIHelper to URIBuilder
old: \F3\FLOW3\MVC\View\Helper\URIHelper
new: \F3\FLOW3\MVC\Web\Routing\URIBuilder
Robert Lemke
16:45 Feature #3302: Implement a "Controller Context"
Also remove $packageKey from AbstractConctroller - use $request->getControllerPackageKey instead.
Robert Lemke
16:44 Feature #3302 (Resolved): Implement a "Controller Context"
We need a new class "ControllerContext" which contains contextual information about a controller:
* the request o...
Robert Lemke


20:44 Revision d6d13116: Refactored ChainValidator to ConjunctionValidator and changed behaviour to validate all nested validators
Christopher Hlubek
18:42 Bug #3278 (Resolved): Resource manager doesn't publish files without extension
If a file to be published doesn't have an extension ("MyPage" instead of "MyPackage.html"), the resource publisher th... Robert Lemke
15:15 Feature #3276 (Resolved): Support Conjunction and Disjunction Composite validators
The ChainValidator should be replaced by two new validators: the ConjunctionValidator and the DisjunctionValidator. B... Robert Lemke
15:10 Bug #3275 (Resolved): ValidatorResolver can't parse validator arguments containing round brackets
Currently validation arguments defined in @validate annotations cannot contain round brackets ')' because they'd be i... Robert Lemke
15:03 Bug #3274 (Resolved): Persistance session is not of scope prototype
Probably \F3\FLOW3\Persistence\Session should be a prototype cause there is an annotation "@prototype" in the code.
Bastian Waidelich
13:03 Feature #422 (Rejected): XMLHttpRequest Request
Karsten Dambekalns


14:24 Bug #3240 (Resolved): AOP cache is not emptied if class file is deleted
I'm not 100% sure but this needs to be checked: If a class file is deleted or moved to a different namespace, the AOP... Robert Lemke


15:25 Revision 97c2d696: * FLOW3: (MVC) Introduced a RequestInterface and a ResponseInterface and made sure those are used everywhere where the Request class was used before.
* FLOW3: (Documentation) Continued writing documentation for the MVC framework. Robert Lemke


18:01 Revision f03d4156: FLOW3:
* fixed testcase for AlphanumericValidator. Argh. Karsten Dambekalns
18:00 Feature #3093 (Resolved): Implement annotation based validation rules for models
Applied in changeset r2185. Robert Lemke
17:52 Revision 46911489: FLOW3:
* fixed error message created by AlphanumericValidator Karsten Dambekalns
17:15 Revision 838e2980: This commit is all about validation. Although the new features basically work, a few smaller features and tweak are missing before the whole concept works as intended. Documentation will follow (hopefully soon).
* FLOW3: (Validation) Implemented annotation based validation for models. That means you now can define validation ru... Robert Lemke


14:28 Revision a1e07a62: FLOW3:
* changed $viewObjectNamePattern in ActionController to expect views classes in a namespace reflecting the controller... Karsten Dambekalns


19:55 Revision 4232e16c: * FLOW3: (MVC) Fixed the canProcessRequest() method in the Action Controller
Robert Lemke
18:00 Bug #3152 (Resolved): The Reflection does not recognize changes in class files
Applied in changeset r2175. Robert Lemke
16:44 Bug #3152 (Resolved): The Reflection does not recognize changes in class files
If a class file is changed in development context, the Reflection Service should re-reflect that class and store the ... Robert Lemke
18:00 Bug #3121 (Resolved): canProcessRequest is not called in ActionControllers
Applied in changeset r2175. Robert Lemke
17:15 Feature #3153 (New): Support of action based filter rules defined by annotation.
Similar to #3092 there should be a way to declare additional filter rules for the arguments of an action method:
Robert Lemke
17:03 Revision 6fd4ce49: * FLOW3: Raised required PHP version to 5.3.0RC1
* FLOW3: (Error) The \F3\FLOW3\Error\Error class now supports __toString()
* FLOW3: (MVC) Finished implementation of ...
Robert Lemke
09:12 Bug #3130 (Needs Feedback): ValidatorResolver does not work for float/numeric/mixed typed method arguments
If committed a fix for this in r2171. This needs verification as I don't have an overview of all implications. Valida... Bastian Waidelich


22:16 Revision ef50988e: * FLOW3: (Validation) added more types to unifyDataType() in ValidationResolver. Additionally passed dataType through ucfirst() in order to find matching Validators for @param types (which are lower case by default)
arguments of type "mixed" will be passed to RawValidator now - this might need to be revised, I'm committing this any... Bastian Waidelich


19:44 Revision f12a6ed9: Removed the functional test createPackageCreatesPackageMetaDataFile and fixed the deletePackage test
Christopher Hlubek
19:32 Revision a549ab10: Rewrote most of the package manager tests to use the VFS
Christopher Hlubek


17:44 Bug #3130 (Resolved): ValidatorResolver does not work for float/numeric/mixed typed method arguments
While implementing view helpers for Fluid I'm struggling with validation of the view helper arguments:... Bastian Waidelich


15:03 Bug #3121 (Resolved): canProcessRequest is not called in ActionControllers
It seems, canProcessRequest() is never called in Action Controllers, so CLI-Controllers can be called through the bro... Bastian Waidelich
05:39 Revision 9a1b3779: FLOW3:
* the RouterCachingAspect now takes objects in routeValues into account, they were ignored before Karsten Dambekalns


23:12 Revision 3b1f6d30: FLOW3:
* ClassSchema and ClassSchemataBuilder now handle the @lazy annotation
* the persistence DataMapper obeys t...
Karsten Dambekalns
09:00 Feature #3092 (Resolved): Support annotation-based validation rules in controller actions
Applied in changeset r2159. Robert Lemke
08:22 Revision 9f137275: * FLOW3: (MVC) Implemented the automatic validation rule registration based on @validate annotations in action methods. Note that validators are registered now but validation still does not happen (yet). Resolves #3092
* FLOW3: (Validation) Modified the API of the ValidatorResolver Robert Lemke
07:46 Revision f6abcde4: FLOW3:
* added a LazyLoadingProxy to act as stand-in for any object (not yet used) Karsten Dambekalns
06:45 Revision bfe8ecd7: FLOW3:
* added an array type hint in ...\Configuration\Container Karsten Dambekalns
06:30 Revision b53d2d2e: FLOW3:
* some documentation nitpicking Karsten Dambekalns
06:24 Revision b2997c84: FLOW3:
* one can now explicitly implement the DirtyMonitoringInterface to optimize dirty checking, in that case the default ... Karsten Dambekalns
01:00 Feature #3091 (Resolved): Support new method "initializeXYAction" in controllers
Applied in changeset r2152. Robert Lemke
00:18 Revision 39712da5: * FLOW3: (MVC) A method called "initializeFooAction" will now be called before an action "foo" at a time arguments still can be registered. Resolves #3091
* FLOW3: (MVC) !!! Removed the initializeArguments() method from the ActionController. Use initializeXYAction() or in... Robert Lemke

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