From 2012-03-30 to 2012-04-28


19:14 Revision ed4538b8: [FEATURE] Introduce ANY matcher for content security
Change-Id: I11e6e8d06cef6b6c48ccdb6c704d2ed2fc08711e
Related: #36626
Releases: 1.1
Andreas Förthner
19:14 Revision 21cf88e5: [BUGFIX] PersistenceQueryRewritingAspect now supports count(0)
If the aspect intercepted a count() method and the result (because
of lacking access rights) would be "none", the asp...
Robert Lemke
19:14 Revision ad3c7d9a: [TASK] Fix debug output marking entity/value object
This removes the FIXME from debug output and just
uses "persistable" as an umbrella term for an entity
or value objec...
Robert Lemke
19:14 Revision 41a5fa00: [!!!][BUGFIX] Fix session handling in functional tests
Sessions were kept across test boundaries which had bad
side effects on, for example, authentication: previously
Robert Lemke
19:14 Revision 09dba14b: [BUGFIX] Fix MethodSecurity functional test
After #36659 was fixed, the session handling works
as expected. That means, however, that if no account
is logged in,...
Robert Lemke
19:14 Revision 7d13b3fb: [BUGFIX] Query rewriting now works with one additional constraint
PersistenceQueryRewritingAspect was broken if only one additional
constraint was added, leading to invalid queries th...
Karsten Dambekalns
19:11 Revision f20526cc: [TASK] Log exception in Doctrine\Query->getResult()
When an exception occurs during getResult() it was silently
ignored. Now it will be logged to the system log.
Karsten Dambekalns
19:10 Revision be0c7975: [TASK] Adjust Testing settings
Fixes YAML style and makes use of SQL logger in Testing possible.
Change-Id: Iae178de6a5d615a291d70511a4944bc2a09eac...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:02 Revision 78279ca9: [BUGFIX] Implement fallback for password hash migration
The new BCrypt default hashing strategy causes problems if a FLOW3
application is migrated from version 1.0 which did...
Christopher Hlubek
15:00 Revision 771bc9b8: [BUGFIX] Fix functional testing for security features
The authenticated roles from one test have not been
cleared after the test.
Adds a safeguard for getAccount() to the...
Andreas Förthner
15:00 Revision d38e25b3: [BUGFIX] Make getHttpRequest() work in functional tests
In some cases functional tests need to access getHttpRequest() on the
active RequestHandler. In functional tests this...
Karsten Dambekalns
15:00 Revision 3198e416: [TASK] Add functional tests for content security
This add some first basic functional tests for
content security.
Change-Id: Ib295ef13b5c8c84ae4f49ac181c242c72e38520...
Andreas Förthner
14:20 Revision 7e45bcc2: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix Typo3OrgSsoToken use of removed method"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:10 Revision 7aebd16f: [FEATURE] (Validation): Context-specific validation through Validation Groups
Sometimes, Validation should only be executed on Persist, or on the Controller
invocation. Especially when building m...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:47 Revision 4595e40c: [BUGFIX] Fix Typo3OrgSsoToken use of removed method
Environment does no longer have getRawGetArguments(), instead using
getArguments() on the HTTP request we have availa...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:49 Revision e40b2219: [BUGFIX] Fix isClassImplementationOf in ReflectionService
In some cases (depending on filesystem load order probably) the
Production context would fail to return the correct r...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:19 Revision 47912707: Merge "[TASK] Use correct order or static function declaration"
Robert Lemke
11:18 Revision 319fa7e4: [TASK] Use correct order or static function declaration
This is the only occurence of this order for declaring a static method.
Releases: 1.1
Change-Id: I4a05adf75d0e3853c...
Aske Ertmann
09:31 Revision 63a952e3: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Turn content security acl logic upside down"
Robert Lemke
09:30 Revision 6f20ba45: Merge "[BUGFIX] AdviceChain has to take the proxy from the joinpoint"
Robert Lemke
00:20 Revision 4c598ceb: [TASK] Add example of request pattern to provider example
Releases: 1.1
Change-Id: I87746575d2b28bed53a358399a1aab88b2bf938b
Aske Ertmann


23:53 Revision 7a79ea2c: [BUGFIX] AdviceChain has to take the proxy from the joinpoint
The advice chain object got its proxy instance in the constructor,
which was possibly not the correct instance for a ...
Andreas Förthner
22:23 Revision 72b91a1e: [BUGFIX] Call PersistAll after every controller invocation
If0020fdedbaf4779ff24d0e4248e2137cdf5bc67 introduced a regression
which caused persistAll() to be uncalled.
Rens Admiraal
21:42 Revision 8a1dc881: Merge "[TASK] Add clarifying note on PersistenceMagicAspect.cloneObject"
Rens Admiraal
21:40 Revision 9761517b: [TASK] Add clarifying note on PersistenceMagicAspect.cloneObject
Adds a note clarifying that this method is not unused.
Change-Id: I8840d93c225e14033eac2ffff86b51273c49f789
Karsten Dambekalns
21:34 Revision 19c1bc34: Merge "[FEATURE] Persist after every controller invocation"
Rens Admiraal
21:33 Revision 6cdc131b: [!!!][FEATURE] Turn content security acl logic upside down
This change realizes a whitelist approach for content
security acls. By this content security acls work with
the same...
Andreas Förthner
21:27 Revision 3fa297e1: Merge "[BUGFIX] Adds detection of missing id attributes in XLIFF files"
Rens Admiraal
17:38 Revision 1148aebf: [BUGFIX] Skip token separation without request in Security\Context
separateActiveAndInactiveTokens() in Security\Context fails if
$this->request is NULL.
With this change, token separ...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:01 Revision 6134c455: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix functional tests with security and sendWebRequest"
Karsten Dambekalns
15:21 Revision b839259f: [BUGFIX] Fix functional tests with security and sendWebRequest
This change fixes some security related aspects of the functional
base testcase. Field visibility and method visibili...
Christopher Hlubek
14:43 Revision 3872d435: [BUGFIX] Adds detection of missing id attributes in XLIFF files
XLIFF requires id attributes on trans-unit tags, but if they are missing,
FLOW3 does not complain. An exception is no...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:30 Revision 9a0e128a: [FEATURE] Persist after every controller invocation
Wire persistAll() from afterControllerInvocation instead of the
finishedRuntimeRun signal.
This is useful because it...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:28 Revision 28a049fc: [BUGFIX] Make BCrypt the default hashing strategy (again)
In the default hashing strategy was
changed to BCrypt. Later, in https://review.typo3.o...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:41 Revision b331759d: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix content security current.globalObject expansion"
Robert Lemke
12:04 Revision a513961f: [BUGFIX] Exceeding roles of accounts are now ignored
If an account had one ore more roles which were not
defined in a policy, access was denied to this account
because th...
Rens Admiraal
10:22 Revision 708a3706: Merge changes I52b9f659,Ic90168e0
* changes:
[FEATURE] Track all configuration changes
[!!!][FEATURE] FileMonitor now uses identifier and has getId...
Robert Lemke
10:19 Revision 69e38209: [BUGFIX] Guard against missing server global variables
Calling Http\Request::createFromEnvironment() gives a notice about an
undefined array index for HTTP_HOST and REMOTE_...
Christopher Hlubek
09:34 Revision 6202ecfe: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Make cache backends more flexible"
Robert Lemke


23:38 Revision 5d1aa1b9: [BUGFIX] Action arguments of type DateTime throw Exception
If an action argument is an object, the ValidatorResolver tries to
instantiate that object to use it as Validator wit...
Bastian Waidelich
23:30 Revision b2ee527c: [TASK] Remove leftover session dependency from Http\Request
This is actually not used and causes circular dependency problems
in some cases.
Change-Id: I329f7fbaabbe475edb851ea...
Christopher Hlubek
23:21 Revision fb277f30: [FEATURE] Track all configuration changes
This change set greatly improves the file monitoring of FLOW3's
system relevant files, such as class files, settings,...
Robert Lemke
23:21 Revision cf6bb691: [!!!][FEATURE] FileMonitor now uses identifier and has getIdentifier()
This change makes the FileMonitor use the identifier internally and
provides a getIdentifier() method. With this, usi...
Karsten Dambekalns
23:21 Revision 08924c0c: [!!!][FEATURE] Make cache backends more flexible
This change makes cache backends more flexible. It adds a new interface
"TaggableBackendInterface" and a new "SimpleF...
Karsten Dambekalns
23:00 Revision 817017e0: [!!!][TASK] Clean up Environment after HTTP refactoring
With the HTTP foundation quite some things from Environment have become
obsolete. The class and it's "users" are adju...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:48 Revision e2d704e7: [!!!][TASK] Move baseUri setting from Environment to Http\Request
The Environment class optionally used a setting to specify a fixed
baseUri to be used. With the HTTP foundation this ...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:46 Revision 1256837a: [BUGFIX] Uploaded files are not untangled anymore
TYPO3\FLOW3\Http\Request is missing the functionality that is implemented
in TYPO3\FLOW3\Utility\Environment::untangl...
Bastian Waidelich
22:46 Revision 9dcd31d9: [FEATURE] Introduce HttpRequestHandlerInterface
This new interface identifies request handlers which are
supporting and working with HTTP requests as such and
Robert Lemke
22:02 Revision 5ddf5140: [TASK] Tweak doc comments to be more explanatory
Change-Id: Ibc7f86a28451a47b47324008b37d580e4593e7bb
Related: #34875
Releases: 1.1
Karsten Dambekalns
21:55 Revision 286a7d6d: [BUGFIX] Base PrecompiledReflectionData path on temporary path
The path to the precompiled reflection data is no longer
configured separately but instead always derived from the FL...
Christian Müller
21:06 Revision 2af28910: Merge "[BUGFIX] Do not use fallback temporary directory"
Karsten Dambekalns
20:05 Revision d1a05a20: [BUGFIX] Do not use fallback temporary directory
With this change you will get an exception if you miss the
temporary path setting in your settings instead of falling...
Christian Müller
17:57 Revision 9539aca7: [TASK] Improve "compilation error message"
When the compile run failed, an exception was thrown until now. This
lead to confusing output. With this change it do...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:54 Revision a0de72aa: [BUGFIX] flow3.php now uses return code from
Change-Id: Ifed806412fa9eaa8e12d3d443bbe3fac52d37ade
Fixes: #36279
Releases: 1.0, 1.1
Karsten Dambekalns


18:12 Revision dc3a2842: [BUGFIX] Update package states after package:import
This patch makes sure that the package states information
is updated after a new package has been imported.
As befor...
Robert Lemke
16:33 Revision 75d4bea5: [BUGFIX] Don't rewrite PackageStates.php if not necessary
This fix adjusts a comparison so that the PackageStates.php
file is only written if truly necessary.
Change-Id: I38b...
Robert Lemke
11:16 Revision 77fa8af3: [BUGFIX] Remove precompiled reflection data on force flush
This patch makes sure that any precompiled reflection data
of frozen packages is removed on a cache:flush --force.
Robert Lemke


19:05 Revision 64420cac: [FEATURE] Adds a quiet flag to doctrine:migrate
With the flag set only the version numbers of the executed
migrations are output, one per line.
Change-Id: I2d144225...
Karsten Dambekalns
09:32 Revision 83a56d56: [FEATURE] Allow "configurable" classes path in packages
Package instances can be asked for their classes path, which is now set
determined by the PackageManager and stored i...
Karsten Dambekalns


18:24 Revision a5a90def: [BUGFIX] Fix content security current.globalObject expansion
Using for example current.securityContext in Policy.yaml made
FLOW3 crash completely in "eval'd" code.
This fixes th...
Ferdinand Kuhl
15:41 Revision 2c194e85: Merge "[TASK] Add DB migration for PostgreSQL"
Rens Admiraal
14:35 Revision d49ffbb4: Merge "[TASK] Adjust functional test fixture to new maximum table length"
Christian Müller
14:22 Revision 58b7c5f0: [TASK] Adjust functional test fixture to new maximum table length
Change-Id: I03f968617140543617ef38300c9f26be98dcd21a
Related: #35517
Releases: 1.1
Karsten Dambekalns
14:21 Revision a95ffeee: [TASK] Add DB migration for PostgreSQL
This adds an initial migration for PostgreSQL to create the needed
schema for the package.
Change-Id: Ia8bf1f4c48388...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:21 Revision 503891c2: [BUGFIX] Fixes column type detection when using Column annotation
If a Column annotation is used but no type argument is given, the default
"string" type was used and did override the...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:16 Revision aafecb57: [TASK] Cleans up some smaller issues
This change collects a number of smaller issues:
- clarifies description of migrationGenerateCommand
- an exception...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:55 Revision fafc62ef: Fixes code style issues
This change adds a ton of @throws to docblocks and fixes other
documentation issues. Some code cleanup, like removing...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:17 Revision 23d09d98: Merge "[BUGFIX] flow3.php now uses return code from"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:56 Revision cc2477fa: [TASK] Derive maximum table name length from Doctrine.DBAL
Doctrine.DBAL drivers have informations about the maxmimum
allowed table length, so the annotation driver uses this
Christian Müller
10:44 Revision 115bda50: [!!!][BUGFIX] Changes the default for nullable columns to FALSE
This change makes columns not nullable by default, as is the case with
vanilla Doctrine 2.
This is a breaking change...
Karsten Dambekalns


17:35 Revision 28a09045: [TASK] Update Package.xml with new version number
Change-Id: Iafb2368b51546b68be176d49f0ca28ec9c8b4873
Releases: 1.1
Karsten Dambekalns
11:28 Revision e6cd5cdb: [BUGFIX] flow3.php now uses return code from
Change-Id: I83ffa83d3bf087b3694dafe7548f83ce21e77fce
Fixes: #36279
Releases: 1.0, 1.1
Karsten Dambekalns
11:01 Revision 3239e0ae: Merge "[TASK] Make output of doctrine:migration status more compact"
Karsten Dambekalns


23:26 Revision db44aca6: Merge "[SECURITY] Protect arguments of form __referrer with HMAC"
Andreas Förthner
23:22 Revision fd719b53: Merge "[FEATURE] Improve value object support"
Andreas Förthner
21:53 Revision dd014d2e: [TASK] Fix functional test for HTTP RequestHandler
The HTTP RequestHandler test can only be executed if the
global routes configuration include the routes from the
Robert Lemke
21:21 Revision d0bb5b5d: Merge "[TASK] Remove a rather dubious unit test for Redis cache backend"
Karsten Dambekalns
21:19 Revision e06bd9bb: [TASK] Remove a rather dubious unit test for Redis cache backend
Fixes a catch statement around connect as well.
Change-Id: I54a1a8d3a62c6596543bb71f6766ac6d1933d930
Releases: 1.1
Karsten Dambekalns
21:13 Revision 0af0647d: [FEATURE] Improve value object support
This allows to handle value objects as intended. Create a new
one and persistence will take care to check if the valu...
Christian Müller
20:08 Revision d727c53a: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fixed empty exception for CLI commands"
Robert Lemke
20:08 Revision e998b3cb: Merge "[BUGFIX] Skip CSRF protection if not authenticated"
Robert Lemke
17:14 Revision bb6f1878: Merge "[TASK] Stability improvement to functional persistence test"
Andreas Förthner
15:17 Revision f9847d2b: [BUGFIX] Fixed empty exception for CLI commands
When issuing an invalid command line (missing or wrong arguments),
FLOW3 displayed an exception #0 without further ex...
Alexander Stehlik
15:04 Revision 6ed045ce: [BUGFIX] Skip CSRF protection if not authenticated
CSRF protection prevented the triggering of authentication entry
points in some cases. As CSRF protection is not need...
Andreas Förthner


11:43 Revision 49d0b48a: [TASK] Stability improvement to functional persistence test
Adds ordering to TestEntityRepository to make results predictable.
Change-Id: I7f22ef231cdddcd2b1c3a277fe4efcc66b97e...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:41 Revision 3ca5db88: [TASK] Make output of doctrine:migration status more compact
This change removes some superfluous newlines that made the
migration status output rather long…
Change-Id: I0c4d200...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:31 Revision 5b10bd1c: [TASK] Give hint with exception on aggregate roots in hierarchies
The message "In a class hierarchy either all or no classes must be
an aggregate root, "Foo" is one but the parent cla...
Karsten Dambekalns


17:35 Revision 59bec6a6: [TASK] Ignore @codeCoverageIgnore annotation
Change-Id: Icaad401d749358a9f8a4f7953165862b42aa13f8
Releases: 1.1
Robert Lemke
16:18 Revision fed005bf: [BUGFIX] Proxy methods with referenced arguments should work
Arguments given by reference would result in an exception if
the method was proxied due to AOP.
Change-Id: I64700666...
Christian Müller
16:12 Revision dc464504: [SECURITY] Protect arguments of form __referrer with HMAC
The request arguments of the referring request are
a serialized string written to one of the hidden
fields in a Fluid...
Andreas Förthner
15:03 Revision 5d6c3eaa: [TASK] add "Group" tag to excluded tags, as PHPunit now requires to tag big testcases
Change-Id: I3b1b2c8c6a9b644a9abceb9053858cae1848d428 Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:10 Revision 0e05ccc5: [!!!][FEATURE] HTTP 1.1 Support – Foundations
This commit contains the foundations for a better HTTP support in
FLOW3. It extracts request and response handling in...
Robert Lemke
14:10 Revision ad0bcd5e: [!!!][BUGFIX] Alternative entry points can be configured again
This fix allows for using other than the pre-defined WebRedirect
entry points (for example the HTTP Basic entry point...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:10 Revision bbc5e334: [FEATURE] Provide method getContent() for HTTP request
This implements a method for retrieving the HTTP request body.
Change-Id: I6c11fc7a72ee3da76b73c87a48ab0c2dc8fb53e6
Robert Lemke
14:10 Revision ecb44c54: [FEATURE] HTTP Client for Functional Testing
This adds a virtual HTTP client which supports pluggable request engines
for different purposes. The first scenario i...
Robert Lemke
14:10 Revision eb813f96: [TASK] Add missing getParentRequest() method in HTTP Response
Furthermore, some documentation cleanup.
Related: #35243
Related: #33371
Releases: 1.1
Change-Id: I310dad852b8ac0053...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:09 Revision 331a78e8: [!!!][TASK] Sub package name case and location adjustments
This change set contains (mostly) renames and relocations of FLOW3 sub
namespaces. These changes are necessary to mee...
Robert Lemke


17:26 Revision 3ceb727c: [FEATURE] --force option for flow3:cache:flush
Packages containing invalid PHP code which cause fatal errors
can prevent FLOW3 from flushing code caches with
Robert Lemke


15:18 Revision c7c095c1: [TASK] Getting started: Correct snippet description
Change-Id: I9273fa290a32609358c10c1b65a29f327c78cc1e
Resolves: #35264
Irene Höppner


08:58 Revision 0083d387: Merge "[BUGFIX] Virtual host configuration contains Production context definition"
Christian Müller


14:39 Revision e6d6d5ba: Merge "[BUGFIX] Adjust documentation to new documentation workflow"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:25 Revision d12ce447: [BUGFIX] Adjust documentation to new documentation workflow
Change-Id: Id62c96c154b1eba8fad66c1f561f053e991907a0
Resolves: #35666
Irene Höppner
13:57 Revision 8cec12a9: [TASK] Remove Selenium Test Case
This removes the unsupported, unnecessary and unfunctional
Selenium Test Case.
Change-Id: I5e689d0aaf78a25221679f64f...
Robert Lemke
09:32 Revision ff4eb7e3: [BUGFIX] Virtual host configuration contains Production context definition
Change-Id: I3e8ea85eab77eca1041ce4dfea79fa527d3bb283
Fixes: #34902
Irene Höppner


17:53 Revision 461276f8: Merge "[TASK] Grammar police at work"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:39 Revision f1f4bd68: Merge "[BUGFIX] Proxy methods with referenced arguments should work"
Andreas Förthner
14:41 Revision fa086785: [BUGFIX] Proxy methods with referenced arguments should work
Arguments given by reference would result in an exception if
the method was proxied due to AOP.
Change-Id: I64700666...
Christian Müller
14:11 Revision c50af2dd: Merge "[BUGFIX] HTML should be escaped in Debug Exception"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:09 Revision cfa4bd55: [TASK] Improve TextValidator unit tests
This introduces more test texts for the TextValidator tests.
Change-Id: Ie461a82fec5ead10941031c53e32694d4d0b44d2
Christian Müller
11:06 Revision fdd5c993: [TASK] add FLOW3 documentation to TYPO3.FLOW3
Change-Id: I0e538147b4b68b31697cc062176f2ef642c0a711
Related: #35524
Releases: 1.1
Sebastian Kurfuerst
07:55 Revision b62b6a0a: Merge "[BUGFIX] DateTimeValidator throws exception when validating DateTime objects"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
07:52 Revision da3a149e: Merge "[FEATURE] Shorthand syntax for custom validators"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:33 Revision dbb65611: Merge "[FEATURE] Package help in CLI"
Rens Admiraal

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