From 2011-09-06 to 2011-10-05


09:54 Revision 659195f9: Merge "[TASK] Use IndexedReader instead of our own "fix""
Karsten Dambekalns
09:52 Revision e2544f5f: Merge "[TASK] Clarify persistence behavior for inheritance in aggregate roots"
Karsten Dambekalns


13:09 Revision 9d03bb52: [BUGFIX] Static Route Parts are not reset
StaticRoutePart::resolve() sets the value to the route parts
name (= the corresponding URI part).
RoutePart::match() ...
Bastian Waidelich


18:11 Revision 6216c3d7: [TASK] Use IndexedReader instead of our own "fix"
There was a mapAnnotationsToKeys() method in our annotation
driver. Using the IndexedReader from Doctrine is the bett...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:01 Revision b46db7bf: [TASK] Another cosmetic fix.
Change-Id: Ifc7af4005f37374c4247a670ca05e5b2aee4003a Robert Lemke
16:58 Revision cb9d87ad: [TASK] Trivial cosmetic fixes.
Change-Id: I7e2156d41211e8094e997a10f0e6a040b2cadf69 Robert Lemke


23:19 Revision 2b29376b: [BUGFIX] Wrong default value 'Text' for $dataType
The default value 'Text' for $dataType in the signature of the method
addNewArgument should be 'string' because there...
Johannes K
15:15 Revision bdb224d8: [BUGFIX] Fix regression: flush caches blocked by aggregate analysis
On trying to flush the caches after a package has been removed or
deactivated, the Reflection Service can fail due to...
Robert Lemke
12:20 Revision 095a742b: [TASK] Clarify persistence behavior for inheritance in aggregate roots
This adds a number of functional tests to make sure the repository
behaves as expected. For Person and User, the latt...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:20 Revision c2cf3aa0: [TASK] Clean up class schema building code
Extract some code into methods to make coming changed
Also add another test to the unit test for ClassSchema...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:20 Revision 23961c89: [!!!][BUGFIX] Make sure only complete hierarchies are aggregate root
Reported as "Aggregate root detection for Person vs AbstractParty is
broken" the issue at hand was that one could not...
Karsten Dambekalns


14:32 Revision 57045778: [TASK] Some tiny spelling fixes
Change-Id: I51e289b083e771d633444ca94250750ec572e2a2 Karsten Dambekalns
12:15 Revision 0ef0e45d: [BUGFIX] Allow file exists check through ResourceStreamWrapper
For file exists checks, we need to make sure that the
ResourceStreamWrapper returns FALSE when checking the path for...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:14 Revision 395997de: [!!!][BUGFIX] Fix column names for association properties
For associations without a join table the column names in the
model tables followed the target type, not the property...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:12 Revision 1a7fd598: [TASK] Simplify license header in PHP files
Change-Id: Ia0d929babe774b06547738451222e9f61b8b0c65
Resolves: #29415
Karsten Dambekalns
11:42 Revision 38317289: [TASK] Fix foreign key handling in migration
Migrating down would not work because FK constraints where not named.
Change-Id: I2c789467bdb90ee080b69a8e6eebe4c006...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:54 Revision eb569a6e: Merge "[TASK] Fix failing unit test after SecurityContext change"
Karsten Dambekalns


18:51 Revision 2c1a6599: Merge "[BUGFIX] CLI Help throws exception if related comments are not available"
Bastian Waidelich
15:35 Revision 35bda30a: [TASK] Fix failing unit test after SecurityContext change
Fix a failing unit test after change 5358.
Change-Id: I2b72768d693cf184d6d0fc64fd33f88549bc5f26
Christopher Hlubek
15:31 Revision 864d0c81: Merge "[FEATURE] Support mapping of integer to string"
Christopher Hlubek
14:47 Revision f493d5fe: Merge "[BUGFIX] AOP proxies are no longer broken if __call() exists"
Robert Lemke
14:43 Revision 3e36de83: [BUGFIX] AOP proxies are no longer broken if __call() exists
If a class contains a magic __call() method, AOP proxy classes are
broken due to a is_callable() use – method_exists(...
Robert Lemke
14:38 Revision 561bd6d6: Merge "[TASK] Guard the account for NULL when getting a party"
Christopher Hlubek
14:28 Revision 063c0a57: Merge "[BUGFIX] No persistence side effects anymore in functional tests"
Karsten Dambekalns
14:17 Revision 516123c1: Merge "[BUGFIX] CLI CommandManager throws exception for ambiguous commands"
Karsten Dambekalns
11:30 Revision 9c857055: [BUGFIX] @version annotations are not ignored anymore
For optimization reasons FLOW3's Reflection Service ignored @version
annotations. Due to this, Doctrine's Optimistic ...
Robert Lemke
11:27 Revision 10af83a3: [BUGFIX] No persistence side effects anymore in functional tests
Doctrine's Unit of Work still contained objects from previous tests.
In order to prevent side effects, the Entity Man...
Robert Lemke


11:18 Revision 892d67dc: [FEATURE] Support mapping of integer to string
Just a small additional source type in the StringConverter.
Change-Id: I662695b9621ead6fb936b3717e91a38979db9ca4
Christopher Hlubek


19:11 Revision 2ae3f0ce: [TASK] Guard the account for NULL when getting a party
This could happen, if the account in the persistence was deleted during
a session.
Change-Id: I50627f00ba237a92b35da...
Christopher Hlubek
09:34 Revision 75a8b899: [BUGFIX] CLI Help throws exception if related comments are not available
The flow3:help:help command parses @see annotations of the
commands and retrieves the method description of related
Bastian Waidelich
09:29 Revision 5e5daa1b: [BUGFIX] CLI CommandManager throws exception for ambiguous commands
This change ensures that the CommandManager returns the complete
CommandIdentifier for commands with the same control...
Bastian Waidelich


19:36 Revision 87863f3d: [TASK] Clean up PersistentObjectConverter unit test
Change-Id: I4746e33a23e2be019bab3f1c38e758bbf9cd50b0 Karsten Dambekalns
19:36 Revision a9d8cc9e: [BUGFIX] Read ObjectConverter configuration correctly
When checking for property mapping configuration the ObjectConverter
asks for the "ArrayToObjectConverter" configurat...
Karsten Dambekalns
19:36 Revision d366973e: [BUGFIX] Allow ObjectConverter to use constructor parameters
We need this for image upload in Phoenix.
Change-Id: Ic667b86c9231a11ae167f4d2836ebc1c9a12a9a2
Resolves: #30255
Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:31 Revision a29a7f77: Merge "[BUGFIX] Do not override parent instance in compiled proxies"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:58 Revision c0319226: [BUGFIX] Allow file creation through ResourceStreamWrapper
For file creation, we need to make sure that the ResourceStreamWrapper
also returns the path for a non-existing persi...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


11:36 Revision 0275a5ff: [BUGFIX] Do not override parent instance in compiled proxies
Change-Id: I00f25162b18f0b3a5e32a6241b6ef2ab6d066415
Resolves: #30234
Christopher Hlubek


18:50 Revision c3314712: Merge "[TASK] Reanimate some ActionController unit tests"
Karsten Dambekalns
18:50 Revision 34583c62: Merge "[!!!][TASK] Create lower cased URIs by default"
Karsten Dambekalns


16:09 Revision 31338bf7: Merge "[BUGFIX] Don't remove referenced entities"
Christopher Hlubek
15:51 Revision 755a7352: [!!!][TASK] Create lower cased URIs by default
The routing framework is capable of creating case sensitive
URIs so it is possible to resolve different actions depen...
Bastian Waidelich
15:36 Revision 690550e1: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix recursion error in \TYPO3\FLOW3\var_dump()"
Karsten Dambekalns
15:32 Revision c0d60e79: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix case of sub package key arguments in Router::getControllerObjectName()"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:30 Revision a72146e0: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix check against @ignorevalidation annotations"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:14 Revision 01ffa9ce: [BUGFIX] Fix recursion error in \TYPO3\FLOW3\var_dump()
A var_dump of for example the PersistenceManager results in a memory
error. This happens because the dumped object is...
Rens Admiraal
11:30 Revision b301de55: [TASK] Fix unit test side effects
The CacheFactoryTest created directories in the distribution
root when run from there. Now it used a mocked filesyste...
Karsten Dambekalns


20:05 Revision d8cab871: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Improve default routing for entities"
Karsten Dambekalns
19:12 Revision 38232efb: [FEATURE] Add generic Identity RoutePartHandler
This implements improved routing for persisted objects.
When an object type is specified in the routing configuratio...
Bastian Waidelich
18:42 Revision 2c949e36: [BUGFIX] Don't remove referenced entities
This change adds a check to the removal of dereferenced
entities in the AbstractBackend. If the entity was visited
Christopher Hlubek
17:49 Revision 0863e524: [!!!][FEATURE] Improve default routing for entities
This improves the default dynamic route part handler so that it
can resolve objects that are known to the persistence...
Bastian Waidelich
12:05 Revision cc2caa52: [TASK] Reanimate some ActionController unit tests
Change-Id: I0d4c24015d7de04fdee87d8237dc8b29a136f3b0 Karsten Dambekalns
11:27 Revision 87418d9b: [BUGFIX] Fix check against @ignorevalidation annotations
The check for argument names against @ignorevalidation annotations
was done with the raw argument name, but the annot...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:01 Revision e37e8d36: Merge "[BUGFIX] Lifecycle annotations were not detected"
Karsten Dambekalns
11:01 Revision 9eb3ce31: Merge "[BUGFIX] (Resource): Resource manager can also handle files without extension"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:21 Revision b3887ec9: Merge "[BUGFIX] Proxy code of advised abstract classes don't produce errors"
Christopher Hlubek


22:06 Revision 72269db1: [BUGFIX] Fix case of sub package key arguments in Router::getControllerObjectName()
This just changes the method argument name to be in sync with the annotation
Change-Id: Idd0837b3e132167782ebf8cd86a...
Bastian Waidelich
19:10 Revision 13fd2dd6: Merge "[FEATURE] Provide signal for after objects have been persisted"
Karsten Dambekalns
17:32 Revision b28cd358: [FEATURE] Provide signal for after objects have been persisted
This provides two signals – one for the generic and one for the
Doctrine persistence manager - which is emitted right...
Robert Lemke
17:05 Revision 43f08cbd: [BUGFIX] Proxy code of advised abstract classes don't produce errors
The AOP ProxyClassBuilder produced invalid code when signals were
defined in an abstract class. This was due to inval...
Bastian Waidelich
15:53 Revision 31a93457: [BUGFIX] Lifecycle annotations were not detected
The detection of Doctrine lifecycle event annotations was broken
since the last Doctrine update (because of the chan...
Karsten Dambekalns
15:33 Revision c6546f42: [BUGFIX] (Resource): Resource manager can also handle files without extension
Furthermore, we use move_uploaded_file instead of rename to move the target
file to the final destination, as this al...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:12 Revision 1c27b883: [TASK] Use correct respone mock in FunctionalTestCase
The sendWebRequest() method used mocked ResponseInterface, but lacks
the setStatus() method present in the Web\Respon...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:56 Revision e80716a8: Merge "[FEATURE] Support dropping instances in the Object Manager"
Karsten Dambekalns
11:56 Revision d22fa5ee: [FEATURE] Support dropping instances in the Object Manager
This adds a non-API function to the Object Manager which allows for
unregistering instances of arbitrary objects. The...
Robert Lemke
11:49 Revision eca27e40: [BUGFIX] Less persistence side effects in functional tests
Previously, the persistence manager was only teared down after a whole
test case ran through. This change makes sure ...
Robert Lemke


13:33 Revision c729e2c0: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix help command controller argument use"
Bastian Waidelich


20:05 Revision 5adfc6f4: [BUGFIX] Invalid static resource symlinks are removed again
Whenever the resource publishing of FLOW3 finds an invalid
symbolic link in the static resources directory, it should...
Robert Lemke


17:55 Revision ba7f2df6: [BUGFIX] (Property): Enable mapping of Value Objects
If a value object is edited through a Fluid form, we should not try to fetch it
from persistence, but need to re-crea...
Christopher Hlubek
12:10 Revision 320877b9: [BUGFIX] Fix help command controller argument use
The command controller was intended to be used with the optional
command identifier without using that as a named opt...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:01 Revision 56af0fd7: Merge "[!!!][BUGFIX] Optional CLI arguments have to be named"
Karsten Dambekalns
12:01 Revision 29088818: [!!!][BUGFIX] Optional CLI arguments have to be named
This reverts commit 090c243226aee1ede12ab289d651bdbb80564f92 and brings back Ia9f59326e5c4dc793102db20883ae798ae2f27c... Karsten Dambekalns
11:37 Revision 129c66a0: Merge "Revert "[!!!][BUGFIX] Optional CLI arguments have to be named""
Karsten Dambekalns
11:37 Revision 090c2432: Revert "[!!!][BUGFIX] Optional CLI arguments have to be named"
This reverts commit a43360b35c0b44288d204462b825dfa564bd3cf2 Karsten Dambekalns
11:02 Revision 27a0247d: Merge "[!!!][BUGFIX] Optional CLI arguments have to be named"
Robert Lemke
09:28 Revision cef61f82: Merge "[BUGFIX] Repository does not crash with wrong argument type"
Robert Lemke


12:20 Revision a43360b3: [!!!][BUGFIX] Optional CLI arguments have to be named
Currently exceeding arguments are ignored if a command has optional
arguments, because the RequestBuilder then can't ...
Bastian Waidelich


21:40 Revision af9ac039: [BUGFIX] Invalid static resource symlinks are removed again
Whenever the resource publishing of FLOW3 finds an invalid
symbolic link in the static resources directory, it should...
Robert Lemke
21:31 Revision 3a9a2b11: [BUGFIX] Repository does not crash with wrong argument type
This fixes the safe guard in the add(), remove() and update()
functions of the base repository.
Change-Id: Ib92521c2...
Robert Lemke
14:38 Revision 410f7464: [TASK] Remove @license annotation from files
Change-Id: I6c67fdc1d55171b717791f7d558b41209653793c
Related: #29415
Karsten Dambekalns
00:18 Revision d5f5e448: [TASK] Fix a method docblock in RawValidator
Change-Id: Ie3fa9e47141b25b1a407405a1e1a573cc187773e Karsten Dambekalns


16:40 Revision ea0339ed: [TASK] Raised version to 1.0.0 beta 2
Change-Id: I0b92916003952db89062f72da5a188d5ce48f26a Robert Lemke


15:14 Revision cb1ff889: [BUGFIX] Allow use of the Collection interface in "type hints"
In type hints as well as @var and @param annotations it is better to
use the Collection interface instead of concrete...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:03 Revision bdcb2420: [BUGFIX] Type declaration errors give hint on root cause
The TypeHandling::parseType() function will now throw a more specific
exception which allows other code parts to disp...
Robert Lemke
13:51 Revision eafdd3e5: Merge "[BUGFIX] setfilepermissions does not use sudo anymore"
Karsten Dambekalns
13:27 Revision dac6f386: Merge "[TASK] Two small code (style) fixes"
Robert Lemke
13:23 Revision 1488cbb4: Merge "[TASK] Rename __CSRF-TOKEN to __csrfToken"
Robert Lemke
12:05 Revision f7cc2c88: [BUGFIX] setfilepermissions does not use sudo anymore
This changes the behavior of the setfilerpermissions
command. Instead of using sudo right away, the bash
script now c...
Robert Lemke
11:47 Revision 7874d79e: [TASK] Improve message for compile errors
If the compile run fails, FLOW3 will display a long exception
message stating that either the PHP binary could not be...
Robert Lemke
10:58 Revision 6da06284: [TASK] Rename __CSRF-TOKEN to __csrfToken
The name for the CSRF token did not follow our camelCase conventions.
Change-Id: I270994c9f5e930bcd5109057c2623cc252...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:56 Revision e24d1f17: Merge "[BUGFIX] AOP: Fix call to parent method if method is not proxied in subclass"
Andreas Förthner
10:49 Revision 57eaea70: Merge "[FEATURE] Serialization can handle entities in arrays"
Andreas Förthner
10:46 Revision e806c692: Merge "[TASK] Arrays::setValueByPath works with \ArrayAccess"
Robert Lemke
10:26 Revision defc41c8: Merge "[TASK] Fix default error message rendering in ActionController"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:25 Revision 883d0230: [TASK] Fix default error message rendering in ActionController
Change-Id: I1fe74815ebf7554ad271f347200ab0dcfebc2edb Karsten Dambekalns
10:25 Revision c368ada8: Merge "[BUGFIX] It's not possible to order by relation properties"
Robert Lemke


17:06 Revision 15d69186: [FEATURE] Styled CLI response and help descriptions
This introduces support for styled output in the CLI response
and some brushed up help functionality.
Change-Id: Ibe...
Robert Lemke
17:01 Revision 79164d75: [TASK] Reformatted and improved doc comments of commands
This change set contains several fixes and enhancements of the doc
comments of FLOW3's commands. These are mostly adj...
Robert Lemke
15:50 Revision ea093139: [BUGFIX] AOP: Fix call to parent method if method is not proxied in subclass
If a method is overridden in a subclass that calls its advice parent class,
but no proxy method is generated for this...
Lienhart Woitok
14:20 Revision 2e39bf14: [FEATURE] Serialization can handle entities in arrays
Resolves: #27015
Change-Id: I10f925a56c15d199e3f49bc0974496b88120f129
Andreas Förthner
14:19 Revision 5fdd10af: [TASK] Arrays::setValueByPath works with \ArrayAccess
By this change the method is not limited to simply arrays
anymore. Instead objects implementing \ArrayAccess are
Andreas Förthner
10:26 Revision 2d82dad1: [BUGFIX] (MVC): ActionController ErrorAction forgets SubpackageKey
In case a validation error happened, a forward() is done to the referring
action, which then re-displays the form.
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:54 Revision b207a55a: [FEATURE] Simple remote package import support
This adds a new command package:import which allows for importing
a package from Currently only packag...
Robert Lemke
14:34 Revision b47d1c61: [!!!][BUGFIX] DateTimeConverter returns Errors instead of throwing exceptions
As described in the Property Mapper reference manual, DateTimeConverter should
only throw exceptions when detecting *...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:44 Revision 76756a70: Merge "[FEATURE] Remove support for @uuid annotation and support @Id"
Christopher Hlubek
12:40 Revision 23e1d40c: Merge "[BUGFIX] Skip functional tests for Doctrine if Doctrine is not used"
Christopher Hlubek
12:17 Revision 150a1cc0: Merge "[TASK] Enable lazy loading for session entities"
Karsten Dambekalns
12:14 Revision b89626be: Merge "[FEATURE] Make lazy loading possible for getObjectByIdentifier"
Karsten Dambekalns
11:04 Revision 8be02b2e: [TASK] Two small code (style) fixes
Adds a leading backslash to a @var annotation and replaces one create()
call on the ObjectManager by use of the new k...
Karsten Dambekalns


16:05 Revision 36594345: [TASK] Fix a typehint in ActionController
Change-Id: If6b952e484007ce035dd27aa4cae1010498e5ae0 Christopher Hlubek
15:11 Revision 97408636: [FEATURE] Remove support for @uuid annotation and support @Id
Support for userland access to the framework-provided technical entity
identifier was built for a specific use case n...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:48 Revision 2b52d22e: [BUGFIX] Interactive shell works again
The interactive shell (flow3:core:shell) could not launch
the sub process anymore because the name of the FLOW3 scrip...
Robert Lemke
11:23 Revision 6c490dec: [TASK] Enable lazy loading for session entities
By this, persisted entities that are referenced
in the session are (de)serialized as lazy loading
proxies. This is a ...
Andreas Förthner
11:22 Revision ba3a4738: [FEATURE] Make lazy loading possible for getObjectByIdentifier
Lazy loading can be switched on by a new optional parameter.
Change-Id: I20954588a14b68f63f9b32a841c5bc2aba4cc7c0
Andreas Förthner
11:10 Revision df34272c: [BUGFIX] package:* commands no longer issue a fatal error
Most package:* commands and sometimes also the flow3:cache:flush
command issued a fatal error. The actual command was...
Robert Lemke
09:50 Revision c983e60c: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix use of sys_get_temp_dir() in EnvironmentTest"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:44 Revision 23920a42: Merge "Revert "[TASK] Two small code (style) fixes""
Robert Lemke
08:43 Revision 593ef34f: Revert "[TASK] Two small code (style) fixes"
Breaks unit tests.
This reverts commit 784dae35ce078702ca088a85e569c3b44bbe74cb
Robert Lemke

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