From 2011-04-24 to 2011-05-23


17:48 Revision a38bea4d: [BUGFIX] Make doctrine update and compilation configurable
This change introduces a new configuration option "autoUpdate" that
controls if the doctrine commands for update and ...
Christopher Hlubek
14:21 Revision e8765e70: [FEATURE] (Property) Allow to explicitly specify a TypeConverter
Related: #13533
Change-Id: I6483b3127a2cef16ed17d3f1666774d388ec0574
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:59 Revision 191e63ed: Merge "[BUGFIX] Persistence: Fix lazy loading with clone in generic persistence"
Karsten Dambekalns
13:55 Revision 4a68147d: [BUGFIX] Session: Make ProxyClassBuilder aware of uninitialized DoctrineProxies
Change ProxyClassBuilder to use ObjectAccess for Doctrine's (private)
_identifier property in case of FLOW3 ObjectMan...
Stephan Schuler
13:55 Revision b68a215a: [BUGFIX] Completely serialize not yet persisted entities
Not yet persisted entities have to be serialized completely
until they have been persisted for the first time. Beside...
Andreas Förthner
13:20 Revision 2ab086ac: Merge "[TASK] Security: Adjust query rewriting to Doctrine changes"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:57 Revision e5055b6c: [TASK] Injector cleanup for Security classes
Remove a few inject functions and replace them by annotations.
Change-Id: I28f4a821ee53eb32035296392417a8342347f9a0
Rens Admiraal
10:46 Revision b858ee82: Merge "[+BUGFIX] Persistence: Fix Doctrine inheritance mapping for base class"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:33 Revision 459b46f1: [TASK] Remove session cookie upon destroy()
No, PHP does not do this automatically...
Change-Id: I673f3f13c3692f815f2decefce4be10612c79126
Karsten Dambekalns


17:54 Revision 341ca7c7: [+BUGFIX] Always lowercase file extensions in Resource
When uploading a resource with upper case characters in the
file extension (for instance "SomeFile.JPG") the saved
Bastian Waidelich


17:22 Revision bd9f8b37: [+BUGFIX] Persistence: Fix Doctrine inheritance mapping for base class
The discriminator map was only built for subclasses but not for the
class itself. This also adds a discriminator for ...
Lienhart Woitok
09:11 Revision 6aa39c4c: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Resource): Fix file upload"
Karsten Dambekalns


23:59 Revision fa9b42ab: [TASK] Clean up Doctrine setup code a little
Change-Id: I8a7cb9b92ac9c959beb855f7791457383fb68b7d Karsten Dambekalns
21:04 Revision fc607a27: [TASK] Make HelpCommandController work when no proxies exist yet
Without this a help call would cause exceptions because in compile time
inject methods must be used.
Change-Id: I0bc...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:06 Revision e6bd84a5: [+FEATURE] Add a SSO authentication provider
Change-Id: Iffba555c5b4e949c4b61b5f4c5360e2bf6a95b4a Andreas Förthner
16:04 Revision 150c56aa: [FEATURE] Enhance the RsaWalletService
* Add sign() and verifySignature()
* Add a command controller to be able to import persistent keys
Resolves: #26308
Andreas Förthner
13:54 Revision 40f2a49d: [~BUGFIX] Register shutdown object methods on object creation
This got lost during the new operator refactoring. To make
it work we add a register call to the object manager in to...
Bastian Waidelich
11:55 Revision 3fd0ed84: [+BUGFIX] (Resource): Fix file upload
* ResourcePointer instances are now automatically created (or fetched)
as soon as an image is uploaded.
* the Resou...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:08 Revision 7d15279e: Merge "[FEATURE] Property: Add boolean to boolean converter"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:42 Revision 00c41a70: [FEATURE] Property: Add boolean to boolean converter
Change-Id: Id3a517c9696a9c9a7112373932f619e30c98e8f1 Christopher Hlubek
17:25 Revision f3ab9990: [BUGFIX] Persistence: Fix lazy loading with clone in generic persistence
Change-Id: I2e2cdb2e9ed309d13db0df84b396f313603deb4a
Resolves: #26879
Christopher Hlubek
12:40 Revision 3339bfa1: Merge "[TASK] Small change to generated names of join tables"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:28 Revision ba9a00d6: [TASK] Small change to generated names of join tables
The name did not include the model, this was confusing.
Change-Id: I2641e8730b3c886120d71300ebc19252015a9b9c
Karsten Dambekalns
10:27 Revision 79ed6e60: [+BUGFIX] (MVC): Original Request must only be set if there is a validation error
Then, the "Speaker Profile" of the conference site is correctly filled out again.
Change-Id: Ic2179e21b97da9ad3cd4e5...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:21 Revision f7134f86: [TASK] Slightly more helpful error message for injection exception
Change-Id: I89d686d66674afaf13702b018e6f3d712e9a7f31 Karsten Dambekalns
08:14 Revision 43e79855: Merge "[TASK] Command persistAll() after CLI slave request with signal"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:12 Revision 40c0f131: Merge "[+FEATURE] Doctrine: Automatically add joins for subproperty constraints"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:52 Revision 6aee6d69: [TASK] Command persistAll() after CLI slave request with signal
Change-Id: I797da23c81cefb580c31d9a358bfae0a5cb1e693
Resolves: #25605
Karsten Dambekalns
14:22 Revision b3a33ed8: Merge "[FEATURE] Add addRole() and removeRole() to Account"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:21 Revision eec3d4be: Merge "[+BUGFIX] PersistentObjectConverter can convert non UUID strings"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:20 Revision 692fb6ed: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (MVC): Introduce internal Request Arguments"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:14 Revision a7bf3548: [+BUGFIX] (MVC): Introduce internal Request Arguments
The Request now handles all arguments starting with two underscores
as "internal", meaning they will not be returned ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:22 Revision 735ea0ef: Merge "[FEATURE][BUGFIX] Calculate referenced column names from class code"
Bastian Waidelich
13:06 Revision 58d50dd4: [+BUGFIX] PersistentObjectConverter can convert non UUID strings
With doctrine the identifier of an entity must no longer be a
UUID or numeric value. This change extends the
Bastian Waidelich
12:55 Revision 89cf90c5: [FEATURE] Add addRole() and removeRole() to Account
Change-Id: I63df1e12aa4d8bfb5e35e6672968c2f05fd4a590 Karsten Dambekalns
09:57 Revision da2aec29: Merge "[+FEATURE] Routing supports multidimensional arguments"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:57 Revision fa507e72: [+FEATURE] Routing supports multidimensional arguments
When using sub requests for building URIs (e.g. in plugins or
widgets) the route values/defaults can be multidimensio...
Bastian Waidelich


09:08 Revision 59dbb7d6: [+BUGFIX] (Object): Session objects with fallbacks
In some (rare) cases it can occur that the session contains some
wrong data; which is why we cannot expect it to be a...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:08 Revision 39fb391d: [+BUGFIX] Make CSRF protection work with recent changes on UriBuilder
Furthermore, the test cases are greatly cleaned up to make
them better understandable.
Change-Id: I03ca4030265ecfc77...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


10:22 Revision 8d605fd2: Merge "[FEATURE] Enable SQL connection initialization"
Karsten Dambekalns


12:59 Revision 3f625be7: [+FEATURE] Utility: tweak Array utitility class
Add method unsetValueByPath() and allow to specify
the path as string in getValueByPath() and setValueByPath().
Bastian Waidelich
11:10 Revision d2c0fe55: [+FEATURE] Basic help support for command line commands
This adds some basic help which displays a list of available commands
and a short description for each. This implemen...
Robert Lemke
09:22 Revision a1c06043: [FEATURE] Enable SQL connection initialization
Some database setups might need to run some initial SQL statement after
a connection has been established. Examples a...
Karsten Dambekalns


15:31 Revision 8495a0be: [BUGFIX] Call wakeup method of parents to initialize AOP structures
In certain object hierarchies with AOP in subclasses, the array
with grouped advices was not initialized when the chi...
Christopher Hlubek
11:21 Revision a95dc073: Merge "[+BUGFIX] Fix and cleanup UriBuilder"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:10 Revision 1174777f: [+BUGFIX] Fix and cleanup UriBuilder
This is mainly a refactoring of the UriBuilder.
But there are some slight changes in behavior too:
1. setRequest() no...
Bastian Waidelich


17:25 Revision ec578eef: [TASK] Security: Adjust query rewriting to Doctrine changes
As the persistence layer has changed quite a bit with the
introduction of doctrine, query rewriting didn't work anymo...
Andreas Förthner
17:25 Revision 61107a59: [+FEATURE] Doctrine: Automatically add joins for subproperty constraints
If a constraint on a sub object is added, we add a join clause
to the qom respectively. So you are able to set condit...
Andreas Förthner
10:54 Revision 2d57b451: [FEATURE][BUGFIX] Calculate referenced column names from class code
When no referenced column names are given in a model, determine them by
looking at properties annotated with @Id. If ...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:54 Revision 9e5715e5: [TASK] Cache file backend shows invalid identifier with exception
This makes it (a little) easier to debug those exceptions.
Change-Id: I58d68aebce6e7de3cc8ff55dbef5bdf461201627
Karsten Dambekalns


16:50 Revision 11b7b8a6: [+FEATURE] MVC: Get root request from sub request
If sub requests are nested over more than one level,
it must be possible to retrieve the top most parent
request. Thi...
Lienhart Woitok
00:35 Revision c460fd6b: Merge "[+BUGFIX] Fix AOP Proxy Building"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


17:29 Revision c00c5708: Merge "[FEATURE] Property: Include array to object converter"
Christopher Hlubek
17:29 Revision 04ea1707: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix constructor setting injection for singletons"
Christopher Hlubek
15:59 Revision de1a1ba2: Merge "[+BUGFIX] Cache manager should flush classes in Tests"
Christopher Hlubek
15:58 Revision 0bf0aa2d: [+BUGFIX] Fix AOP Proxy Building
This fixes a regression introduced by I1987e582a195e8913b7c80fa26ceeb3bbd0319f6
but the code was also wrong before th...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:53 Revision f7693d11: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix several generic persistence problems"
Karsten Dambekalns
12:47 Revision a39ced8e: [BUGFIX] Fix several generic persistence problems
This change fixes several small generic persistence problems:
* NULL array collection should be flattened to an emp...
Christopher Hlubek
12:39 Revision b66b8dc5: Merge "[BUGFIX] Caching of unproxied classes in ProxyClassBuilder"
Christopher Hlubek
12:29 Revision d25ade8c: [FEATURE] Property: Include array to object converter
Besides the persistent object mapping it is useful being able
to convert arrays to simple objects.
Some code could b...
Christopher Hlubek
11:47 Revision 4fc6b9e4: [BUGFIX] Fix constructor setting injection for singletons
Change I15f86cc651935dbe756f5b02a155b5ff14c5e668 missed one spot for
setting injection in the ProxyClassBuilder.
Christopher Hlubek
10:22 Revision b38edb68: Merge "[BUGFIX] Security: Fix runtime evaluations with global objects"
Christopher Hlubek
06:55 Revision 6f020a32: Merge "[TASK] Adjust AOP ProxyBuilder unit tests to recent change"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:14 Revision 516def4c: Merge "[BUGFIX] Make sure countAll() returns integers"
Karsten Dambekalns
22:05 Revision 70ff746a: [BUGFIX] Doctrine: Allow nesting of AND and OR conditions in queries
There is no reason to not support nesting of AND and OR conditions.
This change enables Doctrine to allow this nestin...
Andreas Förthner
21:36 Revision 68954d8a: [TASK] Adjust AOP ProxyBuilder unit tests to recent change
In I1987e582a195e8913b7c80fa26ceeb3bbd0319f6 some changes were done but
their (desired) changes to the result of prox...
Karsten Dambekalns
21:09 Revision 50eff49b: [BUGFIX] Caching of unproxied classes in ProxyClassBuilder
Classes that don't get a proxy class will be stored in the object
configuration cache as separate cache entries with ...
Christopher Hlubek
16:51 Revision ddb79073: [BUGFIX] Several AOP bugfixes
This change fixes several small but blocking issues:
- AOP runtime evaluations with Doctrine collections not support...
Christopher Hlubek
16:34 Revision dc5ab419: Merge "[BUGFIX] Testing: Fix var annotations in FunctionalTestCase"
Karsten Dambekalns
16:31 Revision 584c0188: Merge "[BUGFIX] Make table name in @Table annotation optional"
Karsten Dambekalns
14:26 Revision 4da1f9a5: [FEATURE] Support DateTime in JsonView
The JsonView did not handle DateTime values correctly. A string
should be returned in a JavaScript parseable date for...
Christopher Hlubek
09:59 Revision 7b49ac62: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix calculation of identifier for value objects"
Christopher Hlubek


17:21 Revision 4f82ecef: [BUGFIX] Testing: Fix var annotations in FunctionalTestCase
Some var annotations were not renamed correctly.
Change-Id: I29b129e4914b71a85b58217d15eb24b2f8ff1a00
Christopher Hlubek
17:19 Revision 5dcb9178: [BUGFIX] Security: Fix runtime evaluations with global objects
The runtime evaluations closure code need a "closure" reference
to the object manager. This was removed in a recent c...
Christopher Hlubek
17:13 Revision 888b03da: [BUGFIX] Injection with factory settings is usable again
If configuring injection in Objects.yaml and making use of settings for
a factory there, the generated proxy is broke...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:13 Revision fd7eb8b1: [FEATURE] Use dedicated log for SQL queries
Now a dedicated log is used for SQL queries, it is by default named
Query_<context>.log and configurable through sett...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:07 Revision 55e792e9: [+BUGFIX] Cache manager should flush classes in Tests
The cache flushing mechanism in the cache manager does not
generate the correct tag for a class inside the Tests dire...
Christopher Hlubek
16:47 Revision feff686a: [BUGFIX] ProxyClassBuilder produces valid code for prototype arguments
Currently FLOW3 does not support the injection of prototype objects
that require constructor arguments. Instead the P...
Bastian Waidelich


20:58 Revision 7a7f5201: Merge "[BUGFIX] Make sure entities can be used in links/redirect"
Robert Lemke


21:57 Revision a2da4e48: [TASK] Update requirements in installation chapter
Bumo required PHP version to 5.3.2 and note Windows systems and support
for symlinks.
Change-Id: I9dd08b9ab125c6ef85...
Karsten Dambekalns
15:02 Revision 364c6d41: [BUGFIX] Make table name in @Table annotation optional
When using the @Table Doctrine annotation to specify unique constraints
or indexes one had to specify the table name,...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:40 Revision 2aa7624f: [BUGFIX] Make sure countAll() returns integers
With Doctrine persistence countAll() would not return integers (in all
cases), thus strict comparison did not work.
Karsten Dambekalns


12:02 Revision c7f66e08: [BUGFIX] Make sure entities can be used in links/redirect
Now the Doctrine\PersistenceManager also checks for the FLOW3 identifier
introduced by AOP in getIdentifierByObject()...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:55 Revision 0cd6cb2f: [BUGFIX] Fix calculation of identifier for value objects
The generateValueHash advice is a before advice, thus it needs to use
the arguments given to __construct() for calcul...
Karsten Dambekalns


19:16 Revision 9fb09c59: [FEATURE] Enable CSRF protection for ExtDirect requests
The CSRF token has to be transfered to each of the resulting
web requests an ExtDirect request initiates.
Andreas Förthner
14:33 Revision 4f8708ed: [+BUGFIX] Request arguments should never contain objects
Request arguments are serialized in Fluid forms in order to generate the
hidden referrer fields that are required to ...
Bastian Waidelich
13:30 Revision 397a28da: Merge changes I3f278762,I809b8f8a
* changes:
[TASK] Run Doctrine setup as CLI sub request
[TASK] Make Doctrine\PersistenceManager::compile() "test-...
Robert Lemke
13:13 Revision 35cafff1: Merge "[TASK] Don't use automatic proxy compilation in Doctrine"
Robert Lemke
13:11 Revision e089a7f7: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix potentially uninitialized variable"
Robert Lemke
12:34 Revision b2fcfa91: [TASK] Run Doctrine setup as CLI sub request
When FLOW3 needs to set up Doctrine, the proxy classes for entities need
to be used, because without them no AOP-intr...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:34 Revision 3f9bb811: [TASK] Make Doctrine\PersistenceManager::compile() "test-only"
The compile method is no longer used to set up the DB and proxies in
development and production contexts, but is now ...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:34 Revision 01fcf9b2: [TASK] Don't use automatic proxy compilation in Doctrine
We do proxy compilation in our bootstrap phase if needed, thus we can
switch this always off (no need for configurati...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:12 Revision 8c69cb7b: [TASK] Rename service variable to doctrineService
Change-Id: Iad6452aa6e7455bb5898fe67c6dcbd7fbcf68fc1 Karsten Dambekalns
12:09 Revision b3769e0f: [BUGFIX] Fix potentially uninitialized variable
If the compileCommand was called with $force set to TRUE, the object
configuration cache would not have been defined,...
Karsten Dambekalns
00:37 Revision a6b474f3: Merge "[BUGFIX] Remove obsolete variable definition from ApcBackend"
Robert Lemke
00:36 Revision f4936054: [BUGFIX] Remove obsolete variable definition from ApcBackend
$cacheIdentifier is already defined in AbstractBackend.
Change-Id: Id1d3c9b10fb21c422b717da4199fbfa06c19a08e
Christian Kuhn
00:35 Revision 8699944a: [BUGFIX] Remove unused variable in Cache PdoBackend tests
Change-Id: Id997cd485934beb27c64b03d8f660c8b4cb58c4d Christian Kuhn
00:35 Revision f763feaa: [BUGFIX] Fatal error in redis backend cache tests
injectSystemLogger() was removed from internal API.
Change-Id: Ifd65904ad29f27a75708a23f4d62b1ca51a40ba9
Christian Kuhn
00:31 Revision ca43e2a7: [BUGFIX] Fix cache file backend collectGarbage()
collectGarbage() of cache file backend broke after latest refactoring.
Fix it and add a unit test for this case.
Christian Kuhn


23:58 Revision 767e3356: [!!!][TASK] Change generated table structure for Doctrine
This makes all column names lowercase and creates table names with a
lower risk of name clashes.
Resolves: #13973
Karsten Dambekalns
23:58 Revision 9a545306: [TASK] Enhance the DoctrineCommandController
Add a create command and make update use the safe mode. To get rid of
unused stuff, use updateAndClean now.
Move act...
Karsten Dambekalns
23:58 Revision 394be57a: [FEATURE] Add Doctrine Migrations support
This adds support for Doctrine Migrations to FLOW3 via new commands in
the Doctrine command controller (flow3:doctrin...
Karsten Dambekalns
23:43 Revision d2eb68d1: Merge "[BUGFIX] Clean up cache file backend unit tests"
Robert Lemke
23:42 Revision e00c2993: Merge "[TASK] Prepare for better table name inference from class names"
Robert Lemke
23:25 Revision 2ce53b7f: Merge changes If03bbf35,I6b7e1780
* changes:
[~BUGFIX] Save policy cache before doctrine compilation is triggerd
[TASK] Use native serialize for se...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:54 Revision 65b0258b: [TASK] Prepare for better table name inference from class names
Change-Id: Iafa52b7e276a90219e92c7d7a83d57d81f46e9a5 Karsten Dambekalns
22:20 Revision 59e69402: Merge "[TASK] Remove outdated unit test"
Andreas Förthner
22:14 Revision 23b59b7b: [~BUGFIX] Save policy cache before doctrine compilation is triggerd
As the doctrine compilation might throw a missing ID exception,
this change makes sure to execute the policy saving b...
Andreas Förthner
22:14 Revision 8a6dee58: [TASK] Use native serialize for session scope objects
With the new proxy class mechanism it becomes possible to use serialize
directly, without the need of the ObjectSeria...
Andreas Förthner
22:14 Revision 84953ce3: [FEATURE] Enable autogenerated @Id properties for Doctrine
With this change Doctrine will use the FLOW3-generated UUID as instance
identifier. You no longer need to define arti...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:14 Revision ea7efe9f: [TASK] Remove @Id annotations to use FLOW3 auto-identifiers
Change-Id: I623e0d3ff189cc9e606542ff08ff8447b2d2669b Karsten Dambekalns
22:14 Revision 793ca816: [BUGFIX] Make sure to never proxy internal classes
Internal classes (e.g. DateTime) cannot be proxied (mostly because it is
not possible to rename them to _Original). M...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:14 Revision fcbc62da: [BUGFIX] Allow advice on __construct and __clone even if not in class
Even when __construct() and __clone() are not explicitly coded in a
class advice on those methods will take effect.
Karsten Dambekalns
22:14 Revision b54cefe3: [TASK] Optimize and fix persistence magic aspect & interface
The @afterreturning advice was too late, needs to be @before so
identifiers are assigned before initializeObject() is...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:14 Revision ff0f1880: [FEATURE] Allow AOP to work on abstract classes
Change-Id: I5d507975a6d78de2e80aa0770bf8f343c3eb7f69 Karsten Dambekalns


20:02 Revision d7e15356: [BUGFIX] Clean up cache file backend unit tests
Class variables $backend and $environment are unused after latest refactoring
and can be removed.
Change-Id: I45e57a...
Christian Kuhn

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