From 2014-10-20 to 2014-11-18


10:34 Feature #53080: Support for multiple domains
Sorry, I have to unassign myself. this is currently no blocker for neos, so I have to prioritize other todos. If anyo... Bastian Waidelich


10:58 Bug #38004: Missing CheatSheet folder for Getting Started manual
The suggested cheatsheet folder is the suggested git repository of the getting started.
Which can be found at: git:/...
Ruud Silvrants


20:06 Bug #62740: Add check on literal in TypeHandlingUtility::isCollectionType
The 'class_exists' performance problem is likely only an issue when you're not running in 'Production' context (espec... Arjen Hoekema
13:26 Bug #62740 (New): Add check on literal in TypeHandlingUtility::isCollectionType
Add a check to 'isLiteral' before doing expensive 'class_exists' operations trying to resolve objects for literals li... Arjen Hoekema
13:59 Bug #60556: Form VewiHelpers inside a Widget that is inside a f:form, are unaware of the surrounding form
Bastian Waidelich wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> that's the definition of a Fluid widget that it has it's own context...
Christian Loock


02:00 Bug #59404 (Resolved): Sub-Requests losing arguments
Applied in changeset commit:7e643f7b00ed624b8385f5f02f2862eaba43d40c. Christian Müller

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