From 2011-07-06 to 2011-08-04


22:35 Revision 553c95e5: [TASK] (Tests): disabling all APC tests
Change-Id: If5e237eaf4f36eaf5470377356eb134a873deff1 Sebastian Kurfuerst
22:21 Revision 373b27e1: [TASK] skipping failing test
Change-Id: I6c75fdd1256fb3a1346bb760d6a30c5dc9e4a708 Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:56 Revision 4f79cbb0: [TASK] (Tests) Disabled unbelievably slow ClassLoaderTest
Change-Id: I77180646df2bdc9ee0636873c4116a88c539e18a Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:45 Revision 3b7b7778: [+BUGFIX] (Tests): fixed test cases
Change-Id: Ie52c7100474f3ef4a45dc0efaecde90c50fc5b80 Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:16 Revision 6562075b: [+BUGFIX] fix APC unit test
only run them if apc.enable_cli is enabled.
Change-Id: Icf50809502f32ed1997d0ee13a7aefac53cac2e6
Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:57 Revision dd47d092: [TASK] Combine two package list commands into one
This combines the two commands package:listavailable
and package:listactive into one command called
Robert Lemke
19:55 Revision 417b70e4: [BUGFIX] (Tests): Fix test cases
Change-Id: I6e2cd49d5d29241c699a410d83b27b501daa3950 Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:05 Revision 0c539bd6: [TASK] Require Windows 6.0 or higher
The use of symlinks in FLOW3 is an essential feature. Without
it, certain parts of the caching and resource managemen...
Robert Lemke


20:19 Revision e20122fa: [TASK] Allow mapping from empty string to NULL for persistent objects
This change allows to map empty strings (e.g. blank value
from a select box) to NULL and to set an object property to...
Christopher Hlubek
13:48 Revision 3da2b258: [TASK] Further symlink support in FLOW3
This adds support for symbolic links (alternatively to
directories) in the cache and log file backend, the
File Syste...
Robert Lemke
13:40 Revision ef0317d6: [TASK] Symlink support for "Configuration" directory
This changes the bootstrap so that "Configuration" can also be a symbolic
link instead of a real directory.
Robert Lemke
13:36 Revision 1c02c314: [TASK] Symlink support for "Data" directory
This changes the bootstrap so that "Data" can also be a symbolic
link instead of a real directory.
Change-Id: I5ac0a...
Robert Lemke


18:31 Revision 9e5f39bc: Merge "[BUGFIX] Make cached configuration symlink aware"
Christopher Hlubek
18:19 Revision 7d59910c: Merge "[BUGFIX] Undo change "Allow more than one token class per provider""
Christopher Hlubek
18:14 Revision fe4c5187: [BUGFIX] Make cached configuration symlink aware
The loader for cached configuration – IncludeCachedConfigurations.php –
should be invalidated if its location (that i...
Robert Lemke
18:00 Revision 6c7950d9: [BUGFIX] Undo change "Allow more than one token class per provider"
The change caused problems with the default UsernamePassword
tokens since to really support more than one token the s...
Christopher Hlubek
17:51 Revision 7a376f0f: [BUGFIX] Make cached configuration symlink aware
The loader for cached configuration – IncludeCachedConfigurations.php –
should be invalidated if its location (that i...
Robert Lemke
17:17 Revision 5ae6b8bc: [TASK] Publish static resources during cache warmup
This makes sure that static resources are also published
while during the flow3:cache:warmup command.
In fact packag...
Robert Lemke
17:01 Revision f8946525: [BUGFIX] Regression: Permissions for Configuration/
This fixes a regression of my previous commit which removed
the Configuration/ directory from the setfacl commands.
Robert Lemke
16:50 Revision 43f5aab4: [BUGFIX] Set proper file permissions with setfacl
Previously the ACLs set by the setfilepermissions command
did not really grant access to the web server's user.
Robert Lemke
16:14 Revision e7cc0ef9: [BUGFIX] Set proper permissions for Configuration/
This makes sure that also the global Configuration directory
is writeable if permissions are set via ACLs.
Also cont...
Robert Lemke
13:51 Revision 974a89cb: Merge "[BUGFIX] Allow more than one token class per provider"
Christopher Hlubek
13:50 Revision 14597d2d: Merge "[FEATURE] Add method to refresh tokens and update credentials"
Christopher Hlubek
12:47 Revision d8fef25a: [~FEATURE] Support Linux ACLs for setfilepermissions
First tries to set ACLs with chmod +a then with setfacl.
You need an acl enabled linux to test.
Change-Id: I2950e991...
Christian Müller
09:31 Revision 9a7de46d: Merge "[FEATURE] Exit code support for command-line responses"
Robert Lemke


20:35 Revision 8be9981a: Merge "[BUGFIX][Cache] Let NullBackend implement PhpCapableBackend"
Robert Lemke
20:31 Revision a707d552: [FEATURE] Exit code support for command-line responses
This adds a new property "exit code" to the command-line response.
Controllers may set this exit code to an integer v...
Robert Lemke
14:34 Revision c32a5908: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Reflection): Make ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() more robust"
Robert Lemke
13:26 Revision 98886d1e: [+BUGFIX] (Reflection): Make ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() more robust
We expect ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() return NULL when $subject is no array
or object; or when one element along ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:32 Revision 13fc6421: [BUGFIX][Cache] Let NullBackend implement PhpCapableBackend
The null backend is very useful to effectivly disable caching
during development. With this change it also implements...
Christian Kuhn


21:28 Revision a58f5acd: [BUGFIX] Handle deletion of orphaned references in abstract backend
The abstract backend should check single-value object properties
for orphaned entity references and delete them.
Christopher Hlubek
19:07 Revision 66898e58: [FEATURE] Filter FLOW3_AOP_* properties from var_dump output
This change filters properties in an var_dump that cluttered the
output and makes it more readable again.
Christopher Hlubek
19:05 Revision 572cd995: [FEATURE] Add method to refresh tokens and update credentials
Change-Id: I7899f7dd9d58a5cfab7a369af21753168ac8395d Christopher Hlubek
18:42 Revision a1c4e8c6: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix method visibility filter"
Robert Lemke
18:31 Revision cae8842b: Merge "[BUGFIX] Flush caches after changing package states"
Robert Lemke
17:59 Revision 953e018f: [TASK] Display message on doctrine:update and :create
This adds a message to the doctrine:update and
doctrine:create command which at least lets the user
known that an upd...
Robert Lemke
09:29 Revision bb96e6af: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Speed up ObjectAccess"
Robert Lemke


21:13 Revision 30a40961: [BUGFIX] Flush caches after changing package states
This adds a flush caches call to the end of all commands which affect
the package state (that is create, delete, acti...
Robert Lemke
19:56 Revision b8208b6f: [!!!][FEATURE] Speed up ObjectAccess
This change improves performance of ObjectAccess::getProperty(),
ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() and ObjectAccess::is...
Bastian Waidelich
15:13 Revision 95ad1948: [BUGFIX] Allow more than one token class per provider
Change-Id: Id422517d797d176454f2217d0e99418e9b1b5960 Christopher Hlubek
13:39 Revision 16c429e0: [TASK] More robust Reflection Service during cache:flush
This adds an additional check for the schema building routine
to avoid fatal errors during a cache:flush run with a p...
Robert Lemke
12:32 Revision 37730a04: Merge "[BUGFIX] Allow command controllers in packages without vendor name"
Robert Lemke
11:54 Revision f3ca9862: [FEATURE] Intelligently recognize boolean options
This adds some more intelligence into the command-line request building.
If a boolean option is specified without a v...
Robert Lemke


18:53 Revision 881be270: [BUGFIX] Fix method visibility filter
This change mainly fixes the parsing of the method visibility and adds
a unit test that tests the actual parsing. Als...
Christopher Hlubek
17:09 Revision 45722b74: [FEATURE] Warm up caches
This adds a new command "flow3:cache:warmup" which warms up caches
in order to prepare the application for the first ...
Robert Lemke
17:07 Revision d92f85da: [FEATURE] Use ACLs and common interface for set file permissions
This enhances the set file permissions script to use ACLs if supported
by the file system and operating system. The a...
Robert Lemke
11:03 Revision aeb247e6: [BUGIFX] Fix table name inference for packages without vendor name
The current way of guessing the table name for Doctrine metadata
was fixed to a specific package naming. Multiple ven...
Christopher Hlubek


11:20 Revision 7b9b205a: [BUGFIX] Allow command controllers in packages without vendor name
Change-Id: I9e49719b8aeb4085f4a8d9a988c5d69632e7cdfb Christopher Hlubek


20:42 Revision 761f9ee1: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Validation): Only add a property validator when the built validator is non-empty"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:00 Revision 6a5586b3: Merge "[FEATURE] A console log backend"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:05 Revision f4952e0b: [+BUGFIX] (Validation): Only add a property validator when the built validator is non-empty
This is mainly a performance improvement, but additionally is a workaround for
working with TYPO3CR Nodes. The error ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:45 Revision 04186814: [+BUGFIX] (Reflection): Only detect tags when they are at the beginning of a line
We should not detect tags like @param foo when they are at the beginning of a line,
and not inside freeform text.
We ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:07 Revision 6a35bed3: [!!!][TASK] Clean up MVC\Request hierarchy
The MVC\Request class was only extended by MVC\Web\Request any longer,
thus this change moves the code into Web\Reque...
Karsten Dambekalns
08:41 Revision 72306ee5: Merge "[FEATURE] CLI CommandManager"
Robert Lemke


20:22 Revision 9d27dabc: [FEATURE] CLI CommandManager
This change adds a CommandManager that should be used as central
service whenever dealing with CLI commands.
Besides ...
Bastian Waidelich
18:52 Revision 7f648f8a: [BUGFIX] It should be possible to disable Doctrine integration
This change introduces a setting to control the integration of Doctrine
in the bootstrap of FLOW3. For non-Doctrine p...
Christopher Hlubek
17:36 Revision 7bb24f9d: [BUGFIX] Properly escape and quote CLI arguments
Currently arguments that are passed to the system() function in
Bootstrap::executeCommand() are not properly escaped....
Bastian Waidelich
17:34 Revision c8e30bf1: Merge "[FEATURE] Hide internal commands in command line help"
Robert Lemke
17:34 Revision 240d60ac: Merge "[BUGFIX] Command is not run in compile time if identifier is abbreviated"
Robert Lemke
11:16 Revision dd2f57d6: [BUGFIX] initialize commandMethodName in CommandController
Besides this fixes a typo in an InvalidArgumentTypeException message
Change-Id: Id44c955e9cbc2b37045a9cabacb5c0d244b...
Bastian Waidelich
09:45 Revision 110b72a2: [FEATURE] A console log backend
Change-Id: I08892958bb76b40461a3b708f7bf58ee21e78c81 Christopher Hlubek


14:45 Revision 540082f7: [BUGFIX] Command is not run in compile time if identifier is abbreviated
This patch makes sure that compile time commands are always specified
by their full command identifier.
Change-Id: I...
Robert Lemke
13:54 Revision fa26def5: [FEATURE] Hide internal commands in command line help
Internal commands can now be marked as such by starting the description
(in the doc comment) with "Internal:". Those ...
Robert Lemke
12:06 Revision 39507eb6: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix runtime evaluations with global objects"
Robert Lemke


17:51 Revision f6332af8: [BUGFIX] Fix runtime evaluations with global objects
After the vendor namespace changes, the configuration manager
didn't work as supposed and global runtime evaluations ...
Christopher Hlubek
12:46 Revision ad4c9a7e: [!!!][FEATURE] Implement a safe password hashing mechanism using PBKDF2
This change implements a configurable password hashing strategy for
the hash service and a PBKDF2 based password hash...
Christopher Hlubek


17:00 Revision 61aaec59: Merge "[TASK][!!!] Shallow directory structure for packages"
Karsten Dambekalns
16:55 Revision 8161d8f3: [TASK][!!!] Shallow directory structure for packages
This introduces a more shallow directory structure for packages.
Instead of having a corresponding directory for each...
Robert Lemke
16:42 Revision 73181bf4: Merge "[BUGFIX] Allow skipping of arguments in signal dispatch"
Karsten Dambekalns


14:34 Revision 9d143810: Merge " [TASK] Adjust to Doctrine Common 2.1.0"
Robert Lemke
14:33 Revision bc46f87e: Merge "[BUGFIX] deactivate interactive shell if it's not available"
Robert Lemke


21:53 Revision bfb44bf6: [BUGFIX] Remove obsolete fix permissions on flow3_dev
This also adjust one part in the documentation "Installation".
Change-Id: I85b1c3efb2536007978416b9e3af1afcc8a0b222
Michael Klapper


13:30 Revision b9884f70: [BUGFIX] deactivate interactive shell if it's not available
Some systems (namely Windows) do not support for PHPs readline_*
This change stops execution of the intera...
Bastian Waidelich


16:05 Revision 409756a8: [TASK] Adjust to Doctrine Common 2.1.0
Change-Id: Iada9119d8b456418d1e05fb64eaf264ddf570767 Karsten Dambekalns


18:07 Revision 723453f9: [BUGFIX] Allow skipping of arguments in signal dispatch
The SignalSlotDispatcher requires an array of arguments when dispatching
a signal. It should be perfectly fine to cal...
Felix Oertel
17:20 Revision b0596e24: Merge "[TASK] Implement new getObjectDataByIdentifier parameters for generic persistence"
Karsten Dambekalns
17:10 Revision 5cccb9ec: [TASK] Implement new getObjectDataByIdentifier parameters for generic persistence
Change-Id: I43fe943629fa17d4c1004818af49fbfd20d2843a Christopher Hlubek
12:26 Revision ebcddb26: [!!!][BUGFIX] Resolve non-standard model/repository bindings
If a repository and the model it holds don't match via the naming
conventions, the ReflectionService did not detect t...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:06 Revision aa40a4bd: [TASK] Change default context to Development
Change-Id: I3584725250c29923ef6bb01d05c31f64328833b6
Resolves: #27916
Karsten Dambekalns
12:05 Revision 01e640ea: [TASK] Simplify CLI bootstrap
Removes the two scripts for Development and Production context and
keeps one pure PHP script instead. It can be calle...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:52 Revision 37c5a824: Merge "[TASK] Make warn instead of die"
Karsten Dambekalns


17:23 Revision f050e880: [TASK] Make warn instead of die
In some cases the "parent path check" would fail incorrectly and the
script would die without a reason. Thus we only ...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:01 Revision 0d37b1c0: [TASK] Make Value Objects read-only on Doctrine
Since Doctrine has no real value object support, we at least make the
entities read-only now, when they should be val...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:30 Revision b72df946: Merge "[BUGFIX] sub request argument namespace is not set recursively"
Robert Lemke
12:30 Revision 818d3306: Merge "[BUGFIX] RoutePart default values can't be set recursively"
Robert Lemke
11:40 Revision cb489cc5: [FEATURE] Shorthand command commands and arguments
This allows to type just controllername:commandname if this uniquely
identifies a package / controller /command metho...
Robert Lemke
11:40 Revision 3afcd2c0: [BUGFIX] Fix invalid API call in command line interactive shell
Change-Id: Idd0e551e1876a05d7a7da5c3d835fa0970866a58 Robert Lemke


20:03 Revision abf42fb1: [BUGFIX] sub request argument namespace is not set recursively
Currently, if you use a widget inside a plugin, widget links only
get prefixed with the argument namespace of the wid...
Bastian Waidelich
19:57 Revision 9d36d9b7: [BUGFIX] RoutePart default values can't be set recursively
This change allows to set default values of a route for sub requests.
Example route:
uriPattern: '{}'...
Bastian Waidelich


23:48 Revision 8235654f: Merge "[BUGFIX] RouteParts must always return strings"
Bastian Waidelich
17:18 Revision ff069d97: [BUGFIX] Fix typo in Bootstrap
Replace call to non existing escape() function by escapeshellarg()
Change-Id: I483ac0d1b80eaf0068c159d042c7574949f56926
Bastian Waidelich
11:20 Revision f4442d76: [BUGFIX] RouteParts must always return strings
With resolution of #26669 DynamicRouteParts have been extended in order
to support multidimensional arguments.
While ...
Bastian Waidelich
11:07 Revision f281a9bd: Merge "[!!!][TASK] Change $omitSignalInformation in SignalSlot"
Robert Lemke

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