From 2010-09-21 to 2010-10-20


22:17 Revision 602a51fa: [+TASK] FLOW3 (I18n): Adjust rounding default value in NumbersReader
Change-Id: I3718403a438f7ac8e988e957b079223e58e94282
Resolves: #10343
Karsten Dambekalns
19:56 Revision 9147d97d: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (I18n): Fix and activate I18n component"
Karol Gusak
13:21 Revision 0c211371: [-TASK] FLOW3 (Configuration): Remove unfinished code
Together with commit:6ea6e8d283e5ac5bafb5aa4817cd765f06504f1c some code
was committed, that never should have made it...
Karsten Dambekalns


16:57 Revision c41011de: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (I18n): Fix and activate I18n component
This change activates I18n initialization in the Bootstrap class and
fixes object initialization. The use of caches h...
Karsten Dambekalns


22:31 Revision a6b93bea: [~TASK] FLOW3: Remove PHPUnit/Framework inclusion
Relates to: #10280
Change-Id: I55c42e89b67a59db3e301f985e6efac13c3fbe38
Karsten Dambekalns


16:38 Revision 4fe17ed9: [+TASK] FLOW3 (Utility): Helper to convert objects to arrays
When dealing with JSON decoded data there will be nested object
structures (stdClass) that need to be converted to an...
Christopher Hlubek
16:35 Revision aeae4acc: [~BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Persistence): Fix multivalue dirty checking
The dirty checking of an array with objects always returned TRUE,
because an if statement contained a check for TRUE ...
Christopher Hlubek


10:50 Revision b317f7a6: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Documentation): Fix some small issues in CGL"
Robert Lemke


14:04 Revision 56aef683: [+FEATURE] FLOW3 (Package): Show version in package lists
Change-Id: I1cdc5d6469dda80644289ab54ec00b1e7826fd1c
Resolves: #7930
Karsten Dambekalns
13:26 Revision 228d4e9a: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Documentation): Fix some small issues in CGL
Change-Id: Ie734c75cf13a6c6deef56f2c6ea7422bda7625a1
Fixes: #10181
Fixes: #10185
Karsten Dambekalns


12:51 Revision 905f0e34: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Validation): Only build base validator for prototypes
The ValidatorResolver built a base validator conjunction for all
properties in a class, but it should do that only fo...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:36 Revision f7de1dc7: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Add metadata to proxy from object data
For other storage backends (like CouchDB), it is interesting to store
additional metadata for objects inside the Data...
Christopher Hlubek


20:53 Revision 07ca210c: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Core): Fix parse error on PHP < 5.3
Now anyone using PHP < 5.3 gets a proper error message again.
Change-Id: I952037d183a040d62ac16347fcf0c560f6026161
Karsten Dambekalns
12:43 Revision 0f27d8f5: Merge "[+TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Tweak unit tests for F3\FLOW3\Persistence\Query"
Karsten Dambekalns
12:36 Revision 6f181797: Merge "[~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Move generic methods up to AbstractBackend"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:59 Revision 3dc2e39f: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Move generic methods up to AbstractBackend
When implementing other backends, some methods of the GenericPdo
Backend are helpful and should be put in the Abstrac...
Christopher Hlubek


11:29 Revision 6508867a: [+TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Tweak unit tests for F3\FLOW3\Persistence\Query
Fixed executeReturnsQueryResultInstance() which wasn't really
testing anything and forward-port some trivial unit tes...
Bastian Waidelich


16:09 Revision 66827b5a: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Package): Create package with correct path"
Robert Lemke


17:22 Revision f5ae8991: [~BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Security): Fix query rewriting with empty constraints
Persistence query rewriting fails if there is an policy entry that does
not result in rewriting constraints
Andreas Förthner
14:20 Revision e77f56bb: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Package): Create package with correct path
Packages would be created with a path like "Packages/ApplicationFoo"
instead of "Packages/Application/Foo".
Karsten Dambekalns
12:05 Revision f7176017: [~TASK] FLOW3: Fixed eol issue
Change-Id: I503d7ff4ee257ccd5865611cbf0787d77b7386f1 Andreas Förthner


12:43 Revision 9b389207: Merge "[+FEATURE] FLOW3 (Persistence): Add default ordering for repositories"
Karsten Dambekalns
12:41 Revision 7a5535df: [+FEATURE] FLOW3 (Persistence): Add default ordering for repositories
When using findAll() or findBy*() the order of the result cannot be
customized without writing your own methods to in...
Karsten Dambekalns


12:12 Revision 7fdf9835: FLOW3 (MVC): Respect "toLowerCase" setting in SubRoutes
You can force a route to be all lowercase by adding toLowerCase: yes
to your Routes configuration.
But this setting w...
Bastian Waidelich
10:47 Revision 53ab4982: FLOW3 (Validation): Avoid recursion when validating objects
Change-Id: I4c8683615cb1910ab26cc3231668f46a7f5abf79
Fixes: #9874
Karsten Dambekalns
08:55 Revision bca15da8: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Validation): Fix building of base validators"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


16:14 Revision f87c4aed: [~TASK] FLOW3: Make codebase use new QueryResult properly
The change introduced in Ib3fb13bce47772b34992cb357b2b4493850b832e was
not reflected properly in PropertyMapper and A...
Karsten Dambekalns
15:24 Revision 1396898d: [!!!][~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): Refactor QueryResultProxy into QueryResult
Query->execute() now only returns QueryResultInterface instances, those
results have a toArray() method to get the re...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:53 Revision 20b7ba86: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Property): Allow Object Converters to use any input format"
Karsten Dambekalns
21:50 Revision 5d0e86ad: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (MVC): Request::setControllerObjectName now works with multiple subpackages."
Karsten Dambekalns
21:48 Revision cec39414: Merge "[TASK] FLOW3 (MVC): Response::__toString() returns content of response."
Karsten Dambekalns
17:51 Revision 48baedce: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Validation): Fix building of base validators
The conjunction validators built for base validation of models did not
behave correctly, validation of contained obje...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:23 Revision 3b5b21e2: [+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Property): Allow Object Converters to use any input format
Theoretically Object Converters should be able to support either arrays,
string or numbers as input format (if they w...
Robert Lemke
16:54 Revision 2b6845f4: Merge "[+FEATURE] FLOW3 (MVC): Display mapping errors in argument exception"
Karsten Dambekalns
16:50 Revision 4c48d1ee: Merge "[~TASK] FLOW3 (Property): Fixed doc comment in ObjectConverterInterface"
Karsten Dambekalns
16:11 Revision 96c10c60: [+FEATURE] FLOW3 (MVC): Display mapping errors in argument exception
If a request argument could not be mapped to a controller argument,
we now display more detailed error messages from ...
Robert Lemke
15:52 Revision eb47265f: Merge "[~TASK] FLOW3 (Log): The file backend no longer closes the log"
Robert Lemke
15:48 Revision a38a26b4: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Property): Fixed doc comment in ObjectConverterInterface
An object converter must return a \F3\FLOW3\Error\Error object if it
cannot convert to an object type it theoreticall...
Robert Lemke
10:28 Revision 9968835b: Merge "[~TASK] FLOW3 (Reflection): Sanitize class/interface names in ReflectionService"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:13 Revision aa7be084: [~TASK] FLOW3 (I18n): Trivial docblock fixes
Change-Id: I0baff57814d262749869383a32d78803915af518 Karsten Dambekalns
10:12 Revision 2006fce1: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Log): The file backend no longer closes the log
For this backend we do nothing in cloe() anymore and rely on PHP to
close the filehandle when the request ends. This ...
Karsten Dambekalns
09:25 Revision a7f00892: Merge changes I42c9ab04,I7788faa1
* changes:
[+FEATURE] FLOW3 (MVC): More informative error message if no route matched
[~TASK] FLOW3 (MVC): Enhanc...
Robert Lemke


21:19 Revision 541350ed: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Reflection): Sanitize class/interface names in ReflectionService
The ReflectionService now trims backslashes from class and interface
names to make sure no mismatches cause confusion...
Karsten Dambekalns
09:58 Revision ad3e1668: [~TASK] FLOW3 (MVC): Don't log non-matching link resolves
If a link configuration could not be resolved into a fitting route,
this was logged to the system log, including the ...
Robert Lemke
09:54 Revision 71d83056: Merge "[+BUGFIX] FLOW3 (Persistence): Repository functions pass fetch mode to execute() explicitly"
Robert Lemke

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