From 2012-10-17 to 2012-11-15


23:02 Revision 8daa495e: [TASK] Fix tiny FLOW3 leftover in docblock
Change-Id: I422865e084bcad6652198b8b2f796a066f4a0878
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns
09:46 Revision 98395c76: [TASK] Update documentation to composer changes
This updates the documentation to fix the most prominent errors and
inconsistencies regarding package handling and fi...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:06 Revision beac8272: [BUGFIX] Fix FlowSession initialization
This patch fixes the FlowSession initialization for non HTTP-Requests.
Previously the initializeObject() method was t...
Robert Lemke
18:24 Revision bc8e6048: [BUGFIX] Fix composer manifest detection
The method findComposerManifestPaths() would return wrong results if
the list of found JSON files was in the "wrong" ...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:59 Revision f08339dc: [TASK] Handle InheritanceType annotation more robust
When specifying InheritanceType but no heirs exist, no longer
an exception will be thrown. Instead inheritance will b...
Karsten Dambekalns
21:06 Revision 45077845: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Check validator options and make them self-documenting"
Karsten Dambekalns
20:41 Revision fd2178cf: [FEATURE] Allow arrays to be set via Object.yaml property values
This introduces the option to also set arrays as plain native values
in Objects.yaml. This allows settings like the f...
Adrian Föder
20:36 Revision b8d22167: Merge "[BUGFIX] Throw proper exception in ConfigurationBuilder"
Karsten Dambekalns
20:28 Revision 2338ac64: [BUGFIX] Fix missing argument and superfluous trailing slash
A few errors sneaked into Ifb6612a808e8cd8ee892de727dd961287a119152.
Change-Id: I7891c5341566d61362e098c1e94bb00e46b...
Christian Jul Jensen
19:00 Revision ad141e0b: [TASK] Align signatures of methods involved in creating package
The docblock of PackageFactory::create() was wrong, and the manifestPath
is now optional. PackageManager is adjusted ...
Christian Jul Jensen
17:21 Revision 99e2f2f7: Merge "[FEATURE] Allow integer value as timestamp in DateTimeConverter"
Robert Lemke
17:18 Revision 273a4915: Merge "[FEATURE] Native PHP-based session handler"
Robert Lemke
16:12 Revision d374b12f: [!!!][FEATURE] Check validator options and make them self-documenting
Validators now must declare any options they accept using the class
property $supportedOptions. It is indexed by opti...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:10 Revision 0b08f040: Merge "[TASK] Add checks for composer manifest in Package"
Robert Lemke
15:57 Revision d4883986: [BUGFIX] Throw proper exception in ConfigurationBuilder
Add a check if the return value of get_class_methods() used in
autowireProperties() actually is an array. Throw an ex...
Rens Admiraal
15:41 Revision 2ff9a044: [TASK] Add checks for composer manifest in Package
The existence of a Composer manifest has been a soft requirement,
make it hard.
Change-Id: Ifb6612a808e8cd8ee892de72...
Christian Jul Jensen
15:36 Revision c4d09fdb: Merge "[TASK] Cleanup use statements with leading backslash"
Robert Lemke
15:34 Revision 89c7aea1: Merge "[FEATURE] Allow class constants in Configuration"
Robert Lemke
15:17 Revision 0b929b00: Merge "[FEATURE] Add simple array insight in HTML debug backtrace"
Robert Lemke
14:47 Revision 662fed79: [TASK] Cleanup use statements with leading backslash
An almost purely cosmetic issue, but still: use always takes fully
qualified class names, thus no leading backslash s...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:24 Revision a148ca1e: [BUGFIX] Consider only a packages top-level composer manifest
For different scenarios it is allowed for a package to contain more
than one composer-manifest. For example in tests ...
Christian Jul Jensen
14:22 Revision 5b56ade8: [FEATURE] Native PHP-based session handler
This introduces an alternative session implementation which is based on
the backend modules of the Flow Cache framewo...
Robert Lemke
12:53 Revision f62bf5cc: Merge "[TASK] Make Mvc\Controller\Exception extend Mvc\Exception"
Bastian Waidelich
12:37 Revision e311c251: [TASK] Small design corrections in documentation part II
Tweaks the error output in the New.html template. Some other tiny
Change-Id: I8f22b712ff22f3360edbdb6f7...
Simon Schick
12:29 Revision 2c27eb19: [TASK] Make Mvc\Controller\Exception extend Mvc\Exception
Formerly the exception subclassed FLOW3\Exception directly.
Change-Id: Ibae6e0f4980d94e1f4fa5c169f5ca225b52d539f
Karsten Dambekalns
12:23 Revision 366174f3: [FEATURE] Add simple array insight in HTML debug backtrace
In the visual HTML debug backtrace, now array arguments get an
additional title attribute, allowing to see the runtim...
Adrian Föder
12:14 Revision 4b04b7dc: [FEATURE] Show package keys in schema migration listing
Additionally show the related package keys in the
doctrine:migrationstatus command listing. For this,
it brings a new...
Adrian Föder
11:58 Revision 417a5714: [TASK] Fixed wrong filename in Documentation
The documentation used a wrong filename for a code listing
(BlogRepository instead of PostRepository).
Change-Id: I8...
Simon Schick
11:37 Revision 4c800987: [FEATURE] Allow integer value as timestamp in DateTimeConverter
The DateTime TypeConverter cannot transform integer values to
a DateTime object because of a strict check for string....
Helmut Hummel
11:13 Revision b9fb6863: [FEATURE] Type converter for HTTP URIs
This provides a type converter, converting simple strings
into their URI representations. This allows convenient type...
Adrian Föder
11:02 Revision 50832abe: [FEATURE] Allow class constants in Configuration
Currently, only plain PHP constants are allowed for substitution in
Configuration files. This changes the regular exp...
Adrian Föder
09:33 Revision a41d018e: [BUGFIX] ObjectSerializer not capable of Collections
Serializing Objects containing properties being a
Doctrine Collection fails with an exception since the
Thomas Layh


21:48 Revision 9bebc29f: Merge "[TASK] Tweak exception message for not settable property"
Karsten Dambekalns
17:56 Revision 2cc6c244: [TASK] Small code cleanup in Http Request Handler
Change-Id: Iba3d89ea36dfd7a92253b7cd22c7580fe568df48
Releases: 1.2
Pankaj Lele
15:45 Revision fadbe573: Merge "[FEATURE] Cache Frontend: getByTag() now returns identifiers"
Karsten Dambekalns
15:07 Revision 5cc198c9: [FEATURE] Cache Frontend: getByTag() now returns identifiers
This changes the behavior of getByTag() to not only return a
numeric array of entry values but now index them with th...
Robert Lemke
14:40 Revision 3d946860: [BUGFIX] Fix unit test for PersistenceQueryRewritingAspect
The solution for #42601 broke one test in the
Change-Id: I2e384aa8d1bf355746b9f...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:20 Revision 0c0fbf04: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix functional BrowserTest in Neos context"
Karsten Dambekalns
14:20 Revision 9736f945: [BUGFIX] Fix functional BrowserTest in Neos context
The functional BrowserTest in Flow (added as part of the solution to
issue #42049) fails when run in a Neos context. ...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:54 Revision 0953a023: Merge "[BUGFIX] Enforce Query Rewriting more reliably"
Robert Lemke
09:21 Revision b807ceb0: [TASK] Use Doctrine 2.3 ORM and adjust as needed
This adjusts our annotation driver to the changes in Doctrine 2.3 that
were breaking.
Also it adds the code needed t...
Karsten Dambekalns


09:36 Revision 20619c38: Merge "[!!!][BUGFIX] Http\Uri constructor throws exception on invalid Uri"
Robert Lemke


11:45 Revision 667ff177: [TASK] Tweak exception message for not settable property
This explains the possible reason for a not settable property
a bit more and describes how to solve the mentioned pro...
Adrian Föder


19:58 Revision 9af3204b: [BUGFIX] Enforce Query Rewriting more reliably
This initializes the security context if it hasn't been initialized
when the PersistenceQueryRewritingAspect becomes ...
Robert Lemke
12:38 Revision 4bc992cc: Merge "[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos"
Christopher Hlubek


16:55 Revision 92c1262d: Merge "[BUGFIX] Support named indexes in multivalue translation labels"
Karsten Dambekalns
14:18 Revision b6e3faac: [BUGFIX] Tweak help output, output version
The help output was a bit clumsy regarding the name of Flow
and did not output the version (since it is missing in th...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:17 Revision c45b2343: [TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos
This change adjusts some technically irrelevant uses of Phoenix to
Neos, just for completeness.
Change-Id: Ia19cc53d...
Karsten Dambekalns


15:11 Revision 6975f522: Merge "[FEATURE] Include technical details to exceptions in dev context"
Bastian Waidelich
11:52 Revision 1b03b89c: [!!!][BUGFIX] Http\Uri constructor throws exception on invalid Uri
The constructor of the Uri object now checks the return value
of the parse_url method and throws an exception if this...
Adrian Föder
10:41 Revision c17a95db: [BUGFIX] Introduce HTTP Response::createFromRaw()
The Response::createFromRaw method halted if a Set-Cookie header
arrives due to lacking handling.
This brings an imp...
Adrian Föder


19:38 Revision 0d43e11c: Merge "[FEATURE] Identify key pair by fingerprint in RsaWalletService"
Robert Lemke
09:38 Revision 84ef743d: [BUGFIX] Initialize resource wrapper before session
If you try to attach a resource-dependent object to a session, this
will fail, as the _wakeup() method is called befo...
Ferdinand Kuhl


11:23 Revision 8a706f20: [FEATURE] Identify key pair by fingerprint in RsaWalletService
This change uses SSH compatible fingerprints of the RSA public
key instead of a random UUID to store keys. This allow...
Christopher Hlubek
11:11 Revision 6b38ecd7: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix sign method in RsaWalletService"
Robert Lemke


15:07 Revision 27a5123b: Merge "[TASK] Tighten package key check a little"
Christian Jul Jensen
13:39 Revision 71318ee5: [BUGFIX] Support named indexes in multivalue translation labels
Change-Id: I0fd49bfe92695d1672f0b284dc26ad66954be429
Resolves: #42169
Releases: 1.2
Thomas Hempel
08:38 Revision c3371afa: [BUGFIX] Typo in setfilepermissions Script
This fixes the output of the setfilepermissions script to the correct
spelling of TYPO3.
Releases: 1.2
Fixes: #42368...
Ingo Pfennigstorf


12:48 Revision e63ab732: [BUGFIX] Fix sign method in RsaWalletService
Fixes the sign method to use the actual key string for
openssl_sign and adds a unit test for that.
Additionally a wr...
Christopher Hlubek


17:38 Revision 9762f627: [TASK] Tighten package key check a little
The pattern used to check for a valid package key was made less strict
during composer integration. Although composer...
Karsten Dambekalns


23:46 Revision 99f42a0b: Merge "[BUGFIX] Changed f:form.textbox to f:form.textfield in Documentation"
Christopher Hlubek
13:00 Revision 6f2b8882: Merge "[BUGFIX] Apply PSR-0 code migration only to non-PSR-0 packages"
Christopher Hlubek
12:54 Revision af3c216f: Merge "[BUGFIX] Correct path check in HTTP\Cookie constructor"
Christopher Hlubek
12:49 Revision bad4dde8: Merge "[BUGFIX] Make HTTP_HOST not always followed by port colon"
Christopher Hlubek
12:47 Revision 53a6fde5: [BUGFIX] Make HTTP_HOST not always followed by port colon
If there is no port given, a trailing colon for the HTTP_HOST
is not allowed to follow.
Change-Id: I9ca324fa3e283213...
Adrian Föder


21:08 Revision 96f47786: [TASK] CGL-Documentation - Add a notice about byte order mark
Change-Id: Ie41bb02dbfa70e23b60255bb8bdfd0a645ae59d7
Fixes: #42164
Releases: 1.1, 1.2, 2.0
Andy Grunwald
20:43 Revision 63923b3f: Merge "[TASK] Check for unexpected properties in Policy schema"
Christopher Hlubek


13:59 Revision bd5e35d7: Merge "[BUGFIX] Respect explicit empty subpackage in uriFor with subrequests"
Christopher Hlubek
11:21 Revision 580b9632: [TASK] Remove oneline exception for throw statements
Removes the exception for throwing exceptions in oneliners, which is
not allowed anymore.
Change-Id: Icac75a02c9ecf8...
Rens Admiraal
09:04 Revision 77f148cd: [BUGFIX] Workaround issues with multiline commit messages
In core migration functionality, particularily on windows
systems, the commit message is cropped at the first occurre...
Adrian Föder


23:02 Revision 84341d19: Merge "[FEATURE] Let HTTP browser follow Location redirects"
Robert Lemke
23:00 Revision e90a00d6: [FEATURE] Let HTTP browser follow Location redirects
Since Http's Browser object should behave like a real browser, Location
headers are now followed (as soon as they com...
Adrian Föder
17:53 Revision 03d6d6fd: [BUGFIX] Apply PSR-0 code migration only to non-PSR-0 packages
This change adds a condition to prevent the code migration to move
classes inside the Classes directory if it is alre...
Christopher Hlubek
17:36 Revision 9f407900: [BUGFIX] Correct path check in HTTP\Cookie constructor
A variable name has been corrected in the constructor
of the Cookie class.
Change-Id: I138ebbe49f93cf8ea490d32ef5732...
Adrian Föder
17:14 Revision 8b5adb71: Merge "[BUGFIX] Documentation mentions the NotEmptyValidator"
Bastian Waidelich
16:11 Revision be181ef7: [FEATURE] Include technical details to exceptions in dev context
Since the implementation of custom error renderers (#39423)
404 errors don't show any technical details to the user,
Bastian Waidelich
10:00 Revision faf48bec: Merge "[TASK] Documentation: Fix link to CGL on one page document"
Christopher Hlubek
09:51 Revision 8a730146: Merge "[BUGFIX] CSRF token is not appended for actions with mixed case characters"
Bastian Waidelich


19:13 Revision cf4f0ee4: [TASK] Documentation: Fix link to CGL on one page document
The link was renamed during the FLOW3 to TYPO3 Flow replacement
but the site package is not yet renamed.
Change-Id: ...
Christopher Hlubek
16:56 Revision 9ea304b4: [BUGFIX] CSRF token is not appended for actions with mixed case characters
The CrsfProtectionAspect no longer appends the CSRF token when the
target action contains uppercase characters (e.g. ...
Bastian Waidelich
16:52 Revision 8ebb3f6e: [BUGFIX] Respect explicit empty subpackage in uriFor with subrequests
This change just checks for the empty string in the routing arguments and
sets a controller argument for building the...
Christopher Hlubek
14:39 Revision 81a50601: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix composer manifest loading and unit tests"
Christian Jul Jensen
11:19 Revision ec4d4225: [BUGFIX] Fix path to database error template
The Settings.yaml contained an outdated path for the
Fluid template which is supposed to display database
Robert Lemke
09:33 Revision 441957b9: [TASK] Check for unexpected properties in Policy schema
This change disables unknown properties for resources and
acl group keys to prevent mistakes. For example, the schema...
Christopher Hlubek

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