From 2010-01-26 to 2010-02-24


17:41 Revision 925f5dd1: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Object): Fixed a few tests in the Object Manager test case. They failed when run without the FLOW3 test runner.
Robert Lemke
17:28 Revision 4f46736d: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Object): Fixed a few tests in the Object Manager test case. They failed when run without the FLOW3 test runner.
Robert Lemke
17:21 Revision 633e75eb: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Object): Fixed a few tests in the Object Manager test case. They failed when run without the FLOW3 test runner.
Robert Lemke
16:26 Revision 59485283: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Object): Test case with full coverage of the new Abstract Object Container code.
Robert Lemke
12:07 Revision 616762ca: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Persistence): Fixed a bug with persistence that hit when updated objects were to be persisted but seen through a property of another object first (order of persistObject calls). Fixes #6581, relates to #4931.
Karsten Dambekalns
11:01 Revision 4c1f1b25: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Object): Test case with full coverage of the new Object Manager code.
Robert Lemke
09:49 Revision 8b623f4d: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Documentation): Added an explanation about the use of new to the object framework chapter.
Karsten Dambekalns


23:08 Revision 1fc6ed33: [~TASK] FLOW3: Some cleanup to code documentation.
Karsten Dambekalns
23:04 Revision b2bc3a36: [~TASK] Fluid (Unit Tests): Fixed TemplateParserTest and ViewHelperNodeComparatorTest by what counts as a rewrite.
[~TASK] FLOW3 (Unit Tests): Fixed some test failures with recent changes as well as when using vanilla PHPUnit. Karsten Dambekalns
16:46 Revision 7d3ba1a7: [-CONFIGURATION] FLOW3: AOP is now always enabled. The switch for disabling only had a theoretical meaning anyway.
[-CONFIGURATION] FLOW3: Removed the switch for reflection class change detection. This function is now bound to the m... Robert Lemke


18:42 Revision e937c559: [~TASK] FLOW3: Adjusted the unit tests of the FileSystemPublishingTarget and Environment so that they can be executed from within Netbeans.
[~TASK] FLOW3 (Object): Fixed a comment in the deprecated ObjectFactory. Robert Lemke
16:17 Revision cfee0bf0: [+FEATURE] FLOW3 (Object): Implemented a static object container which is automatically built. It's essentially a hardcoded version of the autowired and configured object dependencies - just a lot faster. Many tests are still missing, but the version in this commit should be mostly functional. Addresses #3740 and resolves #2123.
[!!!][~API] FLOW3 (Object): Heavily refactored the Object Manager and its tests. The most important change is the rem... Robert Lemke
15:23 Revision b99ba4ab: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Utility): The request URI is now detected correctly with PHP as Apache module as well as FastCGI (tested on Cherokee). Fixes #3029, fixes #3375.
Karsten Dambekalns


11:47 Revision 0a079ffa: [+Bugfix] FLOW3 (AOP): Parentheses are now correctly parsed in the regular expression defining a method name in a pointcut expression. Resolves #6529
Robert Lemke


23:32 Revision 51f4ce48: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Completely rewrote dirty checking, achieves massive speedup; isNew() and isDirty() are no longer AOP'ed into objects but reside in the PersistenceManager now.
[+API] FLOW3 (Persistence): getObjectDataByQuery(), getObjectCountByQuery() now in PersistenceManagerInterface.
Karsten Dambekalns


22:49 Revision c909f571: [~TASK] FLOW3 (AOP): Fixed exception when building empty objects caused by recent AOP changes (r3823); removed object factory from AOP proxy class template.
Karsten Dambekalns


15:12 Revision 50cc51c1: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Security): Removed the ACL subpackage of the Security subpackage, which should not have been there since the last commit.
Andreas Förthner
15:07 Revision b133f1d2: [~TASK] FLOW3(Security): Replaced all occurrences of ACL by Policy. Resolves #6462
Andreas Förthner
00:01 Revision 35190454: [+TASK] FLOW3(Security): Moved the security policy configuration to its own Policy.yaml file. Resolves #5440
Andreas Förthner


18:59 Revision 235c5d0a: * [+FEATURE] FLOW3 (AOP): If an advice is executed can now depend on runtime evaluations, which can be configured in the pointcut expression. Relates to #5659.
* [~BUGFIX] FLOW3 (AOP): Properties of the AOP proxy class are now prefixed by FLOW3_AOP_Proxy_. This fixes #6188.
* ...
Andreas Förthner


13:12 Revision 377e937e: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Security): Removed the GrantedAuhorityInterface and replaced all uses of "Granted Authority" by "Role". Resolves #6317
Robert Lemke
11:30 Revision 970bd32b: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Cache): Fixed a wrong @param annotation and added a missing sprintf() in a logging call.
Karsten Dambekalns
10:59 Revision 9dc595e7: [#BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Documentation): Fixed a wrong provider name in the examples of the Security Framework section.
Robert Lemke
10:41 Revision 188f6ff9: [#BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Documentation): Replaced the occurrences of "UsernamePasswordCR" with "PersistedUsernamePasswordProvider" to match the class name changes in FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 7.
Robert Lemke


16:53 Revision 8571e9fd: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Got rid of Literal, BindVariableValue, Ordering, Selector and QueryObjectModel; relates to #6267.
[+API] FLOW3 (Persistence): QueryInterface now has signatures for in() and contains(), relates to #1884.
Karsten Dambekalns


18:32 Revision b3a62e78: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Core): When setting up signal/slot wiring do not rely on the YAML parser returning true booleans in the specific case at hand.
[~TASK] FLOW3 (Monitor): Renamed $signalSlotDispatcher to $signalDispatcher like in other classes.
Karsten Dambekalns


10:54 Revision 4b8f4fee: [+FEATURE] FLOW3 (Cache): Implemented a PHP Cache Frontend which allows for effective caching of PHP code which is included with require_once() instead of runtime parsing with eval(). This significantly improves speed when used in combination with an opcode cache such as APC. Currently only the FileBackend supports PHP code caching. Resolves #6137
[+FEATURE] FLOW3 (AOP): The AOP Framework now uses the new PHP cache frontend for storing AOP proxy classes. Speeds u... Robert Lemke

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