From 2012-11-08 to 2012-12-07


14:59 Revision aac1577f: Merge "[BUGFIX] Fix race condition in session shutdown"
Christopher Hlubek
11:06 Revision 4dac593a: [BUGFIX] Fix race condition in session shutdown
This protects sessions against being revived through the shutdown
method even though they were destroyed remotely in ...
Robert Lemke


22:42 Revision d0011bea: [TASK] Add reference for predefined constants to documentation
This adds a new page in Chapter V, Appendixes, listing the
predefined constants FLOW3 introduces, and their intended ...
Adrian Föder
22:31 Revision ab44a1b7: [TASK] Add reference for predefined constants to documentation
This adds a new page in Chapter V, Appendixes, listing the
predefined constants Flow introduces, and their intended m...
Adrian Föder
14:28 Revision 3001e145: Merge "[FEATURE] Destroy session explicitly in logout"
Robert Lemke


14:53 Revision a3c0c8b1: [FEATURE] Allow configuration processing in code migrations
This adds the new method ``processConfiguration`` to AbstractMigration.
It is given a configuration type, a processo...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:40 Revision 17c31e32: [TASK] Make system call to php binary reliable, especially on Windows
This solves execution of php binary on windows environments with paths
containing whitespace and special characters (...
Alexander Berl
12:09 Revision 5629be5b: [BUGFIX] Fix session usage in functional test cases
This fixes a bug in the FunctionalTestCase which resulted in a fatal
error in Session->start().
Testable HTTP is now...
Robert Lemke
11:27 Revision 8d7e2cf8: [TASK] Make getPropertyInternal() protected
The getPropertyInternal() method obviously is intended for internal use
in the ObjectAccess class. This change makes ...
Karsten Dambekalns


12:05 Revision 15e1aa05: [FEATURE] Destroy session explicitly in logout
This change moves the call to Session->destroy() from a signal
to the AuthenticationProviderManager that already has ...
Christopher Hlubek


15:31 Revision 798d2b32: [BUGFIX] Fix arguments check in buildConstructorInjectionCode, allow NULL
It was not possible to pass NULL as constructor arguments, because of
the use of isset() instead of array_key_exists(...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:15 Revision c268993d: [FEATURE] Touch remote sessions and tag with account info
This introduces two new features: updating the last activity timestamp
of a remote session through a new method "touc...
Robert Lemke


11:35 Revision 986ad3a9: [!!!][FEATURE] Remote session management
This introduces the foundations for remote session management – that is,
inspection, modification and destruction of ...
Robert Lemke


11:42 Revision 2afd8d18: Merge "[!!!][BUGFIX] Respect limit/offset constraints when counting results"
Bastian Waidelich


22:00 Revision bc6d2724: Merge "[TASK] Cosmetic fixes in Http Cookie and Response"
Christopher Hlubek
16:10 Revision 86fbb626: Merge "[BUGFIX] Check for installation of phpunit by composer"
Karsten Dambekalns
16:06 Revision 3b854ce0: Merge "[TAKS] Tweak and clean up code migration"
Karsten Dambekalns
14:44 Revision 7828b015: Merge "[BUGFIX] Exclude parameters of the current request from created URIs"
Bastian Waidelich
13:16 Revision 4f162e24: [TASK] Revert exclusion of classes with broken PSR-0 in DomCrawler
This reverts commit ee8f8e1d898c15549c22278e3fe80cd5702df182 (source is
Karsten Dambekalns
12:34 Revision bd0acd47: [BUGFIX] Regard wildcard in PropertyConfiguration shouldMap()
Using 'name.*' in property mapping configuration did not work for
fields added on the client, because shouldMap() wou...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:52 Revision 7e1723b4: Merge "[BUGFIX] Package loading must be ordered by dependencies"
Karsten Dambekalns
11:47 Revision a4955450: [BUGFIX] Check for installation of phpunit by composer
Ib4b6c68c03590444addb7c2e5af89b2a2d90051f introduced a regression
for running functional tests when composer is used ...
Rens Admiraal
11:19 Revision 5cd7feae: Merge "[TASK] Code cleanup"
Karsten Dambekalns
10:24 Revision feeb87c5: [BUGFIX] Exclude parameters of the current request from created URIs
Since the arguments
of the current/uri-building-origin request were added
Marc Neuhaus
09:52 Revision 75ba1c19: [TASK] Cosmetic fixes in Http Cookie and Response
This adds a missing type hint in Cookie and moves the status code array
in Response to a method: that way all the sta...
Robert Lemke
08:34 Revision f9100b04: [BUGFIX] Package loading must be ordered by dependencies
In order to ensure proper merging of configurations packages most
be loaded ordered by dependencies.
This should be ...
Christian Jul Jensen


17:11 Revision b8465e92: Merge "[TASK] Update documentation to composer changes"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:09 Revision f2d929db: Merge "[TASK] Add doctrine /bin/ folder to .gitignore file"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:08 Revision 1a6e083f: Merge "[TASK] Allow use of composer-installed PHPUnit in Testing context"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:38 Revision d46eef43: [!!!][BUGFIX] Respect limit/offset constraints when counting results
Until now QueryResult::count() discarded limit constraints that were
active for the affected query, so
Bastian Waidelich


22:41 Revision 0695c462: [TASK] Code cleanup
This change
* fixes a number of CGL violations and typos
* changes public to protected in PolicyService
* removes an...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:02 Revision 1bfd4fc4: Merge "[FEATURE] Remove trailing slash from routes for empty subroutes"
Bastian Waidelich


16:16 Revision 46904338: [FEATURE] Remove trailing slash from routes for empty subroutes
Flow throws an exception if a route contains a trailing slash in
order to avoid duplicate slashes in URIs and to make...
Bastian Waidelich
14:31 Revision fefb00ea: [BUGFIX] Fix handling of paths with dots in getLocalizedFilename()
When a path like resource://TYPO3.Neos/Public/JavaScript/ is handed to
getLocalizedFilename(), it tries to check for ...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:58 Revision 28c27ed8: [TASK] Add doctrine /bin/ folder to .gitignore file
Change-Id: I50c4e8dad1c94feaa8de00289ac9ae32bcff6cfc
Releases: 1.2
Julian Kleinhans
12:00 Revision 0e1ac1c8: [TASK] Allow use of composer-installed PHPUnit in Testing context
The Testing context loads PHPUnit for functional tests. If using
PHPUnit installed via composer, this needs to be han...
Karsten Dambekalns


18:03 Revision 1b6267f7: [BUGFIX] FlowSession: Fixed renewId()
This patch provides a new implementation of FlowSession's renewId()
method. It previously loaded all data from the ol...
Robert Lemke
17:50 Revision 28f170d8: [TASK] Rename csrfStrategy and csrfTokens member variables
The csrfStrategy and csrfTokens member variables have weird names,
since they protect against CSRF they should rather...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:49 Revision 39dd293d: [FEATURE] Add logging of resource access decision voting
This change adds a logging aspect for decideOnResource() to log votes
analogous to what is done for decideOnJoinPoint...
Karsten Dambekalns
17:45 Revision 8a1e24b6: [TAKS] Tweak and clean up code migration
This change cleans up the code a little by fixing some CGL violations
and moving some code around.
Packages in Libra...
Karsten Dambekalns


23:02 Revision 8daa495e: [TASK] Fix tiny FLOW3 leftover in docblock
Change-Id: I422865e084bcad6652198b8b2f796a066f4a0878
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns
09:46 Revision 98395c76: [TASK] Update documentation to composer changes
This updates the documentation to fix the most prominent errors and
inconsistencies regarding package handling and fi...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:06 Revision beac8272: [BUGFIX] Fix FlowSession initialization
This patch fixes the FlowSession initialization for non HTTP-Requests.
Previously the initializeObject() method was t...
Robert Lemke
18:24 Revision bc8e6048: [BUGFIX] Fix composer manifest detection
The method findComposerManifestPaths() would return wrong results if
the list of found JSON files was in the "wrong" ...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:59 Revision f08339dc: [TASK] Handle InheritanceType annotation more robust
When specifying InheritanceType but no heirs exist, no longer
an exception will be thrown. Instead inheritance will b...
Karsten Dambekalns
21:06 Revision 45077845: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Check validator options and make them self-documenting"
Karsten Dambekalns
20:41 Revision fd2178cf: [FEATURE] Allow arrays to be set via Object.yaml property values
This introduces the option to also set arrays as plain native values
in Objects.yaml. This allows settings like the f...
Adrian Föder
20:36 Revision b8d22167: Merge "[BUGFIX] Throw proper exception in ConfigurationBuilder"
Karsten Dambekalns
20:28 Revision 2338ac64: [BUGFIX] Fix missing argument and superfluous trailing slash
A few errors sneaked into Ifb6612a808e8cd8ee892de727dd961287a119152.
Change-Id: I7891c5341566d61362e098c1e94bb00e46b...
Christian Jul Jensen
19:00 Revision ad141e0b: [TASK] Align signatures of methods involved in creating package
The docblock of PackageFactory::create() was wrong, and the manifestPath
is now optional. PackageManager is adjusted ...
Christian Jul Jensen
17:21 Revision 99e2f2f7: Merge "[FEATURE] Allow integer value as timestamp in DateTimeConverter"
Robert Lemke
17:18 Revision 273a4915: Merge "[FEATURE] Native PHP-based session handler"
Robert Lemke
16:12 Revision d374b12f: [!!!][FEATURE] Check validator options and make them self-documenting
Validators now must declare any options they accept using the class
property $supportedOptions. It is indexed by opti...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:10 Revision 0b08f040: Merge "[TASK] Add checks for composer manifest in Package"
Robert Lemke
15:57 Revision d4883986: [BUGFIX] Throw proper exception in ConfigurationBuilder
Add a check if the return value of get_class_methods() used in
autowireProperties() actually is an array. Throw an ex...
Rens Admiraal
15:41 Revision 2ff9a044: [TASK] Add checks for composer manifest in Package
The existence of a Composer manifest has been a soft requirement,
make it hard.
Change-Id: Ifb6612a808e8cd8ee892de72...
Christian Jul Jensen
15:36 Revision c4d09fdb: Merge "[TASK] Cleanup use statements with leading backslash"
Robert Lemke
15:34 Revision 89c7aea1: Merge "[FEATURE] Allow class constants in Configuration"
Robert Lemke
15:17 Revision 0b929b00: Merge "[FEATURE] Add simple array insight in HTML debug backtrace"
Robert Lemke
14:47 Revision 662fed79: [TASK] Cleanup use statements with leading backslash
An almost purely cosmetic issue, but still: use always takes fully
qualified class names, thus no leading backslash s...
Karsten Dambekalns
14:24 Revision a148ca1e: [BUGFIX] Consider only a packages top-level composer manifest
For different scenarios it is allowed for a package to contain more
than one composer-manifest. For example in tests ...
Christian Jul Jensen
14:22 Revision 5b56ade8: [FEATURE] Native PHP-based session handler
This introduces an alternative session implementation which is based on
the backend modules of the Flow Cache framewo...
Robert Lemke
12:53 Revision f62bf5cc: Merge "[TASK] Make Mvc\Controller\Exception extend Mvc\Exception"
Bastian Waidelich
12:37 Revision e311c251: [TASK] Small design corrections in documentation part II
Tweaks the error output in the New.html template. Some other tiny
Change-Id: I8f22b712ff22f3360edbdb6f7...
Simon Schick
12:29 Revision 2c27eb19: [TASK] Make Mvc\Controller\Exception extend Mvc\Exception
Formerly the exception subclassed FLOW3\Exception directly.
Change-Id: Ibae6e0f4980d94e1f4fa5c169f5ca225b52d539f
Karsten Dambekalns
12:23 Revision 366174f3: [FEATURE] Add simple array insight in HTML debug backtrace
In the visual HTML debug backtrace, now array arguments get an
additional title attribute, allowing to see the runtim...
Adrian Föder
12:14 Revision 4b04b7dc: [FEATURE] Show package keys in schema migration listing
Additionally show the related package keys in the
doctrine:migrationstatus command listing. For this,
it brings a new...
Adrian Föder
11:58 Revision 417a5714: [TASK] Fixed wrong filename in Documentation
The documentation used a wrong filename for a code listing
(BlogRepository instead of PostRepository).
Change-Id: I8...
Simon Schick
11:37 Revision 4c800987: [FEATURE] Allow integer value as timestamp in DateTimeConverter
The DateTime TypeConverter cannot transform integer values to
a DateTime object because of a strict check for string....
Helmut Hummel
11:13 Revision b9fb6863: [FEATURE] Type converter for HTTP URIs
This provides a type converter, converting simple strings
into their URI representations. This allows convenient type...
Adrian Föder
11:02 Revision 50832abe: [FEATURE] Allow class constants in Configuration
Currently, only plain PHP constants are allowed for substitution in
Configuration files. This changes the regular exp...
Adrian Föder
09:33 Revision a41d018e: [BUGFIX] ObjectSerializer not capable of Collections
Serializing Objects containing properties being a
Doctrine Collection fails with an exception since the
Thomas Layh

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