From 2013-02-14 to 2013-03-15


22:12 Revision 823a7c2f: Merge "[TASK] Change order of accessing identity in getIdentifierByObject"
Christopher Hlubek
22:10 Revision 13cc6d4c: Merge "[TASK] Remove file_get_contents call in Cache FileBackend"
Christian Müller
22:05 Revision 90b4bc42: [TASK] Optimize Validation to improve performance
The validation result object traverses the whole result-
tree everytime someone checks for errors, notices or
Steffen Ritter
22:01 Revision 99e5ccb6: Merge "[BUGFIX] Remove unneeded filesystem calls"
Karsten Dambekalns
22:00 Revision 1f6e33c3: Merge "[TASK] Use property injection where possible"
Robert Lemke
22:00 Revision 09823992: Merge "[TASK] Optimize I18N service"
Robert Lemke
21:59 Revision f44fb7ce: Merge "[!!!][FEATURE] Lazy Dependency Injection"
Christian Müller
21:34 Revision 9ed19b5c: [TASK] Use property injection where possible
This change refactors setter injection to property injection to allow
lazy dependency injection.
Change-Id: I9dfa4b2...
Christopher Hlubek
21:34 Revision 9c2f9ee7: [TASK] Optimize I18N service
This change makes the I18N service usable for lazy loading by removing
it from the default runtime. Additionally the ...
Christopher Hlubek
21:27 Revision 79e048fe: Merge "[BUGFIX] Exception thrown in TypeHandling (follow up)"
Karsten Dambekalns
21:21 Revision ff8608f1: [!!!][FEATURE] Lazy Dependency Injection
This introduces lazy dependency injection for dependencies injected
through Property Injection. Instead of loading th...
Robert Lemke
21:16 Revision 413bcf55: Merge "[BUGFIX] Compile original and proxy class into one file"
Robert Lemke
20:35 Revision 4607e589: [TASK] Remove file_get_contents call in Cache FileBackend
Releases: master, 2.0
Fixes: #46343
Change-Id: I8181ee30632a1f0513708a418d977d98bea7144d
Christian Müller
20:02 Revision 4b4548f8: [TASK] Change order of accessing identity in getIdentifierByObject
This change improves the performance of getIdentifierByObject since
the EntityManager contains method is rather slow....
Christopher Hlubek
19:18 Revision 044cb03f: Merge "[TASK] Allow package key wildcards for excludeClasses"
Christian Müller
18:24 Revision 70a092b9: [TASK] Use include with shutup instead of file_exists
This change uses include with shutup operator instead of file_exists
checks for optimized performance.
Change-Id: Ia...
Christian Müller
18:20 Revision 7a00ec8a: [BUGFIX] Compile original and proxy class into one file
Reduce amount of file inclusions by combining original class
code and proxy class code into the same file as both nee...
Christian Müller
17:35 Revision 203534c8: [BUGFIX] Remove unneeded filesystem calls
This change removes a call to is_dir in the FileMonitor
which is duplicate as the ReadDirectoryRecursively does
Rens Admiraal
16:43 Revision 5e5ebf31: [BUGFIX] Add Flow-Doctrine cache adapter
This adds a cache adapter for Doctrine. It is used for the Doctrine ORM
metadata and query cache instead of the Array...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:37 Revision 266ef940: [TASK] Make Aspects singletons
This sets the scope of three aspects to Singleton in order to improve
the overall performance.
Releases: 2.0, master...
Christian Müller
16:36 Revision 84969a48: Merge "[TASK] Make Aspects singletons"
Robert Lemke
16:27 Revision 7b9a9355: [BUGFIX] Flow Bootstrap now works if PhpUnit is used as Phar file
If PhpUnit was used as a Phar file, the Flow Core Bootstrap failed
during initialization in Testing context because i...
Robert Lemke


20:08 Revision 90cdde46: [TASK] Make Aspects singletons
Change-Id: I433d6cbfce3eeba1b67386b7b459a61452fac413 Christian Müller
18:06 Revision a381478b: [TASK] Allow package key wildcards for excludeClasses
The object.excludeClasses setting can now handle a trailing * as a
wildcard character in the package key.
Karsten Dambekalns
14:59 Revision 5772372b: [BUGFIX] Exception thrown in TypeHandling (follow up)
When using isCollectionType() on an string, a warning is thrown.
The change id Iae59221cbd72677e6c18ad0a383792a798447...
Benno Weinzierl


19:55 Revision 258afd36: [TASK] Some cleanup to cache related classes
Non-functional changes to enhance CGL compliance and fix some typos.
Change-Id: I76861aa68e02a15588a63aaeb699bfd0c6c...
Karsten Dambekalns
18:56 Revision 6a4c6dfb: [BUGFIX] Flow CLI again works for Windows command prompt
Probably introduced with Ibd70e2dc8ff3a958a33ad0eb422060dc0fd8b799,
the Flow CLI call via the provided .bat file didn...
Adrian Föder
11:21 Revision 1721c142: [TASK] Use composer/installers instead of own fork
Change-Id: I0a0ffa83b459d5be3fa8fb9c371d64cdcff88144
Releases: 2.0, master
Christian Jul Jensen


21:58 Revision 4c2b4088: Merge "[TASK] Use composer/installers instead of own fork" into composer
Christian Jul Jensen
21:57 Revision 771c1311: [TASK] Use composer/installers instead of own fork
Change-Id: I25f81ae249a71162d8424f254f0d5d13e7553770
Releases: 2.0, master
Christian Jul Jensen
10:35 Revision 963ce540: Merge "[TASK] Use composer/installers instead of own fork" into composer
Christian Jul Jensen
10:34 Revision 762c98fd: [TASK] Use composer/installers instead of own fork
Change-Id: I39f413e2fa3380cca3592de4c13a3300b9230a5b
Releases: 2.0, master
Christian Jul Jensen
09:19 Revision 8df5a751: [TASK] Use composer/installers instead of own fork
Change-Id: I0a0ffa83b459d5be3fa8fb9c371d64cdcff88144
Releases: 2.0, master
Christian Jul Jensen


08:43 Revision 57a78d3b: [BUGFIX] Exception thrown in TypeHandling
When using isCollectionType() on an unknown class, an exception is
caused by a warning PHP gives about that class bei...
Mattias Nilsson


17:12 Revision 34f5d44b: [TASK] Remove Configuration\Source\SourceInterface
It is unused and switching sources is not supported any longer.
Change-Id: Ib5e581742009c49eb321f6abf4f5d5cbbd8b85dc...
Karsten Dambekalns
15:37 Revision 9117c213: Merge "[BUGFIX] Routing includes object arguments even though it should not"
Karsten Dambekalns
13:46 Revision 1f13eb70: Merge "[TASK] Clean up JsonView and JsonViewTest internals"
Karsten Dambekalns
13:43 Revision a25a8b59: [TASK] Tweak some unit tests
Basically a non-functional change that simply gets rid of some
warnings and a skipped test.
Change-Id: I670b775b20e1...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:17 Revision ed875023: [FEATURE] Make ArrayConverter map only allowed properties
With this change the ArrayConverter only maps allowed and not skipped
keys from source to target. Of no PropertyMappi...
Karsten Dambekalns
11:13 Revision 162f676d: [FEATURE] Allow unknown / disallowed properties to be skipped
This adds skipUnknownProperties() and skipProperties() to the
PropertyMappingConfiguration. If configured to skip all...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:35 Revision 090dd30b: [BUGFIX] Keep array keys with nested _descendAll in JsonView
When nesting _descendAll the JsonView discards array keys. This change
fixes that.
Change-Id: I84ff434cd3e6768c8e588...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:34 Revision 9296c2e9: [TASK] Tiny tweaks to security documentation
Some markup fixes to the security chapter.
Change-Id: I81009a7ae8314457f14104bb9287d5d559f35f8d
Releases: master, 2.0
Karsten Dambekalns


13:23 Revision bd46c612: [BUGFIX] Fix security related functional tests
With the fix related to "sessionless authentication"
(I5f86cb7a3a3fff3220d61d705f216e1b1d4f2369) settings have been
Bastian Waidelich


14:26 Revision de3fa8b9: [WIP][TASK] Changes due to the flow-cms integration
Thomas Maroschik


12:30 Revision f35d572f: [TASK] Some translation corrections and addition of French
* Add new trans-unit id and new target-language fr translation
for ValidationErrors.xlf
* Add new file and new targe...
Laurent Cherpit
08:11 Revision 1f9fa1fc: Merge "[FEATURE] Routing: Nested SubRoutes"
Karsten Dambekalns


19:01 Revision f4dec66e: Merge "[FEATURE] Allow influencing ini usage for sub process"
Karsten Dambekalns
18:34 Revision 2195d4ad: Merge "[!!!][BUGFIX] Expose timezone in JsonView's DateTime output"
Karsten Dambekalns
18:31 Revision e2e7e50c: [BUGFIX] Constants use in YAML Configuration maintains type
If a constant expression in the YAML configuration is used,
for example ``foo: '%PHP_VERSION_ID%'``, and the value
Adrian Föder
18:21 Revision fc0e6ed8: Merge "[BUGFIX] Implement case-sensitivity switch for Query::equals()"
Karsten Dambekalns
18:20 Revision d60669df: Merge "[BUGFIX] Check inheritance in TypeHandling::isCollectionType()"
Karsten Dambekalns
16:53 Revision 15788c42: [FEATURE] Routing: Nested SubRoutes
With this change it's possible to load SubRoutes from other SubRoutes.
The syntax is the same as before with two addi...
Bastian Waidelich
11:38 Revision 7d79b800: [!!!][FEATURE] Support for "sessionless authentication"
This feature enables authentication without the need of a session to be started.
This is useful for stateless service...
Bastian Waidelich
11:30 Revision 85ceb84e: [BUGFIX] Routing includes object arguments even though it should not
Route::resolve() considered "__identity" arguments as internal and ignored them,
if they were not part of the respect...
Bastian Waidelich


22:02 Revision fce54c81: Merge "[BUGFIX] Account's expirationDate can be set NULL"
Christian Müller


22:22 Revision 70bd32eb: [TASK] Clean up JsonView and JsonViewTest internals
Fix docblock and add array type hint to $configuration argument of
transformValue() and transformObject(); fix langua...
Karsten Dambekalns


13:50 Revision 5d68589e: [BUGFIX] Fix composer requirements
This fixes some requirements that were a bit too relaxed (due to a
misunderstanding when introducing composer to Flow...
Karsten Dambekalns
08:35 Revision f350533c: [BUGFIX] Account's expirationDate can be set NULL
After setting the expirationDate once, it's impossible to set it
NULL again due to the typehint in the function param...
Philipp Maier


12:55 Revision 45ea2277: [BUGFIX] Flow should work with PHP versions lower than 5.3.9
The change Ia42e374202845dfe5e95c72512e9fefb4f00e789 introduced
usage of is_a() with 3 arguments which is only implem...
Christian Müller


12:59 Revision 81997950: [BUGFIX] Mapping to subtype with [__type] fails
The type of a target object can be manipulated by setting __type in the
form (or during action initialization when sa...
Andreas Wolf

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