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Added by Robert Lemke over 9 years ago

[!!!][FEATURE] Content Negotiation for Media Types

This improves the support for detecting the Media
Type (that is, "format" in an ActionRequest context)
based on the request's Accept header.

This implementation supports Quality Values and Media
Ranges as specified in RFC 2616.

The way to define the supported formats of a controller
has changed: Previously a class property $supportedFormats
contained a list of filename extensions which would be
supported. This property is not supported anymore.
Instead, controllers may now specify a list of IANA
Internet Media Types in a property $supportedMediaTypes.

The default setting for these supported media types
in ActionController is "text/html". You'll need to adjust
your controllers accordingly if you relied on the
$supportedFormats feature.

Also note that the format in ActionRequest is now NULL
by default. The ActionController makes sure to set the
correct format, but if you created your own ActionRequest
for a special purpose, you need to take care of setting
it yourself.

Change-Id: I7d753155aa72f41e3df85b076e8067bcbfe7ac04
Resolves: #37561
Releases: 1.1, 1.2

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