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Revision 132adbf5


Added by Robert Lemke over 13 years ago

Note: Although this commit contains the new File/Class Alteration Monitoring which is supposed to speed up FLOW3, a lot of speed optimizations are still missing and will follow during the next days.

  • FLOW3: Started cleaning up the bootstrap. Addresses #2117
  • FLOW3: Implemented a first version of a Class Alteration Monitoring which automatically flushes cache entries based on class reflection. Addresses #2284
  • FLOW3: (Reflection) Refactored the Reflection Service so that information for one class can be flushed / rebuild individually instead of having to rebuild the whole reflection information. Resolves #2284
  • FLOW3: (Cache) Fixed the *byTag() methods in the File Backend: If cache entry identifiers contained an underscore "_", the findByTag etc. didn't work any more. Now using "-" as an internal separator.
  • FLOW3: (Utility) The temporary directory base is now set via a setter method instead of passing the whole FLOW3 settings to the constructor
  • Testing: Adjusted the test runner to reflect the new bootstrap initialization methods
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