From 2012-09-20 to 2012-10-19


13:59 Revision bd5e35d7: Merge "[BUGFIX] Respect explicit empty subpackage in uriFor with subrequests"
Christopher Hlubek
11:21 Revision 580b9632: [TASK] Remove oneline exception for throw statements
Removes the exception for throwing exceptions in oneliners, which is
not allowed anymore.
Change-Id: Icac75a02c9ecf8...
Rens Admiraal
09:04 Revision 77f148cd: [BUGFIX] Workaround issues with multiline commit messages
In core migration functionality, particularily on windows
systems, the commit message is cropped at the first occurre...
Adrian Föder


23:02 Revision 84341d19: Merge "[FEATURE] Let HTTP browser follow Location redirects"
Robert Lemke
23:00 Revision e90a00d6: [FEATURE] Let HTTP browser follow Location redirects
Since Http's Browser object should behave like a real browser, Location
headers are now followed (as soon as they com...
Adrian Föder
17:53 Revision 03d6d6fd: [BUGFIX] Apply PSR-0 code migration only to non-PSR-0 packages
This change adds a condition to prevent the code migration to move
classes inside the Classes directory if it is alre...
Christopher Hlubek
17:36 Revision 9f407900: [BUGFIX] Correct path check in HTTP\Cookie constructor
A variable name has been corrected in the constructor
of the Cookie class.
Change-Id: I138ebbe49f93cf8ea490d32ef5732...
Adrian Föder
17:14 Revision 8b5adb71: Merge "[BUGFIX] Documentation mentions the NotEmptyValidator"
Bastian Waidelich
16:11 Revision be181ef7: [FEATURE] Include technical details to exceptions in dev context
Since the implementation of custom error renderers (#39423)
404 errors don't show any technical details to the user,
Bastian Waidelich
10:00 Revision faf48bec: Merge "[TASK] Documentation: Fix link to CGL on one page document"
Christopher Hlubek
09:51 Revision 8a730146: Merge "[BUGFIX] CSRF token is not appended for actions with mixed case characters"
Bastian Waidelich


19:13 Revision cf4f0ee4: [TASK] Documentation: Fix link to CGL on one page document
The link was renamed during the FLOW3 to TYPO3 Flow replacement
but the site package is not yet renamed.
Change-Id: ...
Christopher Hlubek
16:56 Revision 9ea304b4: [BUGFIX] CSRF token is not appended for actions with mixed case characters
The CrsfProtectionAspect no longer appends the CSRF token when the
target action contains uppercase characters (e.g. ...
Bastian Waidelich
16:52 Revision 8ebb3f6e: [BUGFIX] Respect explicit empty subpackage in uriFor with subrequests
This change just checks for the empty string in the routing arguments and
sets a controller argument for building the...
Christopher Hlubek
14:39 Revision 81a50601: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix composer manifest loading and unit tests"
Christian Jul Jensen
11:19 Revision ec4d4225: [BUGFIX] Fix path to database error template
The Settings.yaml contained an outdated path for the
Fluid template which is supposed to display database
Robert Lemke
09:33 Revision 441957b9: [TASK] Check for unexpected properties in Policy schema
This change disables unknown properties for resources and
acl group keys to prevent mistakes. For example, the schema...
Christopher Hlubek


09:59 Revision c85ccd70: [BUGFIX] Fix composer manifest loading and unit tests
This change fixes 2 tests in PackageTest that failed when run from
a package directory, because the $package->getComp...
Christopher Hlubek
09:37 Revision 0fe86547: Merge "[BUGFIX] Tests fail when run from package path."
Christopher Hlubek


14:50 Revision 4fa37811: Merge "[BUGFIX] Remove unnecessary call for code compilation"
Robert Lemke
14:18 Revision 3b43e2a9: [BUGFIX] UriBuilder doesn't properly handle arguments of SubRequests
If you're creating a link inside a SubRequest that link currently
doesn't add/remember the Arguments, Controller, etc...
Marc Neuhaus


20:26 Revision c9f04ee0: [BUGFIX] Remove unnecessary call for code compilation
This change removes the forced compile command subrequest
in a non Production context. Proxy classes are only
Christopher Hlubek


16:21 Revision c913fb65: Merge "[FEATURE] Allow mapping of indexed property names with placeholder" into FLOW3-1.1
Christopher Hlubek


16:55 Revision f442e2f5: [BUGFIX] Tests fail when run from package path.
Composer manifests missing in some tests, and not read properly by
package in others
Change-Id: I38f356ad539a5ebe206...
Christian Jul Jensen


13:42 Revision ee8f8e1d: [TASK] Exclude classes with broken PSR-0 in DomCrawler
Change-Id: Id3fbb8ad5154c633b7153b4f8eef742f385b05a3
Related: #4103...
Christian Jul Jensen
09:36 Revision b744c359: [BUGFIX] ActionRequest does not resolve correctly cased package key
ActionRequest resolves lowercased package key by looking for
Package class instead of asking PackageManager. If no Pa...
Jan-Erik Revsbech


18:46 Revision 94a43b69: [TASK] Small code cleanup in Package
Change-Id: Id9dd4d57d94baf27c8d0de04752fe6829e67d92e
Releases: 1.2
Aske Ertmann
18:33 Revision d00e8767: [BUGFIX] Documentation mentions the NotEmptyValidator
The Part II (Getting Started), Validation chapter contains
a note about the requirement and purpose of the NotEmptyVa...
Adrian Föder
18:07 Revision 0a78fb8a: [BUGFIX] Changed f:form.textbox to f:form.textfield in Documentation
Change-Id: I53e76c34593c70e50408d523805d0f1213838188 Simon Schick
15:08 Revision 81c41cdf: [TASK] Make exception templates more configurable
At the moment only the file name can be set, but not
the format, partial & layout paths are configurable.
Aske Ertmann
11:47 Revision 50c3e1c2: [BUGFIX] Adjust unit test for YamlSource to changed indentation
Change-Id: Ib66ca28142e3430f6eeca8e7eabd9aac28d4abf5
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns
11:14 Revision 41c63520: [TASK] Use two spaces as yaml indentation instead of four
This was introduced when upgrading the Symfony Yaml package
to the latest source with the move to composer.
Aske Ertmann
10:50 Revision 4a53002a: [TASK] make Package::getComposerManifest() public
This is needed for fixing the site import of setup
Change-Id: I9ff0a94325d1d71929399d68acc2fbcfa29f61fb
Releases: 1.2
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:11 Revision 01468684: [BUGFIX] fix unit tests
The test of Idc1d9d48998a0de0ecd07f834baa769ddf1e5ba4 was not adjusted
to the rename.
Change-Id: I1f9ff420e422351250...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:59 Revision 8c73d8e5: [BUGFIX] Update composer type in migration
Releases: 1.2
Change-Id: I067d268a51fd49a14d34b447b698cba55a87268d
Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:59 Revision 2c0e18f6: Merge "[BUGFIX] Adjust Package Management to updated composer package types"
Aske Ertmann
23:54 Revision 3f4b7342: [BUGFIX] Adjust Package Management to updated composer package types
This fixes issues f.e. with functional test runs of Phoenix.
Change-Id: I798566849eae51c2967cdffff2328a2f5993855a
Sebastian Kurfuerst
23:43 Revision 3d0a981f: [BUGFIX] Fix monitoring of changed class files
This change fixes the resolving of the class name from a changed file
since the PSR-0 changes caused some problems wi...
Christopher Hlubek
23:36 Revision 14a78824: [BUGFIX] Remove unnecessary call to to sortAndSavePackageStates
This change should fix the saving of a new PackageStates.php file on
every request which causes a rebuild of proxy cl...
Christopher Hlubek
23:22 Revision f4b26dad: [BUGFIX] Fix Proxy Blacklisting
Change-Id: I30bb1d6cef4e2f6936aacb8847669833df965180 Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:08 Revision 33acf047: [BUGFIX] Try to fix composer loading problem
Change-Id: I5bd4a8e0afc44bcd00fb051512abf2bd211085d7 Sebastian Kurfuerst


11:58 Revision 57526b7f: [!!!][TASK] Rename FLOW3 to TYPO3 Flow
Adjusts the code, comments, documentation as needed.
A code migration to adjust packages and schema migrations are a...
Karsten Dambekalns


16:58 Revision 69d40a96: [!!!][TASK] Rename FLOW3 to TYPO3 Flow, move files
Moves files so names match the FLOW3 to Flow change.
Change-Id: Ifcc9a94da534612892bbce84962e484672296b7b
Related: #...
Karsten Dambekalns


23:53 Revision 569fcb86: [TASK] Some leftover case changes
This adjusts the case of some forgotten namespaces and classes.
Also it marks a number of migrations as (correctly) ...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:11 Revision adc2fba0: [TASK] Adjust PackageManagerTest to "skip unnamed" change
With I5e29317bbada2b6aed13fe26b50c1ae1ed9c2c80 a check was added that
lead to a failing unit test. So much for trivia...
Karsten Dambekalns
20:59 Revision 17af2c03: [BUGFIX] Make sure generated composermanifest is valid
Change-Id: Icd089b9b8ff6ae488e83feebd662ffa3d67baee5
Fixes: #41449
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
20:56 Revision d40e50a3: [TASK] Skip "packages" without name in manifest
When using packages that have example "composer.json" files (like
Doctrine ORM 2.3 in source form) this will avoid er...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:54 Revision d010f920: [BUGFIX] Fix package / manifest detection
In production context class loading fails because the classloader has a
wrong map for namespaces. This is caused by g...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:29 Revision 29c9ff55: Merge "[TASK] Remove leftover .Shortcuts handling"
Robert Lemke


20:54 Revision 9b634145: [FEATURE] Allow copy of dotfiles in copyDirectoryRecursively()
Adds a new parameter to copyDirectoryRecursively(), namely the boolean
To enable this, also readDirec...
Karsten Dambekalns
20:54 Revision 8feeaa3c: [TASK] Copy dotfiles during composer install
Dotfiles like .htaccess need to be copied as well.
Change-Id: Iea3fc374cac5003db61503f5ccfc223c4b83fa50
Related: #41...
Karsten Dambekalns
20:32 Revision f957184c: Merge "[TASK] Move .gitignore to composer install default"
Karsten Dambekalns
20:31 Revision 196e37db: [TASK] Remove leftover .Shortcuts handling
Change-Id: I6567aea03e75109ca47659ac471f9e0b2839d215
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns
20:24 Revision 1a417b66: [TASK] Fix flow3 commandline script
Shortens a docblock and removes define() left over from recent work.
Change-Id: I35d7632cfe556c5053f9a14b41408b3aad6...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:51 Revision ee4d1f8c: [TASK] Move .gitignore to composer install default
Change-Id: Ic71baf5b76ae113ff93cd5a32e9dc4ac8af44bb3
Related: #41031
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns


12:01 Revision 4179179d: [TASK] Tweak install script behavior, add (example) configuration
With this change the composer post install/update script will discern
between "Essentials", being files that will alw...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:12 Revision c7cce8d5: [FEATURE] Allow keeping files in copyDirectoryRecursively()
This change adds a flag $keepExistingFiles to copyDirectoryRecursively()
in Files. It defaults to FALSE and if set to...
Karsten Dambekalns


22:37 Revision 987b91a8: [BUGFIX] Add .htaccess file to installed files
Change-Id: I480abc8d12a2406ffecea66357462bf28eb2dd1c
Fixes: #41369
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns
22:33 Revision d3039191: [TASK] Update settings to new name of installer package
Change-Id: I1dcab45f5644a535fb8eedafaa48e3efb711e2b8
Related: #41031
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
22:22 Revision 0ea33a38: [TASK] Update class exclusion to changed composer installer name
The installer change it's package key from christianjul.installers to
flow3.composerinstallers so the exclusion needs...
Karsten Dambekalns
18:52 Revision 125ff016: [TASK] Change dependency to require flow3/composer-installers
Change-Id: I09a8d1a7808004eeabe50176bf04359659c2a980 Christian Jul Jensen
14:32 Revision 947608e4: [TASK] Use composer version of installer
Change-Id: Ib9f41406fd4672f2ced3fdf7174a6aca1c529b7c Christian Jul Jensen
13:48 Revision 9a68c0eb: [TASK] Require christianjul/installers directly
Change-Id: I9bed033db14d0f1005c65ffe99d135c5e56e81fc
Related: #41031
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns
11:17 Revision eb9b140d: Merge "[BUGFIX] Handle missing composer type gracefully"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:39 Revision c516af3e: Merge "[!!!][TASK] Add utility to get classes namespace entry-point"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:39 Revision b71202ea: Merge "[BUGFIX] Allow excludeClasses setting for non-installed package"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:39 Revision a8bfe8e4: Merge "[BUGFIX] getClassesPath() returns path without trailing slash"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:38 Revision 508fa374: Merge "[TASK] Install "Web/index.php" on Composer install"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:25 Revision 37492ff2: [TASK] Test commit for composer install
Change-Id: Ife0cd551a4aa853c88a3bc40850a34f93e7354b6 Christian Jul Jensen
10:01 Revision e3f9f13d: [TASK] Change requirement to real composer installer
Also drop require-dev - only valid for root manifests
Change-Id: I45e2fd8bc08e72cf551399a610902c00df4d339f
Christian Jul Jensen


22:58 Revision cb870e17: [BUGFIX] Handle missing composer type gracefully
The type in a composer manifest is optional, so we need to check for it's
existence before we use it.
Change-Id: Iea...
Karsten Dambekalns
22:40 Revision 0f8b4d2f: [TASK] Install "Web/index.php" on Composer install
Change-Id: Ib8634b8b4f10f73d6e8a57d6f11f0afa077e8155
Fixes: #41310
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
22:37 Revision 1594a523: [!!!][TASK] Add utility to get classes namespace entry-point
With PSR-0 the entry-point of the classes files needs prefixing of the
pathified namespace. Add a getter, getClassesN...
Christian Jul Jensen
22:29 Revision a952d97f: [BUGFIX] Allow excludeClasses setting for non-installed package
Change-Id: Ibdbb843d9e59d575d05ce7088c5dddca843e2be0
Fixes: #41157
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
22:28 Revision 1925ba31: [BUGFIX] getClassesPath() returns path without trailing slash
Change-Id: I354be2ef635cc384aa7244c812e1fd80a07dab35
Fixes: #41181
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision 5950a764: [FEATURE] Add moveFile() and deleteFile() operations to migrations
Code migrations now can use deleteFile() and moveFile() to work on
Change-Id: I66ecfc324ab32de16d348ab92b0988...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:28 Revision 2e2d98f6: [FEATURE] Isolate migrations and provide package data
With this change migrations have access to the data of the target
package (the package currently being migrated) and ...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:28 Revision 61302517: [TASK] Add code migration to "composerify" a package
The migration moves all class files into a PSR-0 compatible directory
structure and adds a composer manifest; Package...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:28 Revision 6e88cac9: [TASK] Exclude specific classes from object management
In order to exclude classes from object management - either for performance
or compatibility reasons - create a confi...
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision 6fdd8553: [TASK] Make package management use Composer
Refactor package management to use Composer, also relax constraints in order
to utilize 3rd party composer / PSR-0 co...
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision 94761514: [BUGFIX] PackageStates.php does not contains relative paths
Change-Id: Ia3c6f6b932909848c4d7d6bd83127115ec67739b
Fixes: #41088
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision 91e18818: [BUGFIX] Fix failing tests in package management
Change-Id: I3470ec9eabe73596854cd52c7b2a31e6a76a22b9
Fixes: #41092
Fixes: #41093
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision ef342614: [TASK] Update unit tests to vfsStream > 1.0
This adds "mikey179/vfsStream" to composer.json and adjusts the unit
tests to the new vfsStream API.
Change-Id: Ifad...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:28 Revision 9b9e92b1: [TASK] Fix PSR-0 compatibility for functional tests
Change-Id: Ia621032e73ef77fc8a8529ae13bd1ae5e5a4b0cd
Related: #41031
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision bdc5a0ef: [FEATURE] Make metadata available to migrations
This makes metadata from Package.xml and composer.json available
to migrations.
Change-Id: Icda4c3590bf9f3d468faee1c...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:28 Revision 6a5d4d75: [!!!][TASK] Move all classes to PSR-0 compatible path
In order to be fully PSR-0 compatible the path below the classes
directory should now be in a path identical to the n...
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision 5c1bde47: [TASK] Update referenced paths to reflect PSR-0 paths
See Idad621923ffccdb7b2742d9aba0ff22fdab3e192 for the files being moved.
Change-Id: Ie13b438c0c5d3b0e6616ca56bd32bcd...
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision f227c309: [TASK] Add composer manifest
Change-Id: I84ca5b28dcdc82aa4d74a1cec5f22bab40b51820
Related: #41031
Releases: 1.2
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision f9b09a91: [TASK] Add Composer installer script and resources
Upon running 'install' or 'update' with composer, required paths
and files outside of TYPO3.FLOW3 package must be cre...
Christian Jul Jensen
11:28 Revision b811e147: [TASK] Handle exceptions thrown in ClassReflection
When a class cannot be loaded for reflection, it will be ignored and a message
is logged.
This makes sure that class...
Christian Jul Jensen


22:47 Revision 44f445d6: [TASK] Clarify parent request type in docblocks
Instead of just "object" this uses a more specific type in a few
docblocks ("ActionRequest|HttpRequest").
Karsten Dambekalns
22:46 Revision 5c88d9dc: Merge "[TASK] Clarify parent request type in docblocks"
Karsten Dambekalns
17:12 Revision 2058a64d: [FEATURE] Provide flag for disabling link protection in UriBuilder
This introduces a new flag for the UriBuilder which allows to configure
if a link built by the UriBuilder may be modi...
Robert Lemke


22:44 Revision 6562a48e: [FEATURE] Convenience function for registering routes in functional tests
This adds a new convenience function registerRoute() to the functional
base testcase.
Change-Id: I5fe2f7b9b75f1d2859...
Robert Lemke

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