From 2009-05-30 to 2009-06-28


12:39 Revision 537a53b4: * [TASK] Welcome: Adjusted the first steps text in the welcome screen.
Robert Lemke
09:49 Revision ec354256: [-API] FLOW3 (MVC): Removed setDataType() from Controller\Argument
Karsten Dambekalns


23:21 Revision f4754854: [TAKS] FLOW3 (MVC): Moved mapping of UUIDs to objects from ArgumentsValidator to Argument, refs #3726
Karsten Dambekalns
22:25 Revision f6cb74b5: * [+FIX] FLOW3 (Error): FLOW3's exception handler now unlocks the site if it previously has been locked by the same request. Resolves #3733
Robert Lemke
19:15 Revision f7541765: * [FIX] FLOW3 (Core): Fixed a regression introduced in the last commit which resulted in the FLOW3 revision not being cached.
* [TASK] FLOW3 (Monitor): Improved the File Monitor's signals. Now a collective signal is sent containing a list of a... Robert Lemke
18:01 Revision 040ffa0c: * [TASK] FLOW3 (Core): Further improved the automatic cache flushing mechanism. Instead of only the revision of the Bootstrap class additionally FLOW3's package version number is taken into account. Addresses #3649
Robert Lemke
17:37 Revision 44ad6e9b: * [+FEAT] FLOW3 (Utility): The Files::readDirectoryRecursively() function now supports an optional $suffix parameter which allows for filtering the list of files by a given extension.
* [+FEAT] FLOW3 (Monitor): The File Monitor now supports monitoring of directories. Once a directory is monitored, an... Robert Lemke
17:12 Revision 45408ced: [FIX] FLOW3 (MVC): Moved mapping of UUIDs to objects into ArgumentsValidator, fixes #3726
[TASK] FLOW3 (MVC): Removed Argument\setNewFilterChain() and related tests, as Filter\Chain does no longer exist
Karsten Dambekalns
12:39 Revision 535b8666: [FIX] FLOW3 (Configuration): Subroute placeholders are now ignored if the package they refer to is not active, fixes #3537
Karsten Dambekalns
11:36 Revision 26e15de5: [TASK] FLOW3 (Object): cleaned up some docblocks, made one method protected
[TASK] FLOW3 Distribution: removed test.php that should not have been there Karsten Dambekalns


17:03 Revision bf4790b5: * [+FEAT]: FLOW3 (AOP): AOP proxies now support classes implementing an interface declaring a __construct() signature. Resolves #3650
* [+FEAT]: FLOW3 (Object): The object manager handles the new AOP proxies.
* [TASK]: FLOW3 (Persistence): Changed som...
Andreas Förthner
16:18 Revision ce251246: [-API] FLOW3 (Utility): removed randomizeArrayOrder(), use native shuffle() function instead, fixes #3735
[FIX] Testing: Tests are run in random order again, fixes #3734 Karsten Dambekalns
11:58 Revision 3990fb87: * [TASK] FLOW3 (Monitor): Renamed F3\FLOW3\Monitor\ChangeDetectionStrategy\ModificationTime to F3\FLOW3\Monitor\ChangeDetectionStrategy\ModificationTimeStrategy
* [TASK] FLOW3 (Core): Move the F3\FLOW3\FLOW3 class into its own sub package "Core". The class is now called "Bootst... Robert Lemke


15:23 Revision 1914b667: * [~CONF]: FLOW(Security): Cleaned up the authentication provider configuration syntax
* [TASK]: FLOW(Security): Fixed a doc comment in the RSAWalletService
* [FIX]: FLOW(Security): The encrypted password...
Andreas Förthner


23:38 Revision 05fb6eab: [+FEAT] FLOW3 (MVC): Arguments validator behaves like the generic object validator and creates an ArgumentError with information about the erroneous argument
Christopher Hlubek


20:43 Revision 63a930e5: * [FIX] FLOW3 (Tests): Replaced PHP_EOL by chr(10) in YAMLSourceTests to avoid failures on Windows
* [TASK] FLOW3 (Tests): Renamed class names PHPTest -> PHPSourceTest, YAMLTest -> YAMLSourceTest Bastian Waidelich


10:34 Revision e351db2e: * [TASK] FLOW3 (Configuration): Added an array type hint to the WritableSourceInterface::save() method and the YAML implementation.
* [TASK] FLOW3 (MVC): Whitespace fixes in the AbstractRoutePart.
* [TASK] FLOW3 (Utility): Text changes in the Enviro...
Robert Lemke


22:49 Revision 84716604: [FEAT+] FLOW3 (Package): the ManagerController now can list available and active packages
[TASK] FLOW3 Distribution: the flow3 script now allows to list available and active packages
[TASK] TYPO3v5 Distribut...
Karsten Dambekalns


10:21 Revision b3640f4d: [!!!] FLOW3: Packages.yaml configuration renamed to Package.yaml, configuration in single package is no longer indexed with package key
[FEAT] FLOW3 (Configuration): Package state configuration will be handled by a special writable configuration source,... Christopher Hlubek


21:38 Revision ed18ef97: [FIX] FLOW3: fixed method signature for memorizeCleanState() in tests
[FIX] Fluid: fixed method signature for memorizeCleanState() in tests
[FIX] TYPO3CR: fixed method signature for memor...
Karsten Dambekalns
21:23 Revision bcb52e9c: [FIX] FLOW3 (AOP): getMethodArgument() on JoinPoint no longer throws an exception if a NULL value is found in the requested property
[API+] FLOW3 (Persistence): FLOW3_Persistence_memorizeCleanState() now takes an optional $propertyName argument, refs... Karsten Dambekalns
00:33 Revision 2c4db078: * [+API] FLOW3 (Configuration): Added new interface for a writable configuration source
* [+FEAT] FLOW3 (Configuration): YAML configuration source can be written back and the YAMLSource implements the Writ... Christopher Hlubek


14:10 Revision 61008370: * [-API] FLOW3: Removed the \F3\FLOW3\FLOW3::VERSION constant. Please use the Package Manager's API to retrieve the version of the FLOW3 package.
* [!!!] FLOW3: Raised the minimum required PHP version to 5.3.0RC2 because earlier versions caused segfaults while tr... Robert Lemke
13:42 Revision 9ecf7896: [TASK] FLOW3 (Documentation): added IDs to the structural parts of the DocBook sources
Karsten Dambekalns


23:53 Revision 83c0814c: FLOW3 (Documentation): added some word about model/repository naming conventions, refs #3507
FLOW3 (Documentation): fixed DocBook structure to achieve validity and better semantics Karsten Dambekalns
23:02 Revision c98cd648: [!!!] FLOW3: New conventions for naming of Domain Models and Repositories in place, resolves #3507
Karsten Dambekalns
21:32 Revision f8e4ae07: FLOW3 (AOP): removed spurious invisible whitespace character from proxy class template, refs #3487
Karsten Dambekalns
15:11 Revision fd328ead: [TASK] FLOW3 (AOP): added FLOW3_AOP_Proxy_hasProperty() to AOP proxies, resolves #3487
[FIX] TYPO3CR (FLOW3 Persistence): getUUIDByObject() in persistence backend now returns NULL if no UUID is found, fix... Karsten Dambekalns
14:50 Revision f3d5a5c2: [TASK] FLOW3 (Package): added RNG schema for Package.xml files, fixes #702
Karsten Dambekalns
00:00 Revision 8051dd78: FLOW3:
* fixd #3544, now logs end up where they belong again... Karsten Dambekalns


16:43 Revision 8ee9a2af: Increased version number to next release version.
Robert Lemke
16:20 Revision 348ccabe: FLOW3: Fixed version number
Robert Lemke
15:58 Revision cf986496: FLOW3:
* added one more @internal annotation... Karsten Dambekalns
14:14 Revision eadd13c8: FLOW3:
* added @internal to new initializeObject() method Karsten Dambekalns
14:07 Revision d290c2d0: FLOW3:
* temporary directory from configuration is used again, fixes #3535 Karsten Dambekalns
12:35 Revision 58be174b: Added svn:keywords where missing...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:02 Revision ac6a9211: FLOW3:
* forgotten test "fix" for #2516 Karsten Dambekalns
10:57 Revision 3eb99520: * FLOW3: (Log) The FileBackend now supports a new option "createParentDirectories". When turned on (default = off), the logger creates the full path to the log file if the directories don't yet exist. Addresses #3513
* FLOW3: (Environment) Added a new function getSAPIType() which returns the _type_ of PHP's SAPI - i.e. "Web" or "CLI... Robert Lemke
10:56 Revision 4d6b11ba: FLOW3:
* if no Local path for packages exists, createPackage() now throws an exception, refs #3532 Karsten Dambekalns


21:31 Revision df7b4ef8: FLOW3:
* removed useless use statements from three testcases Karsten Dambekalns
21:19 Revision dc35aeab: FLOW3:
* tiny (language-related) fix to routing documentation, some automatic changes by XMLEditor Karsten Dambekalns
21:13 Revision 402eaee5: FLOW3:
* corrected the required php modules in the installation documentation Irene Höppner
20:46 Revision 789fcd54: FLOW3:
* tweaked PackageManager: create action now returns path of the generated package. Help action shows correct CLI synt... Bastian Waidelich
19:50 Revision f49c5b63: FLOW3:
* added F3\FLOW3\MVC\Cli\Request to the supported request types for NotFoundController
* Fixed typos and CGL violatio...
Bastian Waidelich
18:33 Revision cef4369a: * FLOW3: (Object) added some @internal annotation
Robert Lemke
11:00 Revision 6f8aefb9: FLOW3:
* some finetuning of the windows installation documentation Irene Höppner

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