From 2009-12-02 to 2009-12-31


19:31 Task #5851 (Resolved): Security Context Holder redundant?
It's a bit inconvenient to get hold of the security context because you need to get the Security Context Holder injec... Robert Lemke
13:16 Feature #5849 (Resolved): Rebuild proxy classes if security policy changes
We need to monitor the settings (or probably later called "Policies.yaml") file and rebuild the AOP proxy classes if ... Robert Lemke
11:19 Feature #5846 (Resolved): Implement Account Factory
Currently the typical code for creating a password-based account looks like this:... Robert Lemke


18:00 Feature #5822 (Resolved): Implement proper resource management
Applied in changeset r3548. Robert Lemke
16:55 Feature #5822 (Resolved): Implement proper resource management
The Resource sub package must be redone. It should support:
* automatic publishing of static package resources
* ...
Robert Lemke
16:52 Feature #369 (Resolved): Replace path constants by resource manager calls
Robert Lemke


16:52 Feature #5774 (New): Package Manager should clear all cache entries tagged with %PACKAGE%
Whenever a package is activate, deactivated or upgraded the Package Manager should flush all cache entries which are ... Robert Lemke


18:55 Bug #3375: PATH_INFO is empty using fastcgi / Windows
here is the link to the fixed BUG, that i was talking about:
Marco Weber
10:25 Bug #3375: PATH_INFO is empty using fastcgi / Windows
From Marco Weber:
_As far as i know there was a bug in PHP 5 with an empty PATH_INFO. But i think this bug depends o...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:27 Bug #3029: Routing is not working correctly on all platforms
By Marco Weber:
Im not sure... The error message sound familiar.
Could this be a problem on the gentoo configurat...
Karsten Dambekalns


09:41 Bug #5599 (Accepted): Various typos in documentation
Karsten Dambekalns


06:27 Major Feature #5659: Implement content security
I saw that you removed the request hash again, with the argument "... it puts content security into Fluid templates..... Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:00 Feature #5660 (Resolved): Implement support for Object Converters
Applied in changeset r3536. Robert Lemke
19:01 Feature #5660 (Resolved): Implement support for Object Converters
Now finally the Property Mapper needs to support custom Object Converters (we previously called the Property Editors)... Robert Lemke
18:45 Major Feature #5659 (Resolved): Implement content security
This ticket is a placeholder for all commits related to content security. Obviously this feature still needs to be de... Robert Lemke
18:27 Task #5658 (Resolved): Inconsistent class names in sub namespaces (Part II)
From the refactoring before alpha1 there are still a few edge cases concerning the naming of classes which turned out... Robert Lemke


23:28 Task #3374 (Accepted): Support dedicated package versions per context
I think the latest consensus was to allow multiple package versions inside each package directory and specify the act... Christopher Hlubek
09:51 Feature #5612 (Resolved): Property Mapper should be able to map to target if only a setter exists
The property mapper checks if it can set a certain property in the target by consulting the Class Schema of the targe... Robert Lemke


01:11 Bug #5599 (Resolved): Various typos in documentation
I found a couple of (really) minor bugs and typos while going through the docs ...
In chapter 5, example 5.16, the...
Michael Sauter

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