From 2011-07-29 to 2011-08-27


14:40 Revision 1d999c31: [BUGFIX] It's not possible to order by relation properties
setOrderings() of Doctrine\Query did not work on relation attributes.
Now using the getPropertyNameWithAlias - method...
Ferdinand Kuhl


19:14 Revision 44b4d375: [BUGFIX] MessageTest adjusted to the last Message changeset
convertingTheMessageToStringRendersIt was not adjusted to the
last change in Message. As the test was new together wi...
Christian Müller
16:54 Revision d59e8ba5: Merge "[TASK] Use Message objects for flashMessages"
Bastian Waidelich
16:52 Revision 7764392d: [TASK] Use Message objects for flashMessages
With this change a flashMessage will be an object of a certain type so
different types of messages are possible, addi...
Christian Müller
15:27 Revision 04922c08: [BUGFIX] Join Table names are not truncated correctly
With #29213 table name correspond to full model class name
To avoid too long names, table names are truncated if they...
Bastian Waidelich
14:50 Revision 295a024e: [BUGFIX] Cloning an entity should result in a new Uuid
With this change cloning an entity object results in the clone
having a new UUID as FLOW3_Persistence_Identifier so p...
Christian Müller
14:29 Revision 49f4d8f4: [!!!][TASK] Change default policy for Doctrine to DEFERRED_EXPLICIT
This makes Doctrine use deferred explicit change tracking by default.
The PersistentObjectConverter does no longer cl...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:22 Revision ac0d745f: [FEATURE] Set useful defaults for cascade attributes in Doctrine
Our metadata driver now adds cascade all to all relations not pointing
to an aggregate root, orphanRemoval is also tu...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:02 Revision 6aa57b35: Merge "[TASK] Only dump a small plaintext backtrace for exceptions"
Bastian Waidelich
10:59 Revision bebf4ac8: [TASK] Removing DocBook manual
Documentation is now stored at git://
Change-Id: I44b57bb474e4ccd301cdc2254b00a...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:34 Revision b271bb97: Merge "[!!!][TASK] Make table name correspond to full model class name"
Robert Lemke
10:30 Revision cc38bfff: [TASK] Only dump a small plaintext backtrace for exceptions
The backtrace written to disk in case of an exception is now plain text
and should no longer cause problems with the ...
Karsten Dambekalns


17:44 Revision c78ca09b: [!!!][BUGFIX] Avoid Credentials to be stored in the request
When you authenticate using the PersistedUsernamePasswordProvider
username & password are copied to the GET Arguments...
Bastian Waidelich
17:14 Revision 8cf483ae: [!!!][TASK] Make table name correspond to full model class name
Table names are now based on the fully qualified class name.
Beware of long names on systems other than MySQL, curre...
Karsten Dambekalns
15:50 Revision ea2d5815: [TASK] Provide more details in relation type exception
The exception for a definition of a non-standard type
property without declaring the type of relation now
provides so...
Robert Lemke
13:57 Revision eba466a3: [!!!][TASK] Some improvements to CLI handling
- Fixes optional argument handling
- Improves readability of help index
- Help for single commands (usage: "./flow3 h...
Bastian Waidelich
13:50 Revision da563663: Merge "[BUGFIX] Remove unnecessary chmod for PackageStates"
Robert Lemke
13:05 Revision 498c1ae9: Merge "[TASK] Throw exception if type of relation is not defined"
Robert Lemke
12:21 Revision 81ca1413: [BUGFIX] Warn if exception dump could not be written
The System Logger now logs a warning if an exception
backtrace could not be written into Logs/Exceptions/
because the...
Robert Lemke


16:40 Revision 4ec03ae8: [FEATURE] Reference Code for Exceptions
This introduces a reference code for exceptions.
FLOW3's exception handler will now display a reference code
which ma...
Robert Lemke
11:10 Revision 3c6ac910: [TASK] Throw exception if type of relation is not defined
If a relation to a non standard datatype is defined in a model you have to define the type
of the relation (OneToOne,...
Sascha Egerer
10:45 Revision 699b8bfe: [BUGFIX] Remove unnecessary chmod for PackageStates
The Package Manager tried to adjust the permissions of
the PackageStates.yaml file via chmod.
This should not be nec...
Robert Lemke


20:11 Revision 47047748: Merge "[FEATURE] Re-introduce Lock Manager"
Robert Lemke
17:34 Revision d792f116: Merge "[!!!][TASK] Remove sessionInitialization setting for Doctrine"
Robert Lemke
16:52 Revision 71d18d4c: [FEATURE] Re-introduce Lock Manager
This reintroduces the Lock Manager which locks the whole site while
compile time commands are executed. The Lock Mana...
Robert Lemke
14:13 Revision 7e118c1f: Merge "[BUGFIX] Exception is created but not thrown"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:02 Revision d1d8e4b3: Merge "[TASK] Check signal name in connect to prevent wrong usage"
Karsten Dambekalns
09:25 Revision c8ef7eec: [BUGFIX] (Command): Add a safeguard if class does not exist
Sometimes, when the reflection cache is corrupted, it can happen
that a class which does not exist anymore is still p...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


19:03 Revision f932cb14: Merge "[BUGFIX] Handle deletion of orphaned references in abstract backend"
Christopher Hlubek
17:19 Revision 6f1f3d72: [TASK] Check signal name in connect to prevent wrong usage
This change checks a given signal name in Dispatcher->connect
for the prefix "emit". It also fixes the unit tests tha...
Christopher Hlubek
15:36 Revision e242e901: [BUGFIX] Exception is created but not thrown
An instance of an Exception is created but
it is not thrown because the throw is missing.
Added throw in front of the...
Sascha Egerer
12:57 Revision 0636682f: [!!!][TASK] Remove sessionInitialization setting for Doctrine
This is deprecated and has been replaced by the backend option
"charset", which defaults to "utf8" now.
Change-Id: I...
Karsten Dambekalns


12:30 Revision 942b13fd: Merge "[BUGFIX] remove datecheck on timezone test"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


00:19 Revision a53c23c1: [BUGFIX] remove datecheck on timezone test
When testing between 00:00 and 01:00 GMT+1 the timezone test fails,
because in this time the date in the set timezone...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:33 Revision 3f9c1532: [BUGFIX] Consider DateTime objects in valuehash generation
This change fixes a bug with valueobjects that have DateTime
properties. The value hash generation did not include Da...
Christopher Hlubek
09:57 Revision 8bcb8bc9: [BUGFIX] (Persistence): Doctrine\QueryResult::getQuery() should return cloned query
That's also stated in the PHPDoc comment of the method, and we need to clone it
to make sure it does not have side-ef...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


10:20 Revision 2f3bc9aa: Merge "[BUGIFX] Fix table name inference for packages without vendor name"
Karsten Dambekalns
09:36 Revision 237b0ac7: [BUGFIX] (Persistence): Implement deferred loading in Doctrine\QueryResult
Until now, Doctrine\QueryResult got all results passed into the constructor.
This change modifies the behavior such ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


13:30 Revision b8b79b23: [FEATURE] Implement autocompletion in interactive shell mode
The autocompletion in the interactive shell mode shall show
all available and non-internal commands.
Change-Id: I10e...
Oliver Hader


16:04 Revision 99168a40: Merge "[FEATURE] Do not ignore @throws annotation"
Christopher Hlubek
15:26 Revision d03ff114: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix a type hint in the package manager interface"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:40 Revision 033de7cd: [BUGFIX] Fix value hash for subclassed valueobjects
The current aspect for generating the value hash
will overwrite the value hash of a subclass in the
parent class cons...
Christopher Hlubek


11:31 Revision 6e4d2897: [FEATURE] Do not ignore @throws annotation
The SOAP package needs to introspect throws annotations at runtime
to check for expected exceptions. Since the list o...
Christopher Hlubek


15:55 Revision 6c71c321: Merge "[FEATURE] Filter FLOW3_AOP_* properties from var_dump output"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:53 Revision a80f9dd9: Merge "[TASK] Allow mapping from empty string to NULL for persistent objects"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:46 Revision 33df146d: [BUGFIX] Fix a type hint in the package manager interface
Change-Id: I387fd77bec1321712c9d1e0c9bf5eee6c6eb88a6 Christopher Hlubek


16:55 Revision abe8dcaa: Merge "[TASK] Require Windows 6.0 or higher"
Robert Lemke
16:51 Revision 0f6078b7: Set version to 1.0.0 alpha 15
Change-Id: I35b26393669cd9c7824cea69536d3f02a4cbf722 Robert Lemke
06:50 Revision 15e22fd2: Merge "[TASK] Combine two package list commands into one"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:35 Revision 553c95e5: [TASK] (Tests): disabling all APC tests
Change-Id: If5e237eaf4f36eaf5470377356eb134a873deff1 Sebastian Kurfuerst
22:21 Revision 373b27e1: [TASK] skipping failing test
Change-Id: I6c75fdd1256fb3a1346bb760d6a30c5dc9e4a708 Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:56 Revision 4f79cbb0: [TASK] (Tests) Disabled unbelievably slow ClassLoaderTest
Change-Id: I77180646df2bdc9ee0636873c4116a88c539e18a Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:45 Revision 3b7b7778: [+BUGFIX] (Tests): fixed test cases
Change-Id: Ie52c7100474f3ef4a45dc0efaecde90c50fc5b80 Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:16 Revision 6562075b: [+BUGFIX] fix APC unit test
only run them if apc.enable_cli is enabled.
Change-Id: Icf50809502f32ed1997d0ee13a7aefac53cac2e6
Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:57 Revision dd47d092: [TASK] Combine two package list commands into one
This combines the two commands package:listavailable
and package:listactive into one command called
Robert Lemke
19:55 Revision 417b70e4: [BUGFIX] (Tests): Fix test cases
Change-Id: I6e2cd49d5d29241c699a410d83b27b501daa3950 Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:05 Revision 0c539bd6: [TASK] Require Windows 6.0 or higher
The use of symlinks in FLOW3 is an essential feature. Without
it, certain parts of the caching and resource managemen...
Robert Lemke


20:19 Revision e20122fa: [TASK] Allow mapping from empty string to NULL for persistent objects
This change allows to map empty strings (e.g. blank value
from a select box) to NULL and to set an object property to...
Christopher Hlubek
13:48 Revision 3da2b258: [TASK] Further symlink support in FLOW3
This adds support for symbolic links (alternatively to
directories) in the cache and log file backend, the
File Syste...
Robert Lemke
13:40 Revision ef0317d6: [TASK] Symlink support for "Configuration" directory
This changes the bootstrap so that "Configuration" can also be a symbolic
link instead of a real directory.
Robert Lemke
13:36 Revision 1c02c314: [TASK] Symlink support for "Data" directory
This changes the bootstrap so that "Data" can also be a symbolic
link instead of a real directory.
Change-Id: I5ac0a...
Robert Lemke


18:31 Revision 9e5f39bc: Merge "[BUGFIX] Make cached configuration symlink aware"
Christopher Hlubek
18:19 Revision 7d59910c: Merge "[BUGFIX] Undo change "Allow more than one token class per provider""
Christopher Hlubek
18:14 Revision fe4c5187: [BUGFIX] Make cached configuration symlink aware
The loader for cached configuration – IncludeCachedConfigurations.php –
should be invalidated if its location (that i...
Robert Lemke
18:00 Revision 6c7950d9: [BUGFIX] Undo change "Allow more than one token class per provider"
The change caused problems with the default UsernamePassword
tokens since to really support more than one token the s...
Christopher Hlubek
17:51 Revision 7a376f0f: [BUGFIX] Make cached configuration symlink aware
The loader for cached configuration – IncludeCachedConfigurations.php –
should be invalidated if its location (that i...
Robert Lemke
17:17 Revision 5ae6b8bc: [TASK] Publish static resources during cache warmup
This makes sure that static resources are also published
while during the flow3:cache:warmup command.
In fact packag...
Robert Lemke
17:01 Revision f8946525: [BUGFIX] Regression: Permissions for Configuration/
This fixes a regression of my previous commit which removed
the Configuration/ directory from the setfacl commands.
Robert Lemke
16:50 Revision 43f5aab4: [BUGFIX] Set proper file permissions with setfacl
Previously the ACLs set by the setfilepermissions command
did not really grant access to the web server's user.
Robert Lemke
16:14 Revision e7cc0ef9: [BUGFIX] Set proper permissions for Configuration/
This makes sure that also the global Configuration directory
is writeable if permissions are set via ACLs.
Also cont...
Robert Lemke
13:51 Revision 974a89cb: Merge "[BUGFIX] Allow more than one token class per provider"
Christopher Hlubek
13:50 Revision 14597d2d: Merge "[FEATURE] Add method to refresh tokens and update credentials"
Christopher Hlubek
12:47 Revision d8fef25a: [~FEATURE] Support Linux ACLs for setfilepermissions
First tries to set ACLs with chmod +a then with setfacl.
You need an acl enabled linux to test.
Change-Id: I2950e991...
Christian Müller
09:31 Revision 9a7de46d: Merge "[FEATURE] Exit code support for command-line responses"
Robert Lemke


20:35 Revision 8be9981a: Merge "[BUGFIX][Cache] Let NullBackend implement PhpCapableBackend"
Robert Lemke
20:31 Revision a707d552: [FEATURE] Exit code support for command-line responses
This adds a new property "exit code" to the command-line response.
Controllers may set this exit code to an integer v...
Robert Lemke
14:34 Revision c32a5908: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Reflection): Make ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() more robust"
Robert Lemke
13:26 Revision 98886d1e: [+BUGFIX] (Reflection): Make ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() more robust
We expect ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath() return NULL when $subject is no array
or object; or when one element along ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:32 Revision 13fc6421: [BUGFIX][Cache] Let NullBackend implement PhpCapableBackend
The null backend is very useful to effectivly disable caching
during development. With this change it also implements...
Christian Kuhn

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